Why do the majority of Americans who oppose universal healthcare for US citizens has no problem paying for Israel's socialized healthcare

Feck Sodahed 2009/07/19 22:04:42
I don't mind being the Nanny to Israel with our taxes because they're the chosen people.
This is so fecked up!  I'm outraged!
I didn't know that.
I support Israel's citizens, but I do not support American citizens.
None of the above.  Please leave comment.
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Israel has one of the world's best health care systems. It covers almost 95 % of its population of Jews and non-Jews. [Palestinians excluded] Compared to this the US too has a state of the art medical system, however, it fails to cover most of its citizens with health care insurances. Only one in every six Americans is covered under a health care insurance plan.

The US is one of the highest spenders in the world on health care. It spent a mind boggling $2.26 trillion on health care in 2007. This accounts to almost 16% of the GDP and works out to $7400 per American citizen. In comparison, the Israeli government spent only 8 % of its GDP which works out to about $ 2000 per Israeli citizen.

The Israeli health care system is run by the government with the assistance of four Health Maintenance Organizations. Each Israeli citizen must register and become a member of one of these organizations. The competition only exists between these four Health Maintenance Organizations who try to attract citizens with better medical benefits. But the Ministry of Health also sets a guideline each year for these organizations by providing a list of medical treatments and services that each has to provide to its members. This makes it possible to keep all four organizations at the same level and providing similar benefits to their members. Mostly people tend to change their membership based on the availability of a certain organization in their location.


U.S. Financial Aid To Israel:
Figures, Facts, and Impact

Your tax dollars sent to Israel:
U.S. Aid to Israel 1948-Present

Benefits to Israel of U.S. Aid
Since 1949 (As of November 1, 1997)

Foreign Aid Grants and Loans

Other U.S. Aid (12.2% of Foreign Aid)

Interest to Israel from Advanced Payments

Grand Total

Total Benefits per Israeli
Cost to U.S. Taxpayers of U.S.
Aid to Israel

Grand Total

Interest Costs Borne by U.S.

Total Cost to U.S. Taxpayers

Total Cost per Israeli
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  • 519378 2009/07/20 01:51:35
    This is so fecked up! I'm outraged!
    Double Standards.
    Pay for foreigners, but not for Americans.

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  • Jangle 2010/05/27 23:07:39 (edited)
    I didn't know that.
    Their system sounds much more effective than what we have had for many decades.
  • Feck So... Jangle 2010/05/27 23:41:01
    Feck Sodahed
    Yes it does. But the people here don't want to waste the money on our citizens... just other countries' citizens/
  • Jangle Feck So... 2010/05/28 02:24:40
    Ya know, I really would prefer a domestic policy over the foriegn policy we have put up with for so many decades. Charity begins at home!
  • Bill in Niantic 2009/08/10 04:20:15
    None of the above. Please leave comment.
    Bill in Niantic
    Let's stop sending money to ALL Nations, including Kenya.
    Let's stop supportting the U.N., and let it move to Paris. Let's stop spending money on why flys only have sex on Mondays, etc.
  • Shigyrl but outspoken on my... 2009/08/10 04:10:35
    I didn't know that.
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    As I have told many on here. You can not compare the U.S. to these smaller nations. Especially when it comes to implementing such a plan on a scale that is unimaginable. While we can say canada is comparable. Even the guy who implemented the plan in canada. Has sad it is a disastrous failure. So if israel has a universal system great for them. They have the population of lets say one of the suburbs that surround dallas. Lets be realistic here.
  • Denise 2009/08/10 04:07:20
    None of the above. Please leave comment.
    Foreign or American...socialized medicine doesn't work.
  • Lavendergrl 2009/08/09 16:33:38
    This is so fecked up! I'm outraged!
    Unbelievable. Great post!
  • Yankee Gal in the VI 2009/08/08 12:22:25
    This is so fecked up! I'm outraged!
    Yankee Gal in the VI
    It is pretty sad, Can you say "Hypocrite" lol
  • dorrie 2009/08/08 00:39:11
    I don't mind being the Nanny to Israel with our taxes because they're the cho...
    how much has congress given Acorn and its affliates over the past 20 years.
  • Feck So... dorrie 2009/08/08 00:47:00
    Feck Sodahed
    Nothing in comparison to what they have given Israel.
  • jerrichard11 2009/08/08 00:10:33
    None of the above. Please leave comment.
    we need to keep helping God's chosen or we will loose God's favor when the end times happen
  • Feck So... jerrich... 2009/08/08 00:14:02
    Feck Sodahed
    You are joking...right?
  • MUGEN :: 無限 2009/08/07 19:14:48
    This is so fecked up! I'm outraged!
    MUGEN :: 無限
    This is how conservatives are. Support foreigners who love military might (just like conservatives) and ofcourse israel is killing non-whites so that makes it more reasonable. Oh i forgot, they are from jesusland...even better give them $ $ $.

    Screw our poor help Israel.
  • NPC 2009/08/07 17:23:19
    This is so fecked up! I'm outraged!
    Unfortunately, we apparently have to subsidize the only non muslim, non arab and non terrorist nation in the Mideast !
  • Janster NPC 2009/08/07 17:30:09
    The Czar neglected to include in his so-called info that these figures are over a 60 year period with an average cost per Israeli at $380. Typical lib that didn't provide complete facts.You don't want universal healthcare if your Congressman and Senators aren't willing to accept the same program. They have opted out of it for themselves. Wonder why?
  • Janster 2009/08/07 16:54:45
    None of the above. Please leave comment.
    Exactly why we do not need universal healthcare in America if Israel can't afford it. Sorry guys, this ploy won't work either. Americans are smarter than you libs think huh? Too bad for you.
  • DRLJR 2009/08/07 16:35:03
    None of the above. Please leave comment.
    I suspect we understand what is being pushed here, which every place it has been implemented has resulted in rationing of health care, is not the same as in Israel. Apples versus Oranges. The same name and description used to describe significantly different things.
  • Marie 2009/08/07 14:07:46
    None of the above. Please leave comment.
    Everyone needs to pay for their own healthcare! Guys get over it, the majority of Americans are against socialized (the pending) healthcare reform.

    However, If we get it, Obama's not going to be re-elected as Americans will be pissed. If we don't get it, Obama's not going to be re-elected as it's just another promise he broke. He's in a corner dudes... ...sorry for your luck!
  • gr8goog... Marie 2009/08/07 19:33:57
    gr8googamooga, In GOD we trust
    Now thats Hope and change I can believe in Marie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Johnny 2009/08/07 13:52:07
    None of the above. Please leave comment.
    WE ARE paying for Israel's socialized medicine! THATS why it wont work here! IF other countries have to bail out those who DO have social or universal medicine- THEN WHY would we think WE could make it work here?
  • Marie 2009/08/07 13:42:44
    None of the above. Please leave comment.
    Facts- leave comment facts- where are the facts?
  • Feck So... Marie 2009/08/07 15:17:22
    Feck Sodahed
    Did you read the article?
  • Marie Feck So... 2009/08/07 22:36:33
    Waiting for Hot Einstein to provide the facts- Look for his comment!
  • Joe 2009/08/07 11:32:22 (edited)
    None of the above. Please leave comment.
    I don't think I should be paying for anyone's health care but mine and my children's. Don't forget we also pay for prison inmates and welfare recipients.
  • Dwight Mann 2009/08/07 10:17:26
    None of the above. Please leave comment.
    Dwight Mann
    I disagree with you based upon The name you use on SH. Socialism has never worked in any country ever. Capitalism has made the USA the greatest and most powerful nation, and the nation with the most progressive liberties ever. Why would you want to change that. That is not to say that it can not be improved, but you do not improve anything by tearing it down, as Øbama wants to do with our country. Czars is a Russian word and not appropriate for use of in this country. It smacks of communism, just like the fools who were using the word Comrade a few months ago. Go top China or somewhere, you make me ill. . .

    country czars russian country smacks communism fools comrade china ill
  • Feck So... Dwight ... 2009/08/07 12:19:34
    Feck Sodahed
    First off...socialism has worked in most of the world. Sweden...all of the European Union countries...Brazil...Australi... Zealand...Israel...just to name a few. And their economies are doing a lot better then ours now. Excessive capitalism is what has caused the current economic failure. As for the Czar in my profile name...it's a joke...a response to the neo-cons and their silly polls about Obama's czars... which wasn't even Obama's idea ...but Ronald Reagan's. He created the czar concept...and G. W. Bush had 15 czars... but now the RWNJs are up in arms thinking it's a communist plot. ROFLMAO! And if you had any clue about history...you would know that czars or tsars were not a part of communist USSR. Czars were before communist Russia... the term for the imperialist leader...and if you recall (or probably don't) the last czar of Russia and his family were executed by the communists. No relation between czar and communism. How about go study your history. Stupid people that think they have a clue make me ill.
  • Noah Vaile Feck So... 2009/08/07 12:24:01
    Noah Vaile
    This reply is both ignorant and stupid. Hard to decide which.
  • Feck So... Noah Vaile 2009/08/07 12:31:52
    Feck Sodahed
    It's neither ignorant or stupid. The comment above is the one that is ignorant and stupid.
  • Janster Noah Vaile 2009/08/07 16:58:37
    hehehe . . . so true.
  • patti Feck So... 2009/08/07 15:29:19
    And your point is?
  • Feck So... patti 2009/08/07 15:40:06
    Feck Sodahed
    My point is that Dwight Mann who posted the comment that I replied to is wrong on several counts...especially the on that says the word czar smacks of communism...and that he has no idea what socialism is.
  • patti Feck So... 2009/08/07 16:17:39
    Thanks for your answer.
  • Marie Feck So... 2009/08/07 22:39:55
    How about using American Dictionary and terms! american dictionary terms
  • Janster Feck So... 2009/08/07 16:58:25
    Socialism is why those countries are not profitable and America is head and shoulders above them in most everything. If you want to have a name like Czar and you love socialism, why don't you move to Russia? You could take advantage of their broken down, socialistic healthcare system. You might live and you might not.
  • gr8goog... Feck So... 2009/08/07 20:11:55 (edited)
    gr8googamooga, In GOD we trust
    Wrong wrong wrong in fact, you are so wrong there has ever been anything as wrong in the history of things that have been wrong as what you just posted. Reagan did have czars, 2 of them, however they were not his idea as you so erroneously posted. Nicholas Biddle was the first czar and directed the second bank of the U S.. Then John Love energy czar under Nixon 1973. Plenty more were to follow along the trail of presidents.
    As far as socialism working anywhere, wrong (WRONG) again!
    Sweden has achieved a standard of living under a mixed system of high-tech markets and welfare benefits.
    Australia has a vibrant free market economy, so wrong there!
    New Zealand used to have an agrarian economy now it is free market, so wrong again!
    Brazil has a moderate free market and export-oriented economy more wrongness!
    Israel has a technologically advanced market economy with substantial, though diminishing, government participation. only part wrong with an ever increasing lean toward completely wrong!
    However credit is due to you on the czar/tsar bit, since the 1917 revolution and the establishment of the commies csars have been on the outs.
  • Feck So... gr8goog... 2009/08/07 20:23:39
    Feck Sodahed
    True... Nixon had Czars also. And FDR had Dictators. My point was that czars are not new with Obama or part of a communist plot.

    You must be confusing communism with socialism. All of the countries listed do have mixed economies...and all of them are socialist countries.
  • Marie Feck So... 2009/08/07 22:47:46
  • Feck So... Marie 2009/08/07 22:53:03
    Feck Sodahed
    Your point?
  • Janster Dwight ... 2009/08/07 16:56:01
    Well said my friend.
  • Nozzghoull 2009/08/07 09:10:32
    This is so fecked up! I'm outraged!
    I didn't know this. I'm tired of this shit.
    How about we stop being a nanny for everyone, then use that money to fund our own health care for uninsured (legal) Americans, and leave those of us alone that like our insurance. That way we (Americans) all win.
    "Total Cost per Israeli
    $23,240" I know a lot of unemployed uninsured Americans that could use that right now....

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