Gavin 2009/05/31 17:22:37
anyone who doesent like obama is raciest
i like obama
obama sucks
im raciest [...]
obama is a terrerist
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obama is a great president and im not black but in my opinion anyone who doesent like obama IS RACIEST AND I HATE RACISM
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  • oldcavpilot 2009/05/31 20:03:53
    None of the above
    It's perfectly acceptable to dislike Obama and/or his policies without being racist.

    Consider your question by your own logic; if 'everyone hates Obama' then everyone must be racist. Neither statement is true.

    I'm not crazy about BHO, but hate is not in my vernacular; it seems to be in yours.

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  • MartelW 2011/09/28 17:11:38 (edited)
  • Robo Toaster 2009/11/06 20:10:19
    Robo Toaster
    Just because he's black doesn't mean you have to agree with his policies. I'm not too fond of Obama, but that doesn't mean I hate black people.
  • reed67 2009/11/04 06:36:15 (edited)
    None of the above
    I don't hate him I don't think he's really given a chance to prove himself. I don't like what I've seen so far, then again the other choices people had to vote sucked just as much. People voted for him because they belived that he was going to change this nation for the better. The problem is that his lack of experence is showing...Sad thing is that he was more then likey a better choice of MCcain. Then again who wasn't?

    Bush made sure that the next president was going to fail in that he did suceed. I feel sorry for the next person who gets into office. They won't fair any better.
  • a d v o... reed67 2009/11/04 21:45:43
    a d v o b a m a
    I agree its been 11 months
  • Callista 2009/11/01 17:59:30
    None of the above
    The minority that do are just simple minded folks, who are brainwashed.
  • weird64 2009/08/08 07:19:55
    i like obama
    I like him!
  • Callista weird64 2009/11/01 17:59:50
    Me, too.
  • dzynrbob 2009/06/13 06:13:41
    None of the above
    Again, as I've answered before. I do not hate the man. I'm sure, if he were an accountant, living in a middle class neighborhood, he'd be interesting to chat with across the fenceas you're barbequeing hamburgers. His policies and the direction he'll take this country are what I disagree with and do not respect about him. To me, George Bush was a ridiculously liberal spender. He increased the size of government, so to me, a fiscal conservative, he was not a good president. But this guy is even worse. He makes George W. look like Scrooge. Neither man understands that we cannot keep expanding the federal government past the critical mass point, where there are fewer people in the private sector paying taxes to support more people in the public sector. This is not difficult to understand. I explained this to my 12 year old nephew, and he understood it perfectly. Why Democrats and Republicans do not is a complete mystery.
  • Callista dzynrbob 2009/11/01 18:00:34
    You need rehab to get the real facts.
  • dzynrbob Callista 2009/11/02 14:23:54
    I have them. He's spending us past the point of bankruptcy. Today's generation's great-grand children will view him as a financial moron along with his partner in crime, George W. Any CPA could explain this to you. However, when you blindly follow Mr. Obama into the pit of financial ruin, you'll only have yourself to blame.
  • Callista dzynrbob 2009/11/02 17:50:53
    Please don't foist "W" on us. He belongs to the opposition. SAdmit your side makes mistakes and try to learn from them.
  • dzynrbob Callista 2009/11/04 06:30:41
    My side is the independents. You seem to belong to those shallow souls who divide this country into Democrats and Republicans. A fatal mistake, but common among the likes of you. Arrogant are usually blinded to other choices, and you've shown that same flaw. As evidenced in two governors races, it was independents that helped those two chaps to victory. As I've said on many occassions. Neither of your two parties can win without us. You have to cater to us and moderate your stances. Latest polling nationally is showing independents now comprise almost a full third of registered voters. Neither of your two is strong enough by yourselves anymore and now you'll get to look over your shoulders every day as more people leave the two parties of shame that you endear yourself to.
    Have fun, little girl.
  • Callista dzynrbob 2009/11/04 18:16:21
    You are the arrogant one. Is your inferiority complex getting your down?
  • dzynrbob Callista 2009/11/04 23:02:29
    No, little girl. Not at all. You remind me of a former smarmy liberal neighbor I once had. They lacked common sense and intellect just as you do.
  • Callista dzynrbob 2009/11/06 01:11:38
    I feel sorry for you.
  • dzynrbob Callista 2009/11/06 20:07:31
    I'm sure that's exactly what the likes of you would do. Such is the hand-wringing nature of the Northern Spotted Liberal.
  • Callista dzynrbob 2009/11/06 20:59:16
    Better than being a yellow stripe conservacon.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2009/06/12 10:58:36
    None of the above
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    If you are going to call people names at least try to spell them correctly.

    Hate is not my area, but it certainly is yours. Disgusting

    PS: It is Racist, and people who do not care for his policies, programs, or think that 100 days is not nearly enough time to say 'great' are not racists. Juvenile junk.
  • allergik2love 2009/06/11 21:35:52
    i like obama
    i love him but these r my opinions on why ppl hate him
    hes black
    his middle name is Hussein
    he is a "terreist"
    he is a democratic
    and ppl r just stupid =)
  • concerned 2009/06/07 19:15:27
    But most of the usa does like Obama that is how he got into office ...and most of the world likes him too which is a good thing for the usa ..and those that do not like him haven't relized that Bush has left the building ...lol like Cheney ..he thinks he is still in office lol
  • veronica gibson 2009/06/04 16:19:33
    i like obama
    veronica gibson
    people are stupid and ignorant. it's as simple as that.
  • kydso 2009/06/04 04:20:30 (edited)
    None of the above
    Just because it is my right.
  • Dan 2009/06/03 23:09:31
    None of the above
    He is evil incarnate.
  • Cat Dan 2009/06/04 00:21:51
  • Alexis~... Cat 2009/06/04 00:31:42
  • Cat Alexis~... 2009/06/04 01:03:02
  • Alexis~... Cat 2009/06/04 01:32:24
    Alexis~American Patriot~
    Holy crap!!! Scary creature, isn't he?!....and, in more ways than one!!! lol! holy crap scary creature ways lol
  • Cat Alexis~... 2009/06/04 02:05:25

    have you seen this one??

    graphics net girlfriend
  • Alexis~... Cat 2009/06/04 02:21:57
    Alexis~American Patriot~
    LOL....we sure do, Cat....I really like yours a lot! You're very creative....lol...!

    No, I haven't seen this one......but like your other one...it's scary looking and reminds me of the horrible evil that he is.....
    Unfortunately, this is what sits in the White House....
    lol cat creative lol scary reminds horrible evil white house
  • Cat Alexis~... 2009/06/04 02:25:33

    right out of Steven King a true Nobama supporter!
  • Alexis~... Cat 2009/06/04 02:37:29
    Alexis~American Patriot~
    LOL!!! I so despise him!!!
  • Cat Alexis~... 2009/06/04 02:40:34
  • a d v o... Dan 2009/06/11 20:05:02
    a d v o b a m a
    How u don't really know hom
  • ~SEXY DIVA~ 2009/06/03 22:54:16
    i like obama
  • Dwight Mann 2009/06/03 22:09:36
    obama sucks
    Dwight Mann
    There are many reasons not to like thgis novice politiccal hack, the one getting OJT, and does not think he has to prove he is a citizen. . .
    Plus he is a communist and a liar. . .

    reasons thgis novice politiccal hack ojt prove citizen communist liar
  • Cat Dwight ... 2009/06/03 22:48:13
  • Alexis~... Cat 2009/06/04 00:38:23
  • Cat Alexis~... 2009/06/04 01:04:36 (edited)
  • Alexis~... Cat 2009/06/04 01:41:12
    Alexis~American Patriot~
    LOL, Cat!!!!

    lol cat
  • Cat Alexis~... 2009/06/04 02:06:31
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