Why do Republicans hate the United States of America?

John 2009/07/25 22:33:16
Because of Barack Obama our first Black President?
Failed Family Values
None of the above
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Why do republicans hate America?

Why do republicans hate America? Starting with Reagan, why have they been intent on bankrupting and destroying the United States? Many of my fellow citizens have fallen for their false credo that government is the problem not the solution. .. To that I say baloney. A fully functioning and financially stable government is necessary for the benefit of society. A financially stable government would be able to ensure adequately inspected food products, lead free children’s toys and adequate responses to natural disasters.

What the republicans are adept at is cutting taxes to the point where the federal government is unable to provide services to the level of third world countries. Why do republicans hate Americans? According to republicans the working poor don’t deserve healthcare. According to republicans the rebuilding of Iraq’s infrastructure is more important than fixing America’s infrastructure. As a matter of fact, McCain would term infrastructure repair as unnecessary pork. Why do republicans care more about Iraq than the United States of America? They really aren’t very patriotic. Are they trying to destroy America?

Under the republicans many important industries have been deregulated - banking, energy, insurance, to name a few. Look how well that turned out, Brownie! In Banking we are experiencing predatory lending, outrageous interest rates (sans usury laws) and fees. Deregulation wasn’t enough, the republicans had to stack the deck against the consumer even more by changing the bankruptcy laws to the detriment of the average American – even though the majority of bankruptcies are the result of catastrophic illness and being saddled with outrageous medical bills. Why do republicans hate consumers? When utilities were closely regulated speculators had a stable stock to invest in. You weren’t going to make a killing but a stable return on your investment. Utilities were only allowed to make a certain percentage on what they spent. It paid to upgrade your infrastructure because the more you spent the more you made. Now Electric utilities neglect preventive maintenance, trimming trees away from electrical lines and have put off upgrading infrastructure for decades. Why do republicans want to drag our infrastructure to third world status? Insurance – Do I need to say more? Why do republicans hate 40 to 50 million uninsured Americans?
Wake up America – Republicans are uncaring, unpatriotic and marching down the path of destroying the United States.
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  • dobemom 2009/07/25 22:45:29 (edited)
    None of the above
    I think your question should be..Why does Obama hate the United States of America?...we Republicans love our country that is why we are fighting so hard to keep Obama from destroying it.

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  • Edward 2009/07/31 14:51:18
    None of the above
    i do think you have the wrong party
  • TWISTER61 2009/07/25 23:17:29
    None of the above
    Typical liberal trying to start shit that is not true! MORON!
  • Bruce - RWNJ 2009/07/25 22:57:55 (edited)
    None of the above
    Bruce - RWNJ
  • dobemom 2009/07/25 22:45:29 (edited)
    None of the above
    I think your question should be..Why does Obama hate the United States of America?...we Republicans love our country that is why we are fighting so hard to keep Obama from destroying it.
  • Jonatha... dobemom 2011/07/07 02:37:37
    Jonathan Taylor
    Republicans are always stoop to the lowest denominator! I feel they hate America because they want all life to end PERIOD! They claim they are waiting for the rapture, so they don't give a crap about anything!
  • John dobemom 2013/06/10 04:22:16
    Now you know that's a "joke" as they say, time do "tell."
  • Me 2009/07/25 22:42:18
    None of the above
    Republicans don't hate America, just as Democrats do not want to turn America into a socialist nation. The fact is, the two "sides" simply have differing approaches, but are striving for the same goal. We ALL want America to succeed and prosper. Spewing rhetoric does nothing to unite our nation, it only tears it further apart.
    This is one of the many reason I choose not to affiliate with any "side". I have the intelligence to make decisions based on the issue and/or candidate at hand without a need for the input of meaningless partisan rhetoric.
  • Jonatha... Me 2011/07/07 02:39:33
    Jonathan Taylor
    You don't know the meaning of SOCIALISM do you? America has ALWAYS been a combination of socialism/capitalism!

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