Why does everyone hate Obama????? (Tell the truth...) :P

♥NinjaKittenLovesYou♥ 2011/08/18 00:01:45
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  • moderated 2011/08/31 14:34:19
    because they expected yhim to do more than he could!
  • Waldorf 2011/08/18 14:50:18 (edited)
    What's to like? Let me count the ways:

    scratches head????

    count ways scratches head
  • lauren dull 2011/08/18 03:10:32
    lauren dull
    He is a Socialist trying to transform America into his socialist utopia. Americans don't want this.
  • patriot 2011/08/18 01:19:17
    He is incompetent.
    He is a radical with marxist leanings
    He is an anti=colonialist therefore hates America
    He has usurped powers given by the Constitution
    Has brought Muslim Brotherhood proponents into the WH as advisors as well as socialists and Marxists
    Was mentored by a card carrying communist and raised by anti Americans. He carries on that heritage.
  • VoteOut 2011/08/18 01:00:29
    Its not hate but disgust that maybe another story
  • AL 2011/08/18 00:41:43 (edited)
    The only thing i HATE is what he's doing to our country at this point!
  • Hope Cherry 2011/08/18 00:29:40
    Hope Cherry
    I hate Giorgakis papandreou! :P his policies sucks!
    hate giorgakis papandreou policies sucks giorgakis papandreou funny
  • ♥NinjaK... Hope Ch... 2011/08/18 00:42:43
    p0o kollaei aft????????
  • Hope Ch... ♥NinjaK... 2011/08/18 00:44:26
    Hope Cherry
    den ftanei p s apanthsa k tha pareis k pontous milas kiolas...rwthses gt oloi misite ton obame k s lew EGW misw ton papandreou ara emesa s lew oti den misw ton obama ;)
  • ♥NinjaK... Hope Ch... 2011/08/18 00:45:14
    kl kl......ade ade...s d0oleia s tr... na maseis kana bono...
  • Hope Ch... ♥NinjaK... 2011/08/18 00:46:00
    Hope Cherry
    den me noiazoun ta bono mono ta likes xoxo :P
  • ♥NinjaK... Hope Ch... 2011/08/18 00:46:34
    filiki symetoxi i vasilis?
  • Hope Ch... ♥NinjaK... 2011/08/18 00:50:33
    Hope Cherry
    panta dumbledoore santa clause
  • ♥NinjaK... Hope Ch... 2011/08/18 01:04:47
    ts ts ts.....lol
  • Chase Martin 2011/08/18 00:11:21
    Chase Martin
    Well the majority of us don't "hate" him. We hate his policies. His policies are anti-American and will eventually, if not corrected, lead to the ruin of this country.
  • TasselLady 2011/08/18 00:09:46
    Because he at least had the balls to TRY to do something. It isn't his fault that Congress shot some key things down Obama was trying to accomplish, like make the super rich pay more taxes. Naturally we couldn't have THAT now could we???? The more these S.O.B.'s have the more they want. Some of the good he tried got shot down by the Senate and the House of Reps. It takes an entire government to screw up, not just one person. And the Republicans won't be any better. It will get worse because they're all for the wealthy and big business.
  • Jd TasselLady 2011/08/18 13:18:08
    the "eat the rich" mentality will NOT work. And frankly the Dems had Super Majorities in both the house and the Senate and they still could not get things done! Obama is a failure as president and the hatred is towards his failed policies nto his race.
  • Mitsakos 2011/08/18 00:05:30 (edited)
    I dont know maybe because he is peaceful
  • Jd Mitsakos 2011/08/18 13:18:37
    Are you mistaking peacefullness with weakness? Because he is a WEAK leader!
  • ♥NinjaK... Jd 2011/08/18 13:33:51
    maybe mitsakos means he WANTS to be peaceful.....;)
  • Jd ♥NinjaK... 2011/08/18 13:39:32

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