Why do people clutch to the bible when the world changes with new laws? It only starts are WARS

KawaiiBunnyMoon 2011/06/26 03:34:41
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(Warning the following will piss you off!!!! either by my bad gramme and punctuation or my perspective of the bible , it is lengthy read and think at your own risk...i suggest reading it all! before posting a comment

This got me thinking about today with Gays getting married in NY frankly I DGAF! Anyway a lot of people been saying "Marriage is for a man and woman to have babies" okay worse reason you can state men and women been having babies out of wedlock for ages since the stone age! second people have been saying "Because the bible says man can not lie with man" okay...why "cuz it's sin against god" k so they think by doing so fire and lighting will strike NY....yet in like 500 B.C Rome and Greece and Japan had male on male and woman on woman action...and they are still here to day! look at that kay... now enough of that, more so

WAR now here it comes with all religion and holy books all over the world most holy books say "Love one another, love me, love, love, love, peace" right? or am I wrong please tell me if i am!

so now someone does like someone's god in another part of the world or how they act.

person A "I must convert you and your people to my way of thinking back in blah blah part of the world"
person B "But we are right, my god says it's you who i must covenanter and take you to blah blah blah when you die if you sin or blah blah blah if you follow rules our rules...oh and we must take your land back!"

Person A "we are of this land born here for XXXX amount of generations I am sorry but we must fight!"
Person B "Then we must fight!"

Person A/B "In the name of our GOD!" HOLY WAR *blinks* where did all the love each other go? where did having to take ones land home away have to do with love your neighbor and stuff?

okay next we got the Holy Book....yes its important to those who blieve it in which ever color or shape or langue or god who "written" it comes in. okay first off WHO WROTE THESE THINGS? WAS IT NOT MAN AND PRINTED IN PAPER BACK OR HARD COVER? WAS IT NOT THE MIGHTY KINGS WHO SAID WHAT GOES IN AND OUT OF THESE BOOKS ALONG WITH CORRUPTED RELIGIOUS LEADERS? how do you know it's really the true word and not word of man for "MAN" IS EVIL and unjust tugging you along for the ride? i know holy stories started out as word of mouth, but try playing the game TELEPHONE the person who starts the game first says one thing "Fishes Lives in the sea" and by the time it comes to the last person "Bitches comes in three on Thursdays at Ching Chang with shrimp fried rice!" see what i mean! okay

to what my goal was since we got those out of the way (I not sorry if i pissed anyone off!) we all know how America came to be right? people got pissed off at king George and wanted religious freedom, came here thought they were the only people saw native Americans got scared clung to their bibles and say "let me covert you" they said "who are you why are you on our home" they were like "this is ours bitch but if you get converted we'll treat you like forth classs peeps cool?" they were like naw get off our home...so war between broke out until there were very few natives left on earth! k then king George was like I want my peeps back and we won, so than they were like lets venture off and find new land, they hit Africa "Ooh lets call this place ours but it's hot and full of danger! ahhh scary black folk "cling to their bibles" stay back beast! "click click click?" "Ahhhh! if i convert you we will treat you like...oh fuck it!" *shoot* a few falls down dead "click click click boom scary!" Africans falls to their knees scared 'Kay we'll keep you as our slaves! so they gave gold to African tribe leaders with minuplation rounded up all the blacks they could by boats brought them over as slaves. than next Sunday they were "and God said on thee and sent his son to save your souls and his son told us to love our neighbors." "Click, click I want freedom, i am now learning your langue and dressing/eating like you. but you make me work your land, and i get whip like the Jews in Egypt set me free please like God did with his people that you read." Americans "NO tilt my farm." so many years later blacks get freed only because prez Lincoln was getting heat by the Brits and laughed at with them saying that Americans were barbaric and that slave fad had ended. now blacks gets rights! Slave owners HOLD UP THEIR BIBLES SCREAMING "THAT AINT RIGHT" laws been passed and oh look war broke out? North won.

Years later blacks been targeted for lynching and murders and rape and not having many civil rights, those people who did the killing or agreed with it or didn't care about it clutched to their bibles "Love thy neighbor yes god yes." See you next week paster, going back doing their sinful ways. Those being lynched and targeted clutch their bibles "Love thy neighbors yes Lord yes" confront those who who did the hurting and went to the government wanting equal rights, after many failed attempts it gets passed racesit and conservatives say "THAT ANIT RIGHT! NOT IN MY BACKYARD AND MY BIBLE SAYS IT AINT RIGHT"
black community says "THE BIBLE SAYS IT'S RIGHT" back and forth more killing and more more fighting between the two...and MORE LAWS ARE PASSED
black men and women/ black women and white men get married for the first time finely something both communities agree on...
"THAT AINT RIGHT! NOT IN OUR BIBLE IT SAYS YOU MUST STAY WITH YOUR NATION!" blacks with blacks white with whites...

20XX i married my dumb ass husband who is a white man ah look no fire and brimstone befallen on us and America is still here!

now...in between that time line we had the cracked out 60's and 70's and where men/women/animals were fucking and America was high off its ass higher than a kite and WWWWAAAARRRRR broke out

people saying we should be in the war others say no "love love peace" as should the bible...those saying we should be clutch to the bible saying it's what God wanted...to intervene in another nation and then go in and covert them! we lost and the troops get booed by both sides and told "GOD forsake them" that was total bullshit to do to our troops, anyway... 80's roll around people who were fucking in the 70's till fucking AIDS come up! nation scared...(no one truly knowns how it started there are a lot of theories)..best thing to do is single people out, gather up who all got aids and ask who they were fucking lets play "One of these things are not like the others." game *lets all clap like third graders lol* okay so questions start asking who you been sleep around with, do you do drugs are you black are you white have you been out of the U.S. one of theses people been fucking some animals back in the 70's while high on LSD or what ever LIED, comes back some women were whore out some men were doing drugs most of both were black people, some men were having sex with men, as for women doing it with women, white males mostly were doing it with men and taking drugs...one of these things are not like others...."Men doing it with men and taking drugs" double Whammy lets blame them! they are not like the others.

AIDS now have spread to married people like wild fire baby born with AIDS....Who's to blame, people are scared, it could happen to anyone now...who to blame?!
people snatched their bibles in fear of the worst that AIDS would be the next black plague (oh dont even get me started on that subject.) who to blame but the gays of course because the bible said homosexuality is bad bad bad! even if they don't want to say one or two or more in their little church group experimented a least once back in the 60's or 70's Swing parties were the fad back then too in the late 50's. Clutch those bibles close to them and say "repent, god is punishing YOU for YOUR SIN you homosexual." 20XX it been said that aids jump from animal to human in the 40's...either in Africa by tribe eating monkeys (raciest wants you to believe) or in a European Lab where scientist were testing lab monkeys for anti-viruses and shit hit the fan and we are on a way for a cure! *clap like rich adults*

Anywhoo 90's arrive ! fancy bright color clothes, awesome TV/movies/cartoons total bliss! everyone is rich and happy and spending big while the third world is dying! yes! at the time I didn't care as long as i was able to watch Fox Kids when i got home from school!
Soon people started coming out that they were gay on TV! a few celeberties, soon Drag Queens were on everyone's vocab, teens then light-hardaly used the phrase "thats so gay" for a song, shirt, book, tv show, ect. Then we heard about gay bashing and stuff that was not cool, movies about gays and lesbians started and than gay rights and laws took place.
same folks held their bibles close to them "THAT AINT RIGHT THEY ARE AGAINST GOD AND THE BIBLE...SAME OLD VERSES SAME SONG AND DANCE." some of these people made it their mission to do gods work and lynch, beat, rape, kill, members of the gay/lesbian community. Next Sunday they sat in church "love thy neighbor yes my GOD yes"

Again? you say oh yes again...
but wait something happens....Oklahoma/ the first twin towers attack...the nation pulled together and prayed together, cry together were in fear....we found out who hit the towers our neighbors for the Middle East, "we want them hunted and punish" But for the home terrorist he was forgotten by most in no time, why? because he was one of us, not different than any other American crazy, stick in a small cell and let him walk the green mile move along now Americans...
Gays and Bible clutches fought and fought
soon some preached that when 2000 came the world will end not by Y2K because we "allowed" homosexuality to run rampant we were all going to feel gods wrath... midnight came and went we entered the new million

20XX some crazy bible clutchers spewed garbage about may 21st being judgement day and earth quakes hell... nothing happed now they said October is judgement day and the day it all ends, but how so if the Maya say 2012?

2000-early 2001 was joy lust, drugs, sex, went on sexy tv adds
l was chatting with friends on AOL omg now i feel old! did school work was in my first year of middle school. n
soon we were hearing about cyber crimes, and the first few known cases where perverted men were luring children over the internet some of them married with kids of their own.

everything was finely moving along we were going to Evolve into a better world...or so most of us thought....
September 11th 2001... I was in 8th math about 3rd period looking out the window that Tuesday morning it was sunny and nice, i was thinking about lunch period or grabbing a smoke after school. a woman runs down the hall sobbing a few teachers pop in and out of rooms whispering to other teachers...
wasnt till lunch i found out that both twin towers got hit by planes...

as a foolish New Yorker kid I snorted "what was some at mission control drunk or the polite too stupid to see the buildings or some sort of sly comment like that."

The city, state, nation, world stood still everything changed, didn't matter if you black, white, Mexican, gay, straight, Jewish, Christian, Catholic, what ever your heart crumbled and you knew what you were doing and thinking popping on the tv to find out what else was going on, the nation wanted blood! in revange and blood it got! we found out it was by our Neighbors of the Middle East who thought by "There god, THAT AMERICAN'S AINT RIGHT, SO BY THE NAME OF OUR GOD WE MUST DESTROY THEM.' thus in away as Bush uttered God's name that night he declared war was first "OUR GOD VS Your GOD. then we woke up to the real truth it was about oil and other political New World Order shit i'm not in the mood to go into.
we paid by the price of our troops who were brave men and women who gave their life for our freedom! YOUR FREEDOM TO CLUTCH YOUR BIBLE AND CALL GODS NAME IN HATE!

2001 passed we moved on sadly we moved on into a whirl wind of chaos
meet my boyfriend shortly after 9-11 who would than be my dumb ass of a husband! ( i still love him as crazy as it sounds 2 bad things can't be like in fairy tales)
more stories about men hurting children over the internet, than more news about Priest touching little boys and that's its been going on for ages! tisk tisk tisk pope wans't doing his job. More people are finely are able to "come out" and do their LGBT thing. Kids are being beaten up at school for coming out less and less, just walk the halls and deal with it you would hear Faggot, pussy. or sissy once in the while at my school, for the most part we all did are own stuff hung out with our own friends and focused on just getting the hell out of high school and move on to college but this was at my school in NY anyways moving on
than we here that gays are in military.
Bible cultures *Gasp* "Not in my nations Army... we don't want this! not with my son/daughter fighting for our freedom...no no no never THAT AINT RIGHT"

WITH THE MILITARY having it's hands tied because the lack of troops and more and more troops were being killed they need never man and woman they could get so the Don't Ask Don't Tell still stood. then it steeled again, more horrible news about terror attacks in other countries, sleeper cells, our own government spying on us, tough our cellphones and gps on our cars thinking we are terrorist, people started to know that prices for items and gas were going up for crazy amount of money, fundings at schools and donations for charities were lost or could't come up with enough. everything was going to hell as the war continued on

Mid 200's music, tv, movies changed things got serious and emo was everywhere, soon people started to get divorce because hard times have gotten harder, people enjoyed themselves with what little money they had left. my grandfather died and he was like my own father, i never had one despite my mother being married to him for over 20 years he lived in another country and never called or wrote me. He was the only male figure I had in my life, no matter that we lived in the same house we were so distant maybe it was our ages and way of thinking I was always been know to be pretty out there and never holding my tongue back when I should, and why should I?!

I moved to Ohio and finished my Senior year there, moved in with my boyfriend got pregnant and got married like the good old book tells ya too and shit hit the fan....anyways this isn't about me really

soon everyone started ask the government "WHERE IS THE MONEY SHOW US THE BUDGET." and they were like we got greedy and poof went the money, oh but you guys get a little check in the mail from us as a sorry but these off shore big business are getting huge sums of money!"

No bible clutchers stood up and said that aint right...a few hard core Americans tried to protest and change what was going on but they got shot don. Soon families were losing their homes because of the housing issues food and gas went up beyond the below middle class American could afford. Dark Days too many dark days... than out of the wood work a group of teen age girls giggled and rubbed their protruding bellies they made a pack about getting pregnant at the same time and having babies, one of the girls slept with a homeless man... soon it sparked like wild fire, yes for decades teens moms have been around but more so than ever! which than sparked the smutty stupid MTV show 16 and pregnant and teen mom NOW THAT AINT RIGHT

no where were you bible holding people? why not march to mtv to pull the plug on this? huh why not say "That anint right" is it because are you the same people who are watching this with your own kids laughing at the stupidity of the non sex educated children having children? laughing saying we got them good by forcing most schools not to teach sex ed....horrible just horrible this is what is not right, Jessey Shore and other reality tv popped up promoting random sex with everyone guy or girl drinking till you get kicked out of clubs, bitch fighting and what not where are they with their bibles? oh and more husband/wives in the news have been killing each other and their children yet no bible people coming to put an end to it? what about 16 year olds marry 55 year olds and sick shit like that is it okay because she is a young girl and he's an old man who is old enough to be her daddy!


but a man falls in love with another man if you believe that love really exist and not a chemical reaction... anyway they want to get married not some stupid civil union but bet married bells, rings, and all those happy fairy tale endings...you guys jump off your couch after 16 and pregnant is over and you march down screaming and raving...
"THAT AINT RIGHT MY GOD, THAT AINT RIGHT IT'S GONE TOO FAR!" yet you dear stand in the way of love...while children who do not know what love is are playing mommy and daddy the real game, but daddy takes off to have a new girlfriend because mommy got to fat and the new girlfriend got tits now. yes but if two mature same sex people want to get married and get divorce if they wanted it's a sin against god, hasn't all what you and those before you done and wave the book around a sin against GOD? GOING BACK HOME SAYING "LOVE LOVE GOD GOD YES FATHER YES LOVE THY NEIGHBOR NO MATTER WHAT." But damn it if he wants to marry a man do what he wants with HIS OWN LIFE its not hurting you physically or mentally just dont look... like the Simpson song in the episode where the billboards and stuff come to life and started to destory Springfield "Just dont look just dont look lalalalal" ah hell just youtube it...if you dont like you dont have to do it, doesn't mean you should go around shitting in someone's cereal just because you and closed minded people who dont want to move forward in society like Alphabet Cereal which is pretty much off the market now, and some likes Frosted mini wheats while the majority of the country doesn't give a flying fuck and are eating pizza see what i am saying?

Plus dont you think that the government played this out perfectly having everyone fight against each other when the nation is is trouble? we are in debt and hungry, our children are behind most countries in education we are getting to fat and to thin at the same time children are popping out children, grown men think now is the time to marry and screw children the pope don't give a damn about sexual molestation by the priest. Soon we are going to have one world bank/government the thrid world countries are like dead now and yet you worry your little heart over that two men can't make babies so they can not get married despite the fact that they could provide better than any teen mom, for an adopted child or out las any celebrity marriage (Brittany Spears 55 hours! of marriage) this is what you folks want to save oh and some Celebes's divorce d his wife over the phone, and got married 24 hours after the inked on the papers dried hell yes lets save this sinking ship! it's like raising the Titanic After 100 years just get over it, stop crying over spilled milk and move on i'm sure you guys will find something new to say 'THAT AINT RIGHT OVER...

other things people fret and tried to use Gods book over:
women having rights
women working
teachers getting married
preachers getting married
priest getting married (isn't that an oxymoron?)
PETA using the fact that god gave them the right to eat meat and people used sacrificial lamb for God to be happy back n' da day.

like i said before please think out side the little square pagged book look where it has gotten us? no where but back in time with wars deadly wars...haven't enough blood been split? people are using these holy books for "Love peace, and kindness" but to make others think and act as they do and to separate others. Why? BECAUSE DEEP DOWN INSIDE YOUR TINY LITTLE HEARTS YOU ARE ALL SCARED OF CHANGE, YOU DON'T WANT THINGS TO MOVE ALONG YOU LIKE THINGS TO STAY THE SAME, GUESS WHAT IT'S CALLED EVOLUTION....oh wait you guys don't believe in that either...it's called TIME...AND PROGRESS AND HUMAN NATURE...if you guys want true peace and love as in the bible than stop bickering on both sides! stop the fucking fighting who cares if you are gay and who cares if you read the bible it' doesn't affect the other 4billion people on this dirt ball. and BTW if you all think this gay marriage or gays in general are mistake think about this.....DOES GOD EVER MAKE A MISTAKE? or does man twist the word of god to make you think there are mistakes..."GOD MADE MAN IN HIS OWN IMAGE..." GOD MADE GAYS TOO however one could say that the devil makes them do it..."GOD MADE THE DEVILS WHO WERE THE FALLEN ANGELS GOD MADE HELL" you could say oooh thats were they are going for their sins but "GOD SENT HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON TO DIE FOR OUR SINS".... eh not much I remember dispite gowning up in a god loving home, went to church ever Sunday, believed it, confessed my sins on Saturday, did my first communion and holy confirmation thing...went to CCD like every good boy and girl but I thought and think for my self not what some one telling how to think and view the bible....whew that was a mouth full of incorrect spelling a grammar lots to take in and my fingers are numb from the typing...eh sorry again if it was too long...

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  • lolitalovely 2011/10/08 01:02:18
    Agree to Disagree
    I'm going to admit that I skimmed parts of that. (sorry, it sounded like a rant.) you make a valid argument for anti-religion,but there are 2 main reasons I believe you aren't right:
    1)to say that religions starts wars is like saying that guns kill people. It's an abstract instrument. yes, it is the reason we qaurrel, but the potential for worse without it is large enough for me to feel like we should leave it. (I think we do need to teach the door to doors that we'll come to them if we want a religion, but that's just pesky.)
    2)to take religion from someone would be unethical. Not to mention impossible. It's a crutch and way to stimulate certain neurons(probably) into feeling a sensed presence or something. It would also appear that religion is programmed into our brains. (read Micheal Shermer's 'Believing Brain' or just read about patternicity and agenticity. It's theoretical, but plausible.) plus it would be hypocritical because science creates it's own religious following in a way. who decides what is true?

    to answer the real question though, people hold on to the bible because they can't rationalize there problems and emotions. (theory, of course, but the one that makes the most sense.) They start wars because our mind filters through infinite puzzle pieces and end up wi...
    I'm going to admit that I skimmed parts of that. (sorry, it sounded like a rant.) you make a valid argument for anti-religion,but there are 2 main reasons I believe you aren't right:
    1)to say that religions starts wars is like saying that guns kill people. It's an abstract instrument. yes, it is the reason we qaurrel, but the potential for worse without it is large enough for me to feel like we should leave it. (I think we do need to teach the door to doors that we'll come to them if we want a religion, but that's just pesky.)
    2)to take religion from someone would be unethical. Not to mention impossible. It's a crutch and way to stimulate certain neurons(probably) into feeling a sensed presence or something. It would also appear that religion is programmed into our brains. (read Micheal Shermer's 'Believing Brain' or just read about patternicity and agenticity. It's theoretical, but plausible.) plus it would be hypocritical because science creates it's own religious following in a way. who decides what is true?

    to answer the real question though, people hold on to the bible because they can't rationalize there problems and emotions. (theory, of course, but the one that makes the most sense.) They start wars because our mind filters through infinite puzzle pieces and end up with a puzzle that tells them that this is the only possible solution to the world and they feel other should share in this revelation. (just as I'm doing, and Just as you're doing.)
    .....By the way, I'm sorry for the length. I couldn't shorten it too much because I felt there were some important facts that may inspire you to research why people believe things, not just the reasons there bad.
  • AL 2011/06/26 07:21:47
    never thought of it that way before
    I wonder why unblievers worry so much about what other people believe in or think? Be it the Holy Bible or anything else? After all we still do have real FREEDOM OF RELIGION in this country don't we?
  • AL AL 2011/06/26 07:24:11
    It only start are wars? Please explain?
  • Khori Lake AL 2011/06/26 07:51:58
    Khori Lake
    erm i mean to say that religion fanatics use the bible to start or justify wars, may it be with guns or amongst each other by hate crimes because of fear of change or something we don't like or agree upon...
  • AL Khori Lake 2011/06/26 08:07:30 (edited)
    LOL! So who are all these religious fanatics you're talking about here then? How about some names? Just when was the last time you saw any Christians start any wars at all in this country at that?
  • Khori Lake 2011/06/26 06:11:47
    I will hold my bible till I die you'll burn in hell for what you said.
    Khori Lake
    (I hate this stupid computer touch pad. Meant to hit agree to disagree.)

    Any way let me make a few points. Should Gays be able to marry? Sure, I mean seriously who the hell does it harm? We have people going to other countries to marry pillows and video games. Should Marijuana be legalized? Hell yes, because it might actually be healthier than cigarettes.

    Yes there are many wars fought about the bible. Most of which was two different aspects on god's teachings doing combat. But this is mainly because each side wants to convert or destroy the other side simply because of one or two different beliefs.

    The war in Iraq was nothing more than a man's question to finish what his daddy started. I know other people have ideas on this, but after thinking about it long and hard I do believe that G.W was just finishing his father's business.

    Now I could go into other things, but frankly I am tired and need sleep. So with this I say, "This crazy Kawaii Bunny chick should be institutionalized. She crazy and can't spell or type for beans. I think we need Bellevue on the speed dial for this one.
  • Teancum79 2011/06/26 05:43:51
    Agree to Disagree
    A few points I think I should make. 1 Marriage (socially approved confines of sexual behavior and providing for offspring) is one of the most vital institutions for any society.
    2. Marriage has always been a man and woman thing. Even societies that accept or even compel homosexual actions have not tried to call it a marriage.
    3. freedom of religion is a vital basic human right. "Gay marriage" opens the door to greatly harm if not utterly destroy freedom of religion in the US.
    Have homosexuals been mistreated yes. Should we have laws the ensure equal protect yes. Should the government step in and attempt to compel a massive change to the most vital social institution in all present and past societies and offer up religions freedom on the alter of political correctness no. If this course continues a 2nd civil war is not out of the question.
  • johnnie.prewett 2011/06/26 04:01:23
    OMG YOU ARE ON CRACK?, this should be Tyler Perry Presents: Typings of A Craz...
    Paying attention to Bible [which culminates in Jesus] is not causing wars.
    Ignoring/rejecting Jesus ["love one another"] IS causeing wars.
  • KawaiiB... johnnie... 2011/06/26 05:15:00
    thank u for taking the time to read it, where do you stand on the new gay rights law in NY?
  • johnnie... KawaiiB... 2011/06/26 09:10:58
    I'm apolitical. That is I am not concerned with laws made by men.

    "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law "

    [in Galatians]

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