Why do most young people vote for Democrat?

Jamesy818 [Raccoon VP] 2007/10/09 21:47:09
Young people don't pay taxes thus don't care about fiscal policy.
Young people are primarily interested in free education.
Young people simply don't understand the complex issues that the Republicans are trying to solve.
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  • Creeper 2009/09/19 04:18:00
    None of the above
    Being a republican doesnt make you smarter, more mature or better. My mother is 42 and she's been a democrat all her life.

    That's what democrats believe in, let them. Dont think you're smarter and you think straighter just because it's your opinion.
  • MS 2008/10/10 01:04:50 (edited)
    Young people don't pay taxes thus don't care about fiscal policy.
    They haven't worked hard enough or long enough or saved anything that is at risk and think anyone that has is "the rich" and should pay for everyone else. Spending everything they get now doesn't put them at risk of having government inflate it away from them.
  • Andrea 2008/05/29 16:00:36
    None of the above
    Young people mainly listen to there professors on what they have to say and turn their opioion into that information
  • Joshua Martin 2008/05/28 00:55:25
    None of the above
    Joshua Martin
    most young people vote for what ever cnn tells them to....they need to understand that cnn pushes mostly liberal view points and they need to widen their horizons and look to other news channels 4 some views too...im not saying that everything cnn says is wrong but their politics are so biased that you cant get another thing out of it but the liberal way of looking at it....
  • Nikola Judah 2008/05/21 01:00:55 (edited)
    None of the above
    Nikola Judah
    Most "young people" don't know and don't care, but the Democratic party seems to have the most leeway, although the Democratic party doesn't have much of a backbone or the gumption to make difficult decisions beyond making pay raises for themselves.

    Vamos Republicanas! Vamos! Knock 'em down!
  • Roxie 2008/04/07 01:26:28
    None of the above
    Young People still have Hope for a better world.
  • JefTex 2008/03/14 06:12:30
    None of the above
    Most vote on idealist opinions rather than reality....I don't mean that as a dis on the younger folks....My first presidential vote was for Jimmy Carter *gag*...
  • Ken "Don't tread on me!" 2008/03/14 05:13:37
    None of the above
    Ken "Don't tread on me!"
    If you had "all of the above" I would have checked it. Young people of today, those who turned 18 since the last election, are products of a school system that is more adept at "indoctrinating" than teaching. They have been constantly peppered with politically correct doctrine for at least twelve years, and they have little recollection of how our system of free enterprise is supposed to work. The Republican administration for the past six years, especially our arrogant senators and congressmen, have done little that would impress the youth of America. Added to that, the Democratic candidates are promising goodies such as subsidized college education, universal health care and universal pre-school. They don't stop to think of how much taxes will have to be raised to pay for these supposedly "free" benefits, and what effect that will have on our economy.
  • NamelessGenXer 2008/03/03 19:38:53 (edited)
    None of the above
    Young people understand that the GOP stands in the way of peace
    and freedom and must be relegated to the last century, where it
    belongs, along with:

    - the military-industrial mind set that foolishly believes that the War on Terror can be won with soldiers and tanks

    - good old boy ownership (read: big oil) of elected officials

    - racial and religious intolerance

    - coat-hanger abortions

    - the threat to democracy posed by the blind ignorance and circa 1950 mentality of the televangelical extremist right, which is so obviously wrong for America and the global community in 2008.

    Your first selection is quite incorrect. I consider myself to be young
    and, being in the mid-six-figure/year tax bracket, I sure do pay my
    share of taxes (in full and on time, unlike Republicans)
  • MS Nameles... 2008/10/10 01:07:34
    "I sure do pay my
    share of taxes (in full and on time, unlike Republicans)"

    You mean like ways and means chairman Charlie Rangel ?
  • Keith 2008/03/03 07:03:01
    None of the above
    Because George Bush has made it where people don't trust, and are tired of the Republicans
  • Timmaaaaaay 2008/01/12 08:29:36
    Young people don't pay taxes thus don't care about fiscal policy.
    Dems primarily campaign by offering free stuff that other tax-payers buy (in other words bribery). Republicans do this to, but to a smaller degree, so Dems get the most votes from people who don't think of the consequences of their "free" givaways. In my book both perties have become like the old roman patrons.
  • mary Timmaaa... 2008/01/13 03:20:27
    how can all these young dems believe they are going to get any of this free stuff. Our welfare system is set up to keep dems on welfare to keep them voting for the dems. There is no insentive to improve your life if the goverment is going to keep you. not well, i might add. The happiest people are the working people.Every one should be working if your not disabled for real. Why cant our political people say this? not politiacal correctness
  • TheyDidWhat? 2007/12/09 13:03:48
    None of the above
    the young are still influenced by the left leaning educational system. it takes a few years of real world experience for them to get their thnking straight. of course, there are those who never grow up - they call themselves democrats.
  • Ken "Do... TheyDid... 2008/03/14 05:16:52
    Ken "Don't tread on me!"
    Winston Churchill said it best: "If you are not a liberal when you are twenty, you have no heart; if you are not a conservative by the time you are forty, you have no brain." If any of you youngsters want to know who Winston Churchill was, feel free to ask!
  • c 2007/11/07 00:24:38 (edited)
    None of the above
    They think it's the party side, conservative is stodgey old men and boring chat to them. They lack the will to truly educate themselves on the issues. That's why most of them chose not to get health insurance even if it is offered through employment. I was liberal until I was around 16.
  • DELETED 2007/10/24 04:27:37
  • The Hammster 2007/10/14 22:47:55
    None of the above
    The Hammster
    Young people, in general, haven't yet honed their instincts for resentment and greed and exclusion. But some eventually do.
  • TheyDid... The Ham... 2007/12/09 13:04:20 (edited)
    silly, you are a case in point
  • highlatte 2007/10/12 22:59:49
    None of the above
    We simply are not as smart as we think we are and we truly believe life should be as easy as possible and do not consider the long term consequences (of course not every individual, generally) of decisions and events. Sadly, some people will never grow-up or will easily led by the nose at some point.
  • Assassin Felinious 2007/10/11 23:26:29
    None of the above
    Assassin Felinious
    Young people actually don't vote. So this poll is misleading. :P
  • ◘Nau©herš◘ Assassi... 2008/03/08 19:32:10
    lol true
  • tep 2007/10/11 01:57:08
    None of the above
    yeah....I'm not good with government, sooo.....i have no idea :) lol
  • TheyDid... tep 2007/12/09 13:05:42
    refreshingly honest - you should run for office
  • tep TheyDid... 2008/02/01 19:54:53
    haha.....does that mean I would get your vote? :D
  • THEE KWN 2007/10/10 18:15:30
    None of the above
    I think Dem is looked at as "non- establishment " which seems a bit odd since it is indeed establishment. Young people , however, are just becoming exposed to political issues and such through college outlet on a grassroots level students advocatcy groups ... More informatin is out there in their hands for Dem type issues.
  • Paul 2007/10/10 17:07:59
    Young people simply don't understand the complex issues that the Republicans ...
    Because Puff Daddy and Kanye said so.
  • Tell_it_like_it_is 2007/10/10 01:37:31
    None of the above
    The Brain is not fully developed until around 35 years old.
    For some liberals it 135. (Never fully develop)
  • highlatte Tell_it... 2007/10/12 23:01:02
  • DELETED Tell_it... 2007/10/24 04:28:30
  • Tommy Trend 2007/10/10 00:29:05
    None of the above
    Tommy Trend
    Because they watch too much MTV!!!
  • akgold 2007/10/09 22:48:10
    None of the above
    If your young and Republican you have no heart, if your old and Democrat you have no brain.
  • <--That guy 2007/10/09 21:49:45
    Young people are primarily interested in free education.
    <--That guy
    And they tend to agree with their stances on the issues pertaining to them.
  • Cacheman 2007/10/09 21:48:28
    Young people are primarily interested in free education.
    and probably because the are naturally democrats

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