Why do some people hate President Obama so much? Is it because he is black?

cj 2009/10/03 00:02:32
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  • cj 2009/10/15 21:36:14
    Having read your comments to my question I get it loud and clear. Most of the comments are filled with contempt and jealousy. Too bad for those of you who cherish such hate. I believe that you all are practising christians and it is a shame that you are so hateful and disrespectful of your brother. You see why our children are killing one another, it is because of the hate that emanate from adults like some of you. You speak hate to them and they emulate you. Oh you hateful set when will you begin to show some love. cj.
  • Beer30 2009/10/03 06:52:53
    Y'know, CJ,,,, either you're a socko or just a horribly-uninformed newbie ~~ I honestly don't care either way.
    But folks around here are surrre getting tired of that worn-out RaceCard again.
    Take a moment, and read some of the comments [ make that MOST of the comments ] from our friends down-poll, and they'll furnish you with dozens of legitimate reasons why Obama is terribly unsuited for the job as POTUS [ make that TOTUS ].
    None of which have ANYTHING to do with kinky hair, dark complexion or a flat nose, or any of YOUR other silly-ass, ignorant, prejudicial criteria.
    Your blatant race-baiting earns you another DR on your scoreboard, sweetie.
    Mine makes two. Betcha you find a few more soon.

  • Israelite 2009/10/03 05:10:05
    may be its because he is white ?
  • unaTHINKer 2009/10/03 04:50:44
    There it is AGAIN! It's not got anything to do with color. Try this one on....if you put a bow tie on a piece of shit, what do you have? A piece of shit in a bow tie! Any questions????
  • The Four Horsemen of the Ap... 2009/10/03 03:57:20
    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse--"Not on our Watch!"
    Obvious troll is obvious.
  • Dan 2009/10/03 03:29:15 (edited)
    Enough with the unsubstantiated claims of racism already!! Your race card (the favorite weapon of Democrats) should be so worn out by now that it is non-existent. Still, you continue with your tired accusations!
    We (Conservatives, Republicans, capitalists, Christians, white people, non-socialist taxpayers, and non-liberals taxpayers) do not hate your president because he is black, but for the irresponsible and destructive policies which he represents.
    What "values" and "principles" do Obama exhibit, demonstrate, and display? Socialism instead of individual responsibility, multi-trillion dollar waste of earned taxpayers money, kneeling before our nation's enemies in a futile attempt to please and appease them, Godless liberalism instead of morality, a weakened national defense, and an attack on taxpayers and successful business owners.
    His race has been and is completely irrelevant. Obama could be white, black, gray, or any other color and it wouldn't change the fact that he is nothing but an element of the Fifth Column (which exists solely to destroy our country from within like cancer, AIDS, termites, or acid).
  • Hellno~POTL~RWAC~FUCU 2009/10/03 03:11:47
    Why do some people hate President Bush so much? Is it because he is white?
  • American Cowgirl @ Heart 2009/10/03 02:15:22
    American Cowgirl @ Heart
    My friend why would race have anything to do with it when we have alot of black that are generals and they work in the white house or they are lawyers,,its not race its his ignorance as a President,,if he took his job serious,VS he would not spend so much time on comedy shows or have a beer party about race ,,and that was a waste of tax money to do that party and fly the cop an professor to the white house ,,it wasnt obama using his money for it....then the thought of him talking on tv about having the kids have longer days in school and only 1 month of summer vacation,,,Obama is a Communist,,,then he has told the press and the news that he did not want the white house christmas tree with ornaments on it ,,omggg that is a tradition and he wants to break it!!! then to take time away from the white house and go to the Olympics,,that is BS,,, when clinton was presdint he didnt spend his time on TV shows and the Olympics,,or beer parties,,,President Clinton did his job til he got caught getting laid with monica,,,,lol,,,,then when Bush took office we only had 1 terriost attack and President bush did not waste money on parties and snack machines in the white house and he wasnt on the comedy shows looking like a fool either,,, Obama has a Very Pretty Sister and they are both from the same mother so No race is not the issue here,,,
    white house comedy fool obama pretty sister mother race issue
  • Captain Sticky 2009/10/03 02:04:36
    Captain Sticky
    Some do. But he's no different from any other member of the ruling elite. Greedy, hands in our pockets, and above the law. I might do his wife though......
  • James 2009/10/03 01:20:52
    No. It's because of what he represents. Evil.
  • The Gov... James 2009/10/03 01:31:02
  • James The Gov... 2009/10/03 01:35:30
    Got that right.
  • The Gov... James 2009/10/03 01:38:56
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    That picture scared me when I saw it... Jeez, I hope it's not that bad.

    If it is I hope he keeps that part between him and whats that separatist wife of his... Michelle.
  • James The Gov... 2009/10/03 02:00:09
    Yeah it is a creepy picture, huh.
  • The Gov... James 2009/10/03 02:57:12
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    I'm serious... O_O
  • Charge 2009/10/03 01:19:32
    The Progressive/Liberals finally got their straw man elected, they, of course, never bothered to figure out how he was going to govern. He is a complete scam, a suit, a puff of smoke... we are in deep trouble because this man is NO leader.
  • MrDazzling~ 2009/10/03 01:15:02
    Nope... even Stevie Wonder can see how screwed up this narcissistic post turtle is! He was a worthless inexperienced jr senator, and the sheep elected him why?
  • The Gov... MrDazzl... 2009/10/03 01:20:21
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    LMFAO... hilarious.
  • lonewolf 2009/10/03 00:39:17
    it has nothing to do with race. he's an idiot
  • The Gov-Here to help BN362 2009/10/03 00:36:32
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    Well of course it's because he is black..

    Why else would anyone hate him, he is like a God to me how could you possibly hate his mis-information, his generosity with others people's money, his instability on foreign policy, the fact that all his friends are either radicals, racists, communists, or socialists, his trying to collapse our economy and fundamental change of America...

    I certainly also cannot see how anyone would hate his race baiting administration, his hypocrisy, his lack of strength in front of our enemies, the fact that he hasn't backed his general yet, his tax cheating treasurer, his communist secretary of state, his stuttering s s s... spress secretary, his attempts to stifle free speech and his personal attacks on half the citizens of this country.. Stupid for him since most of them make up a large part of the work force..

    Nope I can't imagine that it could be anything except he is black.
  • m.v. The Gov... 2009/10/03 01:14:21
  • sweetpepper 2009/10/03 00:29:47
    Come on already....really?
  • Brainfart " Bane of the Col... 2009/10/03 00:23:44
    Brainfart " Bane of the Collective "
    The Presidents BLACK ???
    Well I haven't seen His B/C so how would i know anyway..
  • randy 2009/10/03 00:06:09
    They don't hate him, they hate his dictatorial policies. A lot of people are not convinced he's black. He doesn't really look it to me.
  • Beer30 randy 2009/10/03 06:35:07
    Great thought, Randy. What relevance is skin color anyway? I happen to be Caucasian, but with a purdy-good summer beach tan, I can just about approach his complexion. Does it REALLY matter if more of his ancestors were born closer to the Equator than most of MINE were?

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