Why do some Republicans blame Obama, and not Putin for Ukraine?

Cal Woodrow 2014/03/04 03:00:30
It seems some Republicans have distorted the geopolitical reality that has existed in eastern Europe between the West and Russia since the end of the Cold War, to be a result of President Obama's own "failings" or him appearing weak. This obviously is not the case, and I'd argue Putin is only motivated by geopolitical motives, such as his proposed Eurasian Union and the potential isolation of his Black Sea fleet -- his response would be no different than if a US Republican were president or if the US had a "strong" president. Let us be reminded that Putin invaded Georgia in 2008 when Republican strongman and hero George W. Bush was president; and invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968 when tough guy LBJ was in the oval office. Every event in the world is not correlated to the US or the actions of it's president. Stop blaming President Obama, and start blaming the reckless and irrational man who just invaded Ukraine's territory and is hurling Europe toward a major war. What say you?
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  • jgh57 2014/03/04 03:29:04
    The Tea Traitors have an unreasoning hatred of anything the President does.

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  • MorbidCynic 2014/03/14 04:42:40
    Why do liberals blame conservatives/republicans/cap... for the worlds problems?
  • Cal Woo... MorbidC... 2014/03/14 04:47:00
    Cal Woodrow
    They don't.
  • MorbidC... Cal Woo... 2014/03/14 04:50:07
    Yes they do, don't lie.
  • Cal Woo... MorbidC... 2014/03/14 05:04:59
    Cal Woodrow
    I don't make sweeping generalizations. And my question is carefully worded to mention "some Republicans." Likewise there probably are "some" liberals who fit your description and hate all conservatives based on arbitrary perceptions . But not all. If you'd like to have a rational discussion about this, I have no problem. If you want to take part in troll like behavior, I will do the same.
  • Veni Vidi 2014/03/04 20:54:13
  • MorbidC... Veni Vidi 2014/03/14 04:51:44 (edited)
    They're right, obama is passive when he shouldn't be which could lead to neuclear war. Also you should give proof for your claims, not make assumptions based on your prejudice.
  • Veni Vidi MorbidC... 2014/03/14 17:14:47
  • ken 2014/03/04 13:13:27
    That idiot Obama should learn to keep his hollow threats to himself. What a maroon. What an ultra maroon.
  • ripper. 2014/03/04 12:19:49
    simple, all they do is point yell distraction, all the little minds who vote for the republican leaders look, the leaders smile rob and have premarital or extramarital sex get the girls to have abortions, unless you know they where banging their gay lover on a bed of money thinking wow it worked again.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2014/03/04 10:25:21
    Lady Whitewolf
    Because they're stupid? I gave Putin more credit for his brains than he deserved.... he should have known enough to sit down and STFU.
  • Jon the... Lady Wh... 2014/03/04 21:31:16
    Jon the Flamer
    Apparently, he wants to recreate the Soviet Union. That was enough for me for him to lose credibility honestly. I doubt any of the current countries will go back to being as powerful as they were back in those days.
  • Lady Wh... Jon the... 2014/03/05 10:02:14
    Lady Whitewolf
    Well said!
  • Jon the Flamer 2014/03/04 07:12:27
    Jon the Flamer
    When in doubt, blame Obama.
  • Lady Wh... Jon the... 2014/03/04 10:25:44
  • Dweezle 2014/03/04 06:49:45
    I agree.
  • davidl 2014/03/04 06:45:31
    Because Obama is a wuss. He draws lines in sand and then doesn't follow up. Last time before he did this with the Russians, he did it with Syria, and did nothing after they crossed that land.

    Plus Obama has been gutting the military. Putin knows Obama won't do anything.
  • Jon the... davidl 2014/03/04 07:13:49
    Jon the Flamer
    Is Obama supposed to do something?
  • scurvison 2014/03/04 06:41:53
  • BornToBeWild 2014/03/04 04:52:57
    gee, there's a gimme
  • Sarge-At-Large 2014/03/04 04:44:20
    "Let us be reminded that Putin invaded Georgia in 2008 when Republican strongman and hero George W. Bush was president"

    Yup, and Bush rallied the allies and backed Putin down. The French mediated a withdrawal of Russian troops and Condoleezza Rice stood shoulder to shoulder with Georgia's president, Mikheil Saakashvili and basically told Russia that it would have to go through the US if it wanted Georgia.

    Obama was weak on Syria and this emboldened Putin. Obama set a red line then when Putin called his bluff, Obama said "I didn't set a red line". So yeah, limp wristed policy will get you into trouble with strong foes.
  • Cal Woo... Sarge-A... 2014/03/04 04:48:42 (edited)
    Cal Woodrow
    Wrong. Russia accomplished it's objective in Georgia, which was to take Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and recognize their independence. Russia is going by the same playbook in Crimea as in Georgia six years ago. You could equally argue, it is the Bush Administration's inability to take back those territories in 2008 that emboldened Putin to do it again. You have to prove causality bro.
  • Sarge-A... Cal Woo... 2014/03/04 05:44:56 (edited)
    Lol! Not even close. Abkhazia broke away from Georgia and claimed sovereignty. There was of course no real claim there as far as international recognition was concerned. So the area was really up for grabs by anyone that could hold it.

    South Ossetia was begging for Russia to be its big daddy and actually annex it. over 80% of citizens have Russian citizenship. Russia has been training their army/militia for over a decade.

    Think of it this way, if southern CA and AZ seceded from the USA and Mexico "invaded" to take it, then you would have what happened here. Assuming 80% of Southern CA were granted Mexican citizenship and we begging Mexico to take it over.

    Both Georgia and Russia were maneuvering waiting for the other to flinch so they could pounce on the new free areas. All was laissez faire until Russia jumped into Georgia and started taking cities. Then it was a real international issue. One where Bush smacked Putin.

    Only some westerners claimed the Russia didn't pull back to pre-invasion levels. This is by far a no settled matter. And it wouldn't matter anyway if Russia had them both in its entirety as these areas left Georgia on their own accord.

    Seeing as how this is nothing like what is going on now, you are just wrong...bro.

    EDIT: I rather detest Bush. And while I don't fully detest Obama as his term is not up yet and I have hope for him, I am getting close to detesting him as much as I do Bush.
  • Cal Woo... Sarge-A... 2014/03/04 06:17:48 (edited)
    Cal Woodrow
    There was a claim. Abkhazia was recognized (and still is by most countries) as part of Georgia. That didn't change over night. When separatists in Abkhazia took to the streets and started demanding independence, Georgian forces moved in. This was the pretext in which Russia intervened in both Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Also, Russia never "annexed" South Ossetia, both of those territories have recognition as independent nations from a handful of countries -- and there is a massive amount of Russian troops in both. Many observers refer to it as an occupation, but it stops significantly short of a legal annexation. And what did Bush "smack" Putin over? Putin never planned to invade Georgia, simply read his arguments from back in 2008, he was "intervening" in those two territories and those two territories only. And the Russian presence there six years later is a pretty big clue that he succeeded in his main objective. The exact same scenario is playing out in Crimea, where Russian troops have dug in. But don't expect Russian troops to move into the rest of Ukraine. This type of intervention in a limited scope, where there is a separatist movement in territories that are more "pro-Russian," is how Putin has developed a sense of legitimacy around his actions. But an invasion is an invasion.
  • Jesterz 2014/03/04 04:32:58
    Some hate him so much that if their christian god were to appear in the sky and say that Obama is his chosen one, they'd turn muslim in an instant (would be hard to turn atheist though with an event like that) ... That's just how much some hate him...
  • Denai, The Li't Sasquatch 2014/03/04 04:06:46
    Denai, The Li't Sasquatch
    In the end, it will not matter if it escalates into war.
  • sjalan 2014/03/04 03:57:55
    Because they are the New ANTI AMERICAN FASCIST PARTY
  • exhon2009 2014/03/04 03:41:22
    Funny, your rant didn't name a single republican that was blaming Obama for Putin's actions. You weren't talking about the whole population of republicans were you? If so, then it is also true that "some" democrats have sex with animals.
  • Cal Woo... exhon2009 2014/03/04 03:52:11
    Cal Woodrow



    I don't claim "all" Republicans think this way. "Some" clearly do. Likewise, some "Republicans" are functionally retarded.
  • exhon2009 Cal Woo... 2014/03/04 03:59:38
    and some democrats have sex with barnyard animals.
  • Jon the... exhon2009 2014/03/04 07:15:51
    Jon the Flamer
    So do some republicans
  • Lady Wh... Cal Woo... 2014/03/04 10:27:43
  • JwonGalt exhon2009 2014/03/04 03:55:49
    His first statement said "some" Republicans. Not most, not the whole , "some".
    Wasnt aware he had to name any republicans

    But to help you and him out

    Lindsey Graham
    and John Mccain are just a couple of Republicans blaming Obama for Putins actions
  • exhon2009 JwonGalt 2014/03/04 04:26:41
    Graham and McCain are accusing Obama of emboldening Putin not for Putin's actions. Let's look at the record. Obama rescinded an agreement to put a missile defense system in Czech Republic and Poland. Russia placed additional medium range missiles aimed at Europe in response and Obama didn't even ask Putin to pull them out.

    The Ukrainian revolution had been brewing for months So John Kerry is globe trotting around the planet trying to convince anyone who would listen that Global Warming is the greatest strategic threat we face. Hagel announced the administration's intent to reduce the military to pre Pearl Harbor size literally only hours before the Russians moved in Crimea. We could be building a pipeline that would help us supply the Europeans with oil and gas and remove the threat of Russia extorting them but Obama opposes it. Obama did tell Medvedev to tell Putin that he would be "more flexible" after the election.

    You liberals talk about what a great leader Obama is but when negative things happen overseas you claim he's just another passenger on spaceship Earth, not the most powerful man in the world.
  • Scheißegal 2014/03/04 03:37:01
    I think they blame him because he is being very passive. Which he is supposed to be. For once, I see the president doing something right.
  • Cal Woo... Scheißegal 2014/03/04 03:43:48
    Cal Woodrow
    But I don't even think he is being passive. What do they want him to do, declare war on Russia? He condemned Russia, is pushing for economic sanctions, and is seeking to isolate Russia if it counties to carry out an occupation of Crimea. That is more than George W. Bush did when Russia invaded Georgia, and we don't hear Republicans calling him passive. I do think his perceived passivity plays a big role in all of this, among other things.
  • Scheißegal Cal Woo... 2014/03/04 03:50:50
    Pushing sanctions is rather recent on his part. All he had done previously was threaten them (and Putin essentially laughed in his face). I kinda assumed Obama would push for war because they "questioned his high authority".
  • Cal Woo... Scheißegal 2014/03/04 04:03:11 (edited)
    Cal Woodrow
    Also, Putin doesn't want to appear weak domestically or internationally either -- and is acting based on Russia's own self-interest. But his willingness to go ahead with his actions in Crimea is then not a measure of President Obama's strength. To think about it a different way, when the US went to war against Iraq in 2003, nobody said Russia or Putin was weak when US troops rolled into Baghdad anyway, against Moscow's opposition. It's a bit of a double standard.
  • Scheißegal Cal Woo... 2014/03/04 17:55:50
    I see your point
  • exhon2009 Cal Woo... 2014/03/04 04:33:02
    The last thing any conservative would want is a weak feckless leader like Obama leading us to war, particularly against Russia. His choices with Russia include building the XL pipeline, increasing oil and gas production and signing up Russia's current customers, the Europeans, as new customers for that oil and gas. He should kick Russia out of the G8 and WTO and hold the next G7 meeting in Kiev.
  • **StarzAbove** 2014/03/04 03:35:55 (edited)
    Because they blame President Obama for everything. It's because they are sore losers and hate that he was re-elected. They would rather side in with a murderous dictator than an American President.

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