Why does the tea party hate America

dr blais 2012/10/03 20:32:01
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There are 3 things every civilized society should have for it's people

1 healthcare

2 education

3 infrastructure roads, police, and firemen

Why do conservatives repeatedly refuse to look at facts. They forget that congress and the senate are more to blame than the president, plain and simple!!!
Why do you think bail outs passed? they went to the guys who paid for your congressmen and senators campaigns. Tea party and the GOP have been screwing America for the past 4 years not Obama. Everything Obama has tried to do to help America has been shot down because it would make the GOP look bad, The Koch brother's and big money like Romney, do not want to pay taxes pay their employees or be restricted not to pollute, and no way do they want things made in America
Those people don't make money by creating jobs, treating their employees fairly or even providing them healthcare. Sorry if thinking the "Man who does the job should get the money" is socialist. i guess i am, but at least I am not a fascist. they make money by skimming, stealing, and making tax payers pay for their employee healthcare. They hire people for the minimum hours. It is cheaper to hire 2 people for 20 hours a week than to hire one person for 40 hours ( they get healthcare at 40 hours ) the company MUST PAY FOR IT. That fact hurts small business as well.
Romney did not earn his fortune, He stole it from hard working Americans by raping companies driving up debt in them and stealing the pensions Ruining thousands of lives, good hard working people who are now collecting welfare.
His other friends have killed small business. every town has the same corporate stores and restaurants. this is what is killing are economy NOT OBAMA
Look at wall mart employees
your tax dollars pay for their employee healthcare while they make billions,
this is common practice in most big corporations hire people just enough hours you don't have to give them benefits. but republicans refuse to admit this.
The media is not liberal if it was liberal, occupy wall street would not be demonized for
expressing their first amendment right. The corporations pay big money
so you think they are lazy, the truth is they are hard working people who just want the American dream to be a reality again !!!
&... We have a major problem with education.
It is called the rich dumb kid goes to Harvard or Yale while the smart poor kid goes to community college. which one of them gets the good job, not the smart kid.
So if you hate America keep voting republican they couldn't even nominate Ron Paul

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  • THE One and Only 2012/10/04 14:44:18
  • Tastentier 2012/10/03 22:48:07
    I hate freedom of choice and opputunity for all. I vote Koch brothers
    I'm only chiming in to correct an error. The 3 things that every civilized society must have in order to be considered a civilization are not health care, education and infrastructure, but:

    1. Sedentism (as opposed to nomadic tribalism)

    2. Agriculture

    3. Any form of government

    That's the most common definition of civilization. What you describe is not just a civilized but an industrialized culture.
  • Cal 2012/10/03 21:25:32
    I am a patriot, obama the lesser of two evils
    Your right. He is the lesser of two evils! Biden and himself!!! LOL.

    thread fail
  • Gravitas 2012/10/03 21:00:37
    I hate freedom of choice and opputunity for all. I vote Koch brothers
    You start by listing three things the Federal govt. should have no control over whatsoever which bottom line are staffed and ultimately handled at the local level anyway.

    All the Feds do is increase the costs and screw up everything they touch.

    Then you co on to say in the first line,.. "They forget that congress and the senate .... "

    Right there you lost me. The Senate IS part of Congress and anyone who cannot even understand that,........ ?
  • dr blais Gravitas 2012/10/03 21:04:10
  • dr blais dr blais 2012/10/03 21:05:06
  • dr blais dr blais 2012/10/03 21:21:08
  • dr blais dr blais 2012/10/03 21:21:19

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