Why Does President Obama Want to Bring America to Her Knees? What is the Purpose of His Agenda to Bankrupt This Country?

Not Einstein 2009/11/01 00:26:34
This is exactly why.....
Obama is ruining our country because.....
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Alright, all you folks who believe President Obama is ruining this country, are asked to give me the reasons. Why? Why would a president of the world's greatest super power and most wonderful republic, ever, want to take her down?

You whine incessantly that his agenda is to ruin this country, but I've never heard even an incoherent reason behind this. Start talking. I don't want to hear what your perceptions are of WHAT he is doing, I want to know WHY you think he's doing it.

And just to make it a little more interesting, I don't want to hear about your "feelings" or what you've been told by others. I want to know your specific reasons as to his purpose. Facts are not optional.
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  • FindingHeartInThisCrazy World 2009/11/01 01:16:22
    This is exactly why.....
    FindingHeartInThisCrazy World
    to actually believe that Our President Obama wishes to destroy this Country says more about the person believing these theories than it does about Our President...and what it says is not flattering...

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  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2009/11/01 00:57:11
    This is exactly why.....
    He's picking it up off its knees becaise Bush kicked it in the groin, making America double over in severe pain. I'm so glad someone like Obama has taken over the running of the government. I used to say I would move out of the country if a Democrat was elected (came close w/Carter) now I will move out of the country if a Republican gets in the White House. They are a really weird in my opinion.
  • NathanB... ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2009/11/01 04:01:05
    I think they ALL are weird! Very little difference between the liberal left democrats and the neocon, wishy-washy republicans. Time to flush them all!
  • neoredpill 2009/11/01 00:47:45
    This is exactly why.....
    Because he is not (and yes, I recognize this is your position as well). It is necessary for government to spend more in economic downturns, and the deeper the downturn, the more is necessary. Also, most of the deficit for this year was already forecast before Obama took office based on the Bush administration.
  • donedunn neoredpill 2009/11/01 01:06:15
    Where the heck do you think the money that government spends comes from? And who is on the hook for paying it back? Please tell me what other scenario is there when you get into financial trouble you spend more to make it better? Companies can't do it, families can't do it. Countries can't do it either.

    Obama is ruining the last bit of strength the dollar has and it will come back to haunt us in a very big and very bad way if we do not do something to curb the spending.

    I love the fact that Bush is lambasted for spending us into oblivion why Obama is praised for it.
  • neoredpill donedunn 2009/11/01 03:10:33
    The alternative scenario was to allow the economy to continue to decline, which would have cost the nation far more. The money to pay it back comes from revenues in times of economic growth. If the debt is not paid down then, that is the time to raise a grievance. That was the situation during the Bush years, and it is why it was wrong then and not now. Also, he spent the money on wars that should not have been fought rather than creating economic growth here at home.
  • Callista neoredpill 2009/11/01 18:14:24
    They don't get it.
  • Callista donedunn 2009/11/01 18:13:55
    It's a proven fact that countries can do it. Please take yourself to rehab and learn how to find facts.
  • donedunn Callista 2009/11/02 03:20:32
    Show me one. Show me one developed country that has devalued its currency by printing more and more money and borrowing from foreign governments such a large percentage of its wealth.

    We are already seeing deflation occurring. Have you noticed the price of milk? Have you noticed the two for one sale on milk has disappeared because the price is getting so low? Lower prices sound like a good thing and they are for a time, but when they start impacting companies ability to make a profit and invest and pay employees they are not so great.

    The only way to take this extra money out of the supply and attempt to restore some value to the currency is to raise interest rates and allow inflation to reduce the money supply.

    I remember my parents having an interest rate of 19% in the late 70's and the stagflation that gripped the country. This level of spending is unprecendented and extremely dangerous.

    There is an economist that I find to be very fair and open minded named Bob Brinker. He is worth checking out to get the true picture of where we stand in this very volitale game that is being played with our economic and political stability.
  • Callista donedunn 2009/11/02 17:34:14
    You have trouble with comprehension skills. Don't put your talking point words in my mouth.
  • Nowonmai 2009/11/01 00:45:09
    This is exactly why.....
  • Not Einstein 2009/11/01 00:41:52
    Obama is ruining our country because.....
    Not Einstein

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