Why do we not elect our President for one term of six years? What do you think? of six

Cuddles 2008/03/15 00:19:53
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The race for the White House has turned into a minimum campaign of
two years. John Edwards, now withdrawn from the race, has been
campaigning fairly consistently since he and John Kerry lost in 2004.
Why spend all these millions and millions of dollars? One term of six
years allows the President to concentrate. HE or SHE does not have
to become entangled in another campaign. The campaign trail
takes up the almost one-third, or more, of a President's time. Of course, there would have to be a direct line of succession, as we have now, should anything happen to the President. ONE TERM OF SIX YEARS! Think, Think, then Think some more. Thank you.
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  • DeePizzaGuy 2009/06/29 04:27:36
    perfect idea. Just for the record what if the President want to pass a law saying more than one term like former President of Honduras Zalaya?
  • Mike (the original sodahead... 2008/09/19 16:36:13
    Mike (the original sodahead 'Mike')
    That was one of the few changes made in the version of the Constitution adopted by the Confederate States of America in 1861. The politics of re-elections combined with the fact that it takes years to fully enact a program led the statesmen of that era to reconsider the 4-year term with re-election and opt instead for a single six-year term.
  • Jerimia 2008/04/05 05:02:18
    OK, but lets limit the Senate to ONE term also. And Congress
    could be increased to ONE term of SIX years also. (But can one person
    serve one term in each of the three positions? 1President, 1 Senate and
    1 Congress? That 18 years in a government power position!
  • MadHatter 2008/03/18 06:45:35
  • SoothingNY 2008/03/16 18:17:00 (edited)
    A four-year Presidential term was designed to be a compromise between two and six-year terms. Since House Representatives serve two-year terms they most closely represent the interests of individual districts and the people of the Country. Although Senators are also elected by the people of their State, they were designed by the Founding Fathers to be Statesmen who represent the interests of the entire State in its relation to the Federal government structure. The Founders felt that such long-term interests required a longer six-year term that, in effect, shielded Senators from the frequent whims and fluctuations of short-term public opinion.

    The Founders did not want the President to be as detached from the people as Senators, and they did not want him to be at the mercy of short-term public opinion either, so they crafted a compromise - the four-year Presidential term. This way the President could still keep his pulse on the Nation and keep the long-term interests of the Country at heart.

    This was the tradition followed by almost two-hundred years until FDR decided to break with this tradition. The idea of a permanent President offended so many people at that time that Congress wrote the 22nd Amendment to limit the President to the traditional two terms observed by every President before FDR and to prevent a permanent President.
  • Cuddles SoothingNY 2008/03/16 18:46:35
    Thank you for the very interesting information. I was familiar with most of it.
    In fact, when FDR ran for a 3rd and 4th term, my parents voted Republican for
    the first time in their adult lives and explained to all why they had done so.
    A six year term would not, necessarily, detach the President from voters
    because every President has an enormous number of requests for personal
    appearances, speeches, fund-raising dinners, state dinners, etc.
    There is little doubt that a four year term allows the President to enjoy,
    perhaps, about eeighteen months to concentrate on the duties of the office.
    Then, it is right back on the campaign trail. This is what I believe to be the
    Thank you for the remarkably complete response and for your time.
  • Denny 2008/03/15 02:26:19
    Because, knowing he can't run again, Congress will never do anything for him and his power will be nothing. As for the millions of dollars, I don't see why in this day and age we cannot elect a president in 6 months or less. It sure as hell shouldn't take 2 1/2 years.
  • Maria 2008/03/15 01:41:35
    this president is not imporatant, We people are far important than goverment etc. you have to watch movie called the sicko by micheal moore, I know you will go thinking why? Micheal Moore have the movie made about health issue,college issue. it mind blow. now I realize that we people make mistake to focus on presdient too much here in America. it a major mistake. you need to watch movie it came out at DVD store. you can get it and watch and then you can tell me what you think?
  • Cuddles Maria 2008/03/15 13:36:45
    Regarding your comment. . .When "SICKO" was released many people thought
    it would be about Michael Moore and his life. Talk to the people in his home
    state. Americans must finally open their eyes wide, stop the "conspiracy theories", invite Michael Moore to speak on every television program that
    would allow him the time. . . and then all will truly come to know the REAL
    Michael Moore
  • Lou 2008/03/15 00:31:37
    Guess the reason might be that if the one in the white house is not doing a good job after 4 years, that the people can elect someone else before too much damage is done. It's just a shame that did not happen this time.

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