Why does America have so much gun violence?

rereblue 2011/03/26 03:52:17
Gun Availability
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Right now during my Social Psychology class we are discussing reasons why the U.S. has such a high rate comparatively to other countries.Especially compared to places like Canada, and the UK. We watched the Michael Moore film Bowling for Columbine.
Michael Moore brings up some good points and the ending remark summed up is: with so much fearful people in the U.S. we shouldn't have the ability to receive a gun so readily.

I want to know what you think it is.
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  • Julien 2011/06/01 19:48:12
    Most crime happens in poor ghettos. The education in those areas are low and if you don't have a education you don't have a job. If you don't have a job you can't make money. So the only way get anything is to steal it. Guns are not the only cause. Knives,Glass bottles,rocks, chains,2/4 boards, baseball bats, lead pipes,and etc. can also be used. You have a better chance of making someone give you money when use force another than asking nicely. But if you had a job there would be no need to steal because you could just buy it. Most people steal because they can not afford things that want a, small percent just steal to steal. It is obviously the poverty rate.
  • Waldorf 2011/03/26 16:10:09 (edited)
    My understanding is that a lot of it is black on black or gang related.,,a ghetto or gang problem.

    Something to keep in mind when taking the liberal view that there ought to be a law or series of them to solve the problem, is that liberty means compromising on how much control one has over what other people do.
  • rereblue Waldorf 2011/03/27 18:59:40
    Often times when you look at race, you also have to consider poverty (whether they are on welfare or they are rich) the two classes we have a "problem" with are rich people who think they can get away with everything, which usually they can because they have the money to buy them selves out or get special treatment, then there is the people below the poverty line where usually its a crime from the lifestyle they have been born into.
  • rustyshackelford 2011/03/26 15:16:18 (edited)
  • A Founding Father 2011/03/26 08:48:08 (edited)
    Gun Availability
    A Founding Father
    Good question. I've been a gun owner since I was twelve years old, more than fifty years ago. I've
    also heard and argued the pros and cons of ownership for most of that time. In the U.S. there are something more than 100 million guns in the hands of every sort of person, whether mentally sound, a convicted criminal, a street corner hoodie, an angry red-neck looking for a fight at the local beer joint, even a middle school student. Guns are profitable to make and sell, and the ammo is also a huge business. We have a very large and active lobby in Washington and in all the state capitals, called the National Rifle Association that is funded by the manufacturers with $millions to protect the sales and instill fear among the owners that someone is wanting to come and take away these weapons. They have made gun ownership a sort of cult, a "right" founded upon the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which may or not really speak to ownership of the type of weapons available today.

    It certanly is the availability that allows the number of assults, murders, suicides, and other crimes to be committed. Quite obviouly, if weapons were not so readily available there would be
    fewer incidents of violence with them. Any argument to the contrary is simply "spin". The lower
    rates of crimes and violence found in countries with fewer weapons and tighter controls over who may own them is undeniable evidence of the relationship between availability and such acts.
  • rereblue A Found... 2011/03/27 18:57:23
    Thank you for posting, you made a good argument, most people just give short quick answers!
  • santa6642 2011/03/26 04:50:12
    They want Serfs not Citizens, stand up to the bullies pacification does not work 100% With out the second amendment you would not have any of the others for long.
  • tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA 2011/03/26 04:31:08
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    Scared people give things up.

    Like lunch money to a bully.

    Don't let the media frame your view of...........anything.
  • rereblue tommyg ... 2011/03/26 04:32:46
    its right up there with propaganda propaganda propaganda
  • tommyg ... rereblue 2011/03/26 04:50:45
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    I thought that's what I said.
  • 2012 rick 2011/03/26 03:59:55
  • rereblue 2012 rick 2011/03/26 04:03:21 (edited)
    No one wants to disarm us (some may but that isnt my point here i just wanna see what people thingk) or take away our second amendment rights, but it is quite alarming that there is so much death here, then again we as Americans must consume/have the most, so i guess death counts.
  • 2012 rick rereblue 2011/03/26 04:09:42
  • rereblue 2012 rick 2011/03/26 04:14:14
    Well i think we are very fearful, i think we have every right to have guns, but i think we live in such fear of everything, of your neighbors, family, disease, war, and over all LIFE, and really thats kind of a bad mix. That and drugs, drugs are a big problem here (just like many other places) and a lot of people abuse their ability to get guns by getting them then selling them to people who intend to do harm.
  • 2012 rick rereblue 2011/03/26 04:17:10
  • rereblue 2012 rick 2011/03/26 04:19:26
    More than i would like, it shouldn't happen by anyone, ever. but it does.
  • UNEEQ 2011/03/26 03:58:26
    Gun Availability
    I have been to the US several times and in January was in a huge sports store in Honolulu, I was amazed with the collection of guns available. I enquired about them and was told if I had my Australian passport with me I could purchase one straight away.
  • holdenferall 2011/03/26 03:57:53 (edited)
  • Cherie Bomb 2011/03/26 03:55:21
    Cherie Bomb
    Because they were born that way....
  • rereblue Cherie ... 2011/03/26 03:55:52
    who were born what way?
  • Cherie ... rereblue 2011/03/26 03:57:18
    Cherie Bomb
    You know...mafia dudes, gangsters, etc.
  • rereblue Cherie ... 2011/03/26 04:01:57
    well... they are more so... born into the situation or the area, poverty or family, and choose the lifestyle... saying they are born as them is like saying "your father had one arm so you should be born with only one arm" it just doesn't work that way..
  • Cherie ... rereblue 2011/03/26 04:03:03
    Cherie Bomb
    You got a point there.....
  • Feria~Badass of PHAET~ 2011/03/26 03:53:34
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    None of the above.

    Gangs, mafias, et cetera.
  • rereblue Feria~B... 2011/03/26 03:54:26
    i forgot to add the "other" option, i think drugs are another problem.
  • Feria~B... rereblue 2011/03/26 03:58:03
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    Drug trafficking and the use do lead to violence. Along with alcohol as well.

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