Why do teenage girls wear thongs?

aapplmonky 2008/10/25 00:25:57
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  • bringerofdeath228 2009/10/25 15:50:51
    All of the above
    could be anyting. ive met girls who do all three, girls that will say its for one reason when its another, AND girls that dont even have a reason. just watcho out for thos vaginal lacerations. i heard they can be cause by the "g string" type thong
  • VampireGirl1901 2009/10/01 03:32:28
  • asdas 2009/09/30 22:48:45
    None of the above
    b/c they are little sluts wanting to be like mommy!
  • David Villa 2009/09/30 21:49:39
    To look sexy
    David Villa
    I love girls with it! sexy love girls
  • Merlin David V... 2009/10/03 21:41:24
    How is it 'sexy' to see woman in that though? Just wondering how the man mind works, seeing a man's boxers/underwear is not so attractive in my mind.
  • Merlin 2009/09/30 21:22:43
    None of the above
    Am not sure, I couldn't tell you, they look uncomfortable, they do not cover anything really so I guess just because, maybe?
  • john brenni 2009/09/30 17:19:18
  • Merlin john br... 2009/09/30 21:24:16
    Good point, if a girl shows the area then expect it to be looked at, it's quite annoying when you see them catching lip about someone looking, if you don't want it seen, simply do not show it. I do not wear exposed clothing myself, jeans and a simple band, sorta baggy shirt is good enough for comfort.
  • john br... Merlin 2009/10/01 00:16:53
  • Merlin john br... 2009/10/01 01:11:04
    Thank you mate, I understand lol, am young but I still have enough brain smarts to not wear that kind of clothing, that kind of dressing style gets the wrong attention and then you're being classified wrong, don't care about what people think of me but there are sick people out there and you do NOT want their attention lol But even simply to say...If you want to see it then put a ring on the finger or take the person as a lover, simple as that. It's not too hard to become their lover first THEN see what they have. Plus who dresses to show have low respect for themselves which will not earn respect from others.
  • john br... Merlin 2009/10/01 03:21:25
  • Merlin john br... 2009/10/02 02:46:19
    Oooh, that's awesome hehe, honestly I don't know. I live in a small village of New York, I just don't ever really feel comfortable putting my real town there since you know XP but I really live next to Sydney.
  • john br... Merlin 2009/10/02 02:54:06
  • Merlin john br... 2009/10/02 22:09:23
    Hehe, don't beat yourself up [though you probably won't XD] Thank you, same for you, mate. Nice chatting with you too.
  • john br... Merlin 2009/10/03 00:02:56
  • Merlin john br... 2009/10/03 21:38:56
    Same for you.
  • Skull-One-225 2009/09/30 17:01:56
    None of the above
    Trying to get attention that they do not understand!
  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2009/09/30 13:44:03
  • Karen Bellaart 2009/09/30 06:49:38
    All of the above
    Karen Bellaart
    Why not?
  • liNDyliCiOUS 2009/09/30 04:18:25
    All of the above
    But it's also because some pants you can see the out line of booty shorts..
  • Merlin liNDyli... 2009/09/30 21:24:52
    Jeans I own have that, own a pair of ruffled boy shorts and the ruffles show.
  • liNDyli... Merlin 2009/10/03 03:54:42
    Oh for real? Yeah see && that sucks.
  • Merlin liNDyli... 2009/10/03 21:39:18
    Very much XP
  • liNDyli... Merlin 2009/10/05 20:25:04
    Yeah huh haha
  • RedMonkey 2009/08/26 21:56:58
    To look sexy
    wearing a thong dont make you a slut it makes you sexy
  • Merlin RedMonkey 2009/09/30 21:25:21
    Doesn't make you slutty UNLESS you show that you got it, if you do not show it then it's not being a slut, show it and you are trying to be.
  • speedy 2009/05/28 16:32:46
    All of the above
    i startd wearn em at 13
  • asdas speedy 2009/09/30 22:50:53
    And see what that fabric did in you ass? You can't spell worth a damn. If you weren't picking at your ass all do and was actually paying attention during class maybe it would have been a different story.
  • speedym... asdas 2009/11/05 02:38:55
    you realize that your grammar doesn't make any sense? all do? what is that maybe if you payed attention in class you would realize that it is all day....
  • ... 2009/04/20 20:14:30
    None of the above
    i started wearing them at fourteen,
    and no it was not "To be a Slutz!"

    i just prefer them,
    to most underwear.

    i think it's pretty stupid,
    to classify everyone who wears a thong, as a slut.

    (that was mainly a rant, based on crillyfox's comment, haha)
  • crillyfox 2009/04/03 00:17:34
    None of the above
    To be a Slutz!
  • ~Doll Princess~ 2009/04/02 06:19:11
    None of the above
    ~Doll Princess~
    Why do you care?
  • Sammy the Hatchet 2008/10/25 01:20:05
    All of the above
    Sammy the Hatchet
    Because they are fabulous!
  • Merlin Sammy t... 2009/09/30 21:28:58
    Scarlet is right, it's a tiny piece of cloth that doesn't cover anything and goes up into what it is supposed to be covering. Some people may prefer them over other clothing because some pants show the lining, some clothes it's uncomfortable and sometimes it's comfortable in the cloth. My best friend starting wearing g-strings because she got curious, she said they were quite comfortable. BUT it's up to the person, if you do not show them then it's alright but once you start bending over and showing it all, then it starts getting a problem.
  • Carole 2008/10/25 00:52:22
  • scarlet... Carole 2008/10/25 01:06:44
    Not true.
  • Merlin Carole 2009/10/03 21:40:04
  • socallocal 2008/10/25 00:49:56
    for comfort
    that's why I wear them

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