Why do people reject God?

David (Force in Readiness) 2009/02/21 23:59:37
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  • Baggins ~IMBIT~ 2009/10/02 12:43:37
    I know,
    Baggins ~IMBIT~
    Lack of evidence, for a start. Depending on which 'god' you're on about (and I'm thinking the biblegod) also because it makes no sense, has a basic lack of understanding of the way the universe works, bad morals, sexism, chauvanism, lots and lots of stupid.. I could go on.
  • Gary 2009/10/02 00:38:20
    None of the above
    When I look at all the responses to this question it puzzles me. Why are there so many non-believers in this country. When the evidence is everywhere you turn, that God does exsist
  • namealwaystaken 2009/07/02 18:08:17
    I know,
    Oh, there are so many reasons, and no real way to sum it up. I guess in a way it comes down to the fact that in all my life no book, person, or religion has ever actually given me a legitimate enough/convincing enough reason for me to believe, whereas I've heard a number of convincing reasons not to. I also consider the fact that I don't believe to be proof that God does not exist.
  • Johnny "Nihasa" Robinson 2009/04/20 02:50:57
    None of the above
    Johnny "Nihasa" Robinson
    Different reasons, not enough proof/ no proof, not brought up in God-praising house hold, they've seen the terrors of life.
  • David (... Johnny ... 2009/04/20 11:15:58
    David (Force in Readiness)
    Plenty of factual evidence is available that can lead a person to conclude there is a God.

    The crux of the issue is the interpretation of the evidence.
  • Johnny ... David (... 2009/04/20 11:26:34
    Johnny "Nihasa" Robinson
    Plenty of evidence there was Jesus, the disciples, even Noah's Ark, but not a God.
  • David (... Johnny ... 2009/04/20 11:52:22
    David (Force in Readiness)
    Is there a logical inference?

    I find your Noah’s ark remark interesting. Do you mind if I dig into your view on that?
  • Johnny ... David (... 2009/04/20 21:37:15
    Johnny "Nihasa" Robinson
    Well, I wasn't totally sure about that considering my MOM told me it (Catholic). But I'm sure she wouldn't lie to me to convert me.
  • Raka 2009/03/18 20:46:03
    None of the above
    Why do people reject invisible pink unicorns or pixies that make invisible gardens in the clouds.

    No proof for any of it, no need for any of it.
  • David (... Raka 2009/03/18 22:35:30
    David (Force in Readiness)
    You are in for a big surprise.

    Good luck
  • Freedom 2009/03/08 01:01:36
    None of the above
    Because it there is a "God", it is a pathetically sadistic beast that relishes in sexual depravity, inflicting immense suffering on innocents, and demanding obedience on pain of eternal suffering. Personally, I believe the "fire on the mountaintop" was none other than the most evil creature to ever come in contact with humans, issuing instructions through his human minions in order to forever enslave humanity in an endless cycle of war, famine, and death. Monotheism is the single most destructive concept to ever encumber humans.
  • Byzantine_Catholic 2009/03/04 22:13:59
    I know,
    They tend to believe that they are too smart for God,

    Its really the original sin -- wanting to be God-like.
  • ♥● Caяmεn ●♥ 2009/02/28 12:09:39
    I know,
    ♥● Caяmεn ●♥
    because there is no god. how can people believe that someone made the earth, people and everything else? what about evolution then?!

    i really understand that people in former times believed in god because they needed explanatory notes for everything (sunrise, living, death,...) but now you know how all this happens. and if there was a god, why do so many people starve to death or why do babys die? why is there war? so many questions that would not be if there was a god....

    and there are many religions anyway. so if there's be one real god, he would have made everyone believe in him... and not just some people.

    i also don't understand people who think god's the reason for everything. and those who say god made the good things which happen to them and if there are bad thing it's their own fault...
  • thetruth 2009/02/28 06:56:57
    I know,
    Because being faithful to God isnt always easy...
  • Razuk 2009/02/27 00:45:48
    None of the above
    I think is because
    They blame him for everything
  • dude, its katie 2009/02/24 05:56:16
    None of the above
    dude, its katie
    Why do people reject science?
  • David (... dude, i... 2009/02/27 12:34:59
    David (Force in Readiness)
    What group of people reject science?
  • dude, i... David (... 2009/02/27 23:07:20
    dude, its katie
  • David (... dude, i... 2009/02/28 14:05:50
    David (Force in Readiness)
    There are plenty of creationist who are scientist.
  • dude, i... David (... 2009/03/02 02:05:19
    dude, its katie
    The majority of scientists do not believe in god.
  • David (... dude, i... 2009/03/02 12:53:17
    David (Force in Readiness)
    I would say it’s an even split
  • dude, i... David (... 2009/03/03 23:28:55
    dude, its katie
    It is a fact that scientists, as a whole, are less religious than the general population, and most do not believe in a personal or any god.
  • David (... dude, i... 2009/03/04 03:30:35
    David (Force in Readiness)
    Scientists are evenly split. We were not talking about the general population.
  • dude, i... David (... 2009/03/04 03:34:38
    dude, its katie
    Ok, I will repeat my last statement then. "Most do not believe in a personaly or any god".
  • David (... dude, i... 2009/03/04 04:23:25
    David (Force in Readiness)
    The top scientist

    Richard Dawkins author of the The Blind Watchmaker opens with

    "Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose."

    Mr. Dawkins is a man in denial
  • dude, i... David (... 2009/03/04 04:40:15
    dude, its katie
    In denial of god, yes. And?
  • David (... dude, i... 2009/03/04 04:51:00
    David (Force in Readiness)
    The evidence points to God.

    Dawkins when ask, “if it turns out when die you end up standing in front of God, what would you ask him?

    Dawkins replied, (paraphrasing) “why wouldn’t you show yourself”

    The Bible says

    Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world His invisible [attributes] are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, [even] His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse,

    Romans 1:21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify [Him] as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened.
  • dude, i... David (... 2009/03/04 04:56:29
    dude, its katie
    I do not count quoting scripture as evidence. To me, the bible is just like any other book except for the fact that it was written by far less educated people than those who write books today.

    As for Dawkins, I actually think that would be a very good question to ask.
  • Johnny ... dude, i... 2009/04/20 02:53:21
    Johnny "Nihasa" Robinson
    You just pwned that guy like 3 times.
  • dude, i... Johnny ... 2009/04/20 03:04:24
    dude, its katie
    I do what I can. =]
  • Nate SD 2009/02/24 01:16:36
    I know,
    Nate SD
    There is no God.
  • Razuk Nate SD 2009/02/27 00:47:20
    If theirs no god whats the point of life?
  • Nate SD Razuk 2009/02/27 00:57:25
    Nate SD
    Is your life so bad that it is not worth living for?
  • Aarixan Razuk 2009/03/04 04:48:27
    If there is a god what's the point in life? You die, go to Heaven, every thing's a-okay.
  • Jo 2009/02/23 03:11:40
    None of the above
    In my experience in talking with people who are atheistic/agnostic, there usually is some hurt in their life, usually the loss of a loved one, or abuse as a child (If there's a God, why didn't He protect me from that abuse?), etc. that leads them to reject God. It seems more an emotional response (anger at God, so get back at Him by denying His existence). This was evident if the life of Josef Stalin, who had a bad experience as an altar boy in church (I don't know that was the only experience that influenced his atheism), and stopped believing in God. Yet, his daughter says that when he was dying, he sat up in bed and shook his fist at the ceiling. If he didn't believe God existed, why was he shaking his fist at him?
  • Marshme... Jo 2009/02/27 00:37:11
    Ever considered the possibility that they're just raised in an atheist family?
    It happens.
    And when you're raised as an atheist, something good happens--YES! I'M JUST LUCKY LIKE *THAT*. Something bad happens...well, all the more reason not to believe in god.
  • indigo_star 2009/02/22 17:50:32
    I know,
    they think it makes little sense/ have found what they think to be a better explanation
  • David (... indigo_... 2009/02/23 01:14:59
    David (Force in Readiness)
    What is it that makes no sense?
  • Marshme... David (... 2009/02/27 00:39:54
    I'm guessing the creation theory. The evolution seems more realistic. For example the Bible only goes back about 5000 years, but scientists have found fossils and rocks that are billions of years old. Then again, both theories aren't fully proven.
  • David (... Marshme... 2009/02/28 14:08:05
    David (Force in Readiness)
    So it boils down to believing?

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