Why do we still have tens of thousands of troops based in Europe?

bob 2011/06/10 13:42:49
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NATO is a vague concept tied to a bygone era, let bring our troops home and save trillions
We need to stop a possible Soviet land invasion!
We can no longer afford the cost of being policemen of the world.
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  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/07/07 00:24:52
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    Naot does need to be gone but they are supposed to be an ally and we need them for certain other things Don't you think its a good idea to be there to make sure things dont get ugly in case they need us or we need them? I do.
  • wolfcall 2011/06/12 07:41:36
    money that is why just money
  • U Mad Bro? 2011/06/11 07:29:32
  • Redskin 2011/06/10 23:01:14
  • al 2011/06/10 22:05:52
    We need to stop a possible Soviet land invasion!
    ... "there's a red under my bed, there's a little yellow man in my head" ... paranoia, the destroyer" the kinks "give the people what they want" 1981
  • Denny 2011/06/10 21:32:52
    That's where the Tankers came from for the war in iraq.
  • Matthew Frankwitt 2011/06/10 21:28:43
    We need to stop a possible Soviet land invasion!
    Matthew Frankwitt
    I had to go with this option when I saw it! Haha. I understand the need to be able to rapidly deploy into areas, but I will never understand why the US ALWAYS has to play world police/ peace keeping force.
  • Emanon 2011/06/10 17:30:36
    Because we like to waste billions of dollars a year on soldiers who are in no danger and have no chance of getting into war.

    But there is of course a downside, if we do bring them home what are we bringing them home to? To not being able to find work? I say send the soldiers to active places and give the soldiers already in these places a bit of a break ... and shut down bases in places where we see that they are not doing much as far as not being used.

    Strictly my opinion..
  • bob Emanon 2011/06/10 20:35:21
    good response
  • Bear 2011/06/10 17:13:12
    inertia and jobs and American exceptionalism.....the geopolitical reasons that support so many bases are no longer valid...... but inertia, and employment for those serving as footsoldiers of the empire, and the fact that American leadership still believes if you want anything done right it must be done the American Way......... these all combine to bring support to the thousands of troops protecting our interests and security by practicing their military drilling in bases throughout Europe
  • GINGERBREAD 2011/06/10 17:11:07
    NATO is a vague concept tied to a bygone era, let bring our troops home and s...
    You know what, I've been asking our representatives the same question. What has happened is that those countries that we have troops, are not spending what they need to to defend themselves. In our time of troubles, we should be taking care of ourselves, let the world take care of itself.
  • lucky 2011/06/10 15:44:20
    Strategic defense, once anyone that wants to attack us are at our shores, its to late. We have to be able to move quickly to areas that could possibly become a threat to our nation. We also for diplomatic reasons provide safety for our allies but those diplomatic reasons always play into our own defense. Last but not least if at anytime this country is effected by something that completely knocks us to our knees whether it be an attack or even a natural catastrophic event, it may very well knock our military back on its heels and the only safety and aid we will be provided is those bases outside our own country.
  • bob lucky 2011/06/10 15:47:34 (edited)
    B.S. If we're broke we can't defend anything.
  • lucky bob 2011/06/10 15:58:10
    There are many ways to cut our spending that doesnt include closing all military bases overseas. Before we start hacking away at our military, we should look closer to home for problems because although our military budget is vast, it at least has a purpose where so many other things in the budget dont.
  • Birthpangs 2011/06/10 15:38:18
  • Louisa - Enemy of the State 2011/06/10 15:33:52
    We can no longer afford the cost of being policemen of the world.
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    The rest of the world has been ecstatic that America has toppled from a position of wealth and power; so let them be the world's policeman for a change!

    And when you think about it, the world is so f**k'ed up that I don't believe our peace keeping abilities are effective! Maybe they will be better off without our interference.
  • Chaya2010 2011/06/10 15:29:21
    For strategic reasons, force projection and many nations have asked for the US to be there
  • Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll 2011/06/10 15:22:12
    Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll
  • amcsquizzy 2011/06/10 15:22:12
    no idea cause europe can look after itself
  • StevenM 2011/06/10 15:13:31
    there is still lot of tension in europe. it also geves better ties to the ally of america in europe
  • Bill StevenM 2011/06/10 15:40:43
    That's the European Unions problem now !!! NOT ours anymore !! Get us out of the UN and Nato !!
  • StevenM Bill 2011/06/10 15:47:59 (edited)
    The EU is just a collection of states and why whould we leave NATO and the UN? America would loose so many ties to other states. The USA is one of the founding members of the UN and NATO. It makes no sence to leave. You obviously dont know anything about international relations.
  • Bill StevenM 2011/06/10 15:58:44
    The only reason they even want us around is to pay and pay and pay. The UN is a joke, it is run by a bunch of third world savages. Why do we need NATO ? We ARE NATO !! Who puts up the lions share of it ? And for what ?
  • StevenM Bill 2011/06/10 16:38:46
    we are NATO really?
    List of member states in NATO
    Czech Rep
    United Kingdom
    United States
  • Bill StevenM 2011/06/10 16:43:55
    You aren't going to tell me we don't pay a very disproportionate share are you ? THATS what I mean when I say we ARE NATO !
  • Josh Le... Bill 2011/06/10 16:54:30
    Josh Leegood
    Think of it this way, what would you rather have 25 nations obliged by treaties to help you, allow your troops access during war and not fight you. or 25 nations who can say "suck it america" at will...

    i admit that in the current economic crisis that such expenses are unwanted for any of the member states (oh and the reason you pay a disproportionate share is because you spend 45% of the worlds military budget whereas the rest of us have about 10% put together)
  • Bill Josh Le... 2011/06/10 17:50:23
  • StevenM Bill 2011/06/10 16:55:41
    It's an allience, you only pay money when you are asked to help a state in crysis. I do belive that other states do need to do more USA UK and Canada can't do everything.
  • bob StevenM 2011/06/10 15:51:49
    big waste of our money. I'd rather use the money back home.
  • StevenM bob 2011/06/10 16:42:45
    I dont belive that america should be spending as much money as they are now in europe, but america should leave
  • XENON23 2011/06/10 15:05:29
    We can no longer afford the cost of being policemen of the world.
    We need to pull back from so many places. I know a Lt. Col. in Germany that thinks this way too.
  • Katfish 2011/06/10 15:01:51
    NATO is a vague concept tied to a bygone era, let bring our troops home and s...
    All empires fail for financial reasons, overstretching themselves.
  • Ramon 2011/06/10 14:59:47
    We need to stop a possible Soviet land invasion!
    We need to be there in case the Soviets try and take over Europe, or the next Hitler becomes ruler of Germany, or if a new Napoleon takes over France....Just kidding. We shouldn't have troops in Europe. Bring them home. What the heck are they doing there anyway? They're just partying on our dime. Don't get me wrong, I support our troops, but we have no business in Europe, there's no threat there.
  • bob Ramon 2011/06/10 15:50:54
    They would have to get their equipment working first. Anyway they are making money with selling Europe OIL than invasion
  • Ramon bob 2011/06/11 06:14:48
    Who are you talking about? I don't get what your saying. Who's equipment, and who's selling Europe oil? We're not.
  • harry 2011/06/10 14:52:09
    To make the unemployment rate look better
  • Petrifiedhippy 2011/06/10 14:40:27
    NATO is a vague concept tied to a bygone era, let bring our troops home and s...
  • wtw 2011/06/10 14:39:48
    NATO is a vague concept tied to a bygone era, let bring our troops home and s...
    I don't know about saving trillions but we need to get out!
  • mrdog 2011/06/10 14:38:24
    We can no longer afford the cost of being policemen of the world.
    Dumb... to do it...or
    even dumber to think that is our role....
    For me.. bring all troops home from far and wide...
    put them on the souther border ...shut down illegals
    and drug traffic....why not?
  • Augusta Melbourne 2011/06/10 14:38:07
    We need to stop a possible Soviet land invasion!
    Augusta Melbourne
    I may have clicked on the wrong one - but still...stupid reflexes damn it. I was going to air my views, but it's a bit late now.

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