Why do Ron Paul bots seem to suffer from selective amnesia when it comes to the fact that Ron Paul is piss-poor on domestic National Defense?

tncdel 2011/08/16 06:25:10
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  • none 2011/08/16 16:28:27
  • Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll 2011/08/16 15:25:11
    Tell us your theory.
    Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll
    He's just against the US Military World tour that's been going on and doesn't have an end in sight. I personally hope for the sake of humanity we see a pacifist coup on ALL sides of these senseless conflicts.

    "Military Men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy"

    Henry Kissinger
  • BobJessen 2011/08/16 14:53:06
    Tell us your theory.
    Lets Get'em! getem
  • modernminuteman 2011/08/16 10:50:42
    Tell us your theory.
    he is right on when it comes to auditing the fed but thats where it ends. anyone who says iran is not a threat to us is lost when it comes to national defense. thats the same thing obama said about iran who is behind the muslim caliphate being formed in the middle east.
  • Wolfman 2011/08/16 07:49:03
    Tell us your theory.
    Paul has mesmerized the lot of them. He's got them believing that pacifism and cowardace on our part will cause the world to join hands and sing kumbayah. It's a flashback to the 60s.

    pacifism cowardace world join hands sing kumbayah flashback 60s ron paul peace hippie
  • Minarchist 2011/08/16 07:18:06
    Tell us your theory.
    I believe he is the ONLY sound mind in Congress when it comes to foriegn policy. When was the last time the swiss were attacked?
  • tncdel Minarchist 2011/08/16 07:38:05
    Guess the DOMESTIC National Defense issue was too hot for you to handle. I can understand.

    As bad as Ron Paul is on domestic National Defense, if I was one of his bots, that would be too embarrassing for me to even acknowledge without causing me to have to re-think who I support.
  • cynsity Minarchist 2011/08/17 03:26:19
    no one attacks teh swiss because the swiss hold all the wealth those nations don't want people to know about as well the swiss hold all those dirty little secreats... but the swiss also have nothing to show for their passifist activites except the contept of those who they turned their backs on and let parish...

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