Why does organized religion make me mad?

Mario 2012/01/08 16:35:56
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Including organized Atheism.
It all just makes me want to snap necks. But why is that?

Even I don't know.
But any insight would be cool.
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  • Bocephus 2012/02/06 20:43:54
  • culpepper 2012/01/20 18:59:31
    Misogyny in all the religions in all the world on all the things
  • Bastion 2012/01/10 16:25:05
    Organized Atheism?
  • Mario Bastion 2012/01/10 17:40:54
    Yes. http://www.atheists.org/
    Only half as retarded as organized christianity.
  • thepastord 2012/01/10 01:08:59
    It makes you mad because the majority of the various followers don't set very good examples of what their beliefs should represent. That is one of the main reasons that I am non denominational. I don't want to be attached to the doctrine they come up with. I honestly, just try to subscribe to the "Walk of Christ". His character and interaction with people seems spot on. Get a group of people together and it becomes about "Them", not Him.......... Whenever it is approached in this mindset, where it is ego driven, the important aspects will be lost. Just like the Bible. the Pharisees became focused on the laws and their egos above everything else. They simply missed the important parts of everyday application............ I call it the "Pharisees Mentality". :+(
  • Mario thepastord 2012/01/10 13:55:57
    Huh. Good answer.Thought provoking
  • Radical Ed 2012/01/09 07:33:34
    Radical Ed
    because it looks like a civilian armed force?
  • Mario Radical Ed 2012/01/10 00:45:53
    I don't know.. I'm in the Army.
    I mean, while I get that I could possibly go blindly on orders to kill innocent people or whatever corrupt thing they want us to do, there's just something.. about.. organizations.
    (the army being pretty tame compared to judgmental religions)
  • Think Free 2012/01/08 22:33:51 (edited)
    Think Free
    I love how one can claim to be religious and of God, yet condone or at the very least be complicit to two wars, and support expanding the military. Welcome to the Divided States of Hypocrisy. Jesus didn't carry a sword, and I highly highly doubt he'd carry a gun if they were around then. lol
  • Mario Think Free 2012/01/10 00:43:42
    Well.. to be fair and honest, Pagans were allowed to practice without getting slaughtered for disobeying the word of one diety--who.. doesn't exist--before Jesus.

    So...He carried his influence, which was enough to kill billions.
  • Mario Think Free 2012/01/10 00:46:55
    Also.. i never said i was religious or of god.
    I said I have researched pretty much everything.
    I've probably read more Bible than you--and I'm as nontheistic as they come.

    I'm pretty much asympathetic to.. all of them.
  • Louisa - Enemy of the State 2012/01/08 21:54:35
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
  • Mario Louisa ... 2012/01/10 00:44:39
    I mean, I don't hate religion because it's a belief in something--which would denote an intolerance.
    Maybe I just don't tolerate people repeating things they don't understand?
  • Louisa ... Mario 2012/01/10 00:48:20
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    Yeah, I too have a short fuse when someone repeatedly does the God thing. And I DO have a friend who just that.
  • Mario Louisa ... 2012/01/10 00:54:46
  • Singerar 2012/01/08 17:26:40
    I think anyone who gets in your face, trying to alter your faith or ideals (in most cases, your intelligence), can make anyone mad or upset. The point is to NOT let it get to you so much. Its toxic to your being. Your right to think and feel - belong to you. Be comfortable in that.
  • Mario Singerar 2012/01/10 00:47:28
    Hm. Maybe you're right.
  • Bingo's Faddah 2012/01/08 17:10:42
    Bingo's Faddah
    Organized Atheism? Really now....

    As to your question, it's because religion is annoying.
  • Mario Bingo's... 2012/01/10 00:48:32
    I hate those people so much;
    "Let's go spread the word of not god"

    ..I mean, as much as I don't like the idea of it, you can't prove there isn't a god just as much your polar opposites can't prove their is.

    religion is annoying. Maybe that's it.
  • Bingo's... Mario 2012/01/10 14:02:48
    Bingo's Faddah
    Annoying and very dangerous since so many use it as an excuse. It doesn't matter what can and can't be proven in this issue. No one knows a damned thing about God.
  • BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET) 2012/01/08 17:09:41
    BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)
    Anger problems much?
  • Mario BattleB... 2012/01/10 00:49:21
    If you can show me where the word "angry" pops up up there, I'd be more inclined to believe you.

    Judgmental much?
  • BattleB... Mario 2012/01/10 00:52:05
    BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)
    "It all just makes me want to snap necks. But why is that?" - Not exactly the word angry but as good as.
  • Mario BattleB... 2012/01/10 00:55:44
    Oh. Definitely.
    when the mood strikes, the moon is full, and such..
    racism also makes me want to snap necks.
    So does child rape.
    So am I angry? Guilty as charged.
  • BattleB... Mario 2012/01/10 00:58:40
    BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)
    There we go then. Nothing more to say.
  • Mario BattleB... 2012/01/10 13:57:29
    Thanks for being so constructive.
    (Which you weren't. Figured I'd let you know.)
  • BattleB... Mario 2012/01/10 14:00:17
    BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)
    No problems. Need to work on your sarcasm though, but thanks for trying
  • Semyaza's Lachrimae 2012/01/08 16:37:28
    Semyaza's Lachrimae
    I don't know. I do think you need to spend time learning about different religions, maybe that will explain why you don't like them.
  • Mario Semyaza... 2012/01/08 16:41:37
    I don't think so. I guess I should've said; "Why don't I like organized religions? I've studied up on them all."
  • Semyaza... Mario 2012/01/08 16:42:41
    Semyaza's Lachrimae
    ahh Well at least you have background. A lot of people ask these things, but they don't a thing about anything.
  • Mario Semyaza... 2012/01/08 16:57:10
    I just have so much irritation toward those sheep.
  • Semyaza... Mario 2012/01/08 17:01:04
    Semyaza's Lachrimae
    And you don't know why?
  • Mario Semyaza... 2012/01/10 00:49:53

    I just get irritated with people wanting to overrun everything and everyone who disagree with them on one thing or another.
  • Semyaza... Mario 2012/01/10 00:56:05
    Semyaza's Lachrimae

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