Why do most rich people support the Democrat party?

tncdel 2011/10/06 00:24:20
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Bill Gates, Soros, Buffett, most of Hollywood movie industry, most of the music industry, most media moguls, etc., etc.

It seems the wealthy and super-wealthy are attracted to the Democrats. And the average wealth of Dems in Congress is over twice as much as that of GOP members of Congress.
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  • DOMINO 2011/10/06 01:18:43
    Tell us your theory.
    They have tons of Money...more than they could ever spend . Tthe Demoturds have painted themselves as the champions of the poor and downtrodden...givers of other peoples wealth . They can afford to hire an army of lawyers and accountants to PREVENT their wealth being re-distributed so there is no worry in supporting Demoturds . Celebrities USE their celebrity to get OTHERS to give to charity and like other rich people , feel some measure of guilt over their good fortune . You will notice that most of these morons now are pulling away form the Demonrats as their TRUE nature and LIES are in the fore .

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  • nick.dyson.37 2013/07/16 03:02:25
    Tell us your theory.
    Because they want to eliminate the middle class and create a country of a very few uber wealthy while everyone else is poor and dependent on the benevolence of these future "saviors"
  • Lawyerman 2012/10/13 03:14:46
    Tell us your theory.
    Because wealthy people don't necessarily buy the fallacy of trickle down economics. They appreciate the nuance of a complex economy. They recognize that spending cuts coupled with increased revenue solves our national deficit problem in a quicker manner. They understand that putting money in the pockets of the desolate, homeless, and unfortunate is good for the collective economy. They support the beloved notion of patriotism and collectivism over individualism.
  • sardonicist BN-0 2011/10/10 06:10:18
    Tell us your theory.
    sardonicist BN-0
    But I thought that liberals were liberal because they were lazy good for nothings that just wanted to collect Welfare!

    When the rich advocate for the poor, there is a reason.
    When the rich advocate for the rich, there is reason to be suspect of self serving biases.

    When the poor advocate for the rich, and for corporations, it is obvious that they are ruled by propaganda, not reason.
  • JIM FRASER sardoni... 2011/10/22 00:44:11
    Not so. Many poor and middle class people support the wealthy and corporations because they understand that as the economy gets better we are all better off. It's what John F. Kennedy meant when he said, "A rising tide lifts all boats".
    Unfortunately the democrats have effectively used a divide and conquer campaign strategy for many years. They have convinced a large number of people that the republicans are only in favor of the rich and that is why the poor are poor.
    Simple reasoning will tell you that the rich are a very small percentage of our population so courting them for political purpose is a waste of time and money.
    There are more wealthy democrats in congress than there are wealthy republicans. Democrats represent more of the wealthiest districts in our country. Democrats raise more money for campaigns and the average amount donated is greater.
    Don't buy into the rich versus poor divisive campaigning. The rich are not the enemy.and the Republicans do not represent the rich.
  • socokid 2011/10/07 23:41:11
    Tell us your theory.
    Three guys and Hollywood do stand out in the much larger field as rarities. Agreed.

    Theory: Not all wealthy people are avaricious tools? But, how many would suggest otherwise anyway?
  • Smokey 2011/10/06 20:16:29
    Tell us your theory.
    Don King who is African-American and rich is a REPUBLICAN. So is Puff Daddy. I don't think there is a theory behind it.

    don king
  • jon 2011/10/06 19:38:32
    Tell us your theory.
    I think it could and likely is a lot more sinister, most I would say hold to the idea of a one world govt and with the cover of the delusion of socialism they are likely to get it and they will form the oligarchy that will run it.
  • Hobbitt / Oldsquid 2011/10/06 18:47:57
    Tell us your theory.
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
    You cannot go by the Hollywood Elite a full 60% of them never graduated from high school....they do what they are told. Remember George Soros Funds 90% of the Hollywood projects....
  • SocratesIII 2011/10/06 16:39:51
    Tell us your theory.
    Two reasons. Guilt and they were brainwashed to be quilty and think in a liberal progressive fashion in order to pass their college courses that had liberal professors ranting and raving and shoving liberal progressivism down the throats of the students. berkley university
  • mike2650 Socrate... 2012/08/06 05:03:45
    The only thing being shoved down anyone's throat is a 24/7/365 diatribe of right-wing GOP-funded propaganda via unprecedented 90+ percent republican, monopolized-media-ownership which is driven to advance a specific political agenda in the name of its insatiable collective greed. Challenge me and I'll debate you into the floor. Guar-an-teeeed and take-it-to-the-bank. C'mon.....take me on.
  • Peg mike2650 2012/12/23 10:23:57
    ah...the truth is spoken!! mike2650...will you marry me :)))))
  • Rebel Yell 2011/10/06 15:24:29
    Tell us your theory.
    Rebel Yell
    It comes down to the economic health of the country. The wealthy rely on consumers to keep their businesses and corps flowing nicely.

    From 1989 through 1992, when the elder Bush held the presidency, the number of Americans in poverty increased by 6.5 million, according to Census Bureau figures. That was the largest increase in poverty under any president in the last 40 years.

    The next census figures showed that the ranks of the poor increased by an additional 1.3 million during George W. Bush's first year in office. So, in five years combined under the Bushes, the number of Americans in poverty increased by 7.8 million.

    By contrast, during Clinton's eight years, the number of Americans in poverty declined by 7.7 million. Clearly, economic indicators headed south under both Bushes, grim news for everyone including the wealthy. Also, consider that the stock market has historically fared better when a Democrat is in the White House. During the 20th century, the Dow rose, on average, 7.3 percent per year under Republican presidents. Under Democrats, it rose 10.3 percent -- which means investors gained a whopping 41 percent more.
  • A Founding Father 2011/10/06 07:49:47
    Tell us your theory.
    A Founding Father
    Of course your premise is nonsense. But, of those who do support the policies of the Democratic Party, it is likely owing to the fact that these successful people from many
    walks of life have good educations, can think for themselves and not follow some media
    pundit like a sheep to the pen, and tend to have purposes to their time here on this planet
    beyond their narcissistic and selfish interests.
  • Lily Blooms Eternal 2011/10/06 07:24:40
    Tell us your theory.
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    Because this is the time when they want to make up for being nerds in high school by trying pathetically to get popular?
  • AL 2011/10/06 07:06:34 (edited)
    Tell us your theory.
    The majority of the wealthyiest people in Congress just happen to be Democrates anyway! Yet their wealthy friends are buying more power and personal favors from the Democratic parety is all! G.E. is a prime example of that fact, with their zero tax bill last year
  • lurx: the soda jerk 2011/10/06 06:57:48
    Tell us your theory.
    lurx: the soda jerk
    Because they hate the class warfare that conservatives are constantly waging.
  • JHalden87 2011/10/06 05:17:52 (edited)
    Tell us your theory.
    You say rich people, I say the more 'educated' people.

    More Democrat voters hold degree's and higher education qualifications than any Conservative voter on average.

    Hard to say the Democrat's are 'stupid' when you have geniuses like Bill Gates supporting them, who is also a humanitarian.

    Contrast that to the Tea Party's biggest backer the Koch Family who run the largest privately owned company in the US and donate approximately $1 million dollars a year to charitable causes, and you can see the difference in ideologies right there.
  • Disko Pickle 2011/10/06 04:37:28
    Tell us your theory.
    Disko Pickle
    They're jealous of wealthy people.
  • wtw 2011/10/06 03:43:55
    Tell us your theory.
    Many wealthy do not but the ones that do feel guilty for having that much money and making it so easily. They are embarrassed and yet feel entitled so that increases the guilt but also prods them forward. They are conflicted but would never trade what they have and that also makes them feel guilty.
  • TheMadChameleon 2011/10/06 03:31:56
    Tell us your theory.
    Education level. The wealthy are generally--not always--more educated than the poor. There are educated and uneducated supporters of both parties, but wealthy, educated people who have a moral code that reminds them that other human beings are not so fortunate, support the Democrats because they know that in the end, society would benefit if we can crack down on poverty and the like. Now obviously, Democrats are not doing as great a job as they would like us to think, but neither are Republicans, and at least the Democrats TRY with their programs and the like. In addition, the Democrats stances on social issues tend to appeal more to the more educated. Now, granted, I'm biased. I'm neither Democrat nor Republican, but I am pretty far left, so my theory should be read with that in mind, and if you disagree with me or have a different theory that you think is better, so long as you're polite about it, I'm all ears.

    ....Crap, this sounds a lot more offensive than it's meant to. Apologies......
  • Epistemically Justified -- BN7 2011/10/06 03:27:15 (edited)
    Tell us your theory.
    Epistemically Justified -- BN7
    I'll agree that Hollywood is largely liberal -- probably because they cater to younger generations and need to keep their views in line with those who are paying for their music/movies/shows. (Really, what would Lady Gaga or Katy Perry do if they came out in support of a far right candidate and suddenly weren't supported by the young gay community?)

    I do not believe that "most rich people" support the Democratic Party. I feel that most people in the upper levels of corporate management support the GOP, for better or worse.
  • no1badboy56 2011/10/06 03:15:39
    Tell us your theory.
    Well, except for Hank Jr!!!
  • jackolantyrn356 2011/10/06 02:59:04
    Tell us your theory.
    Money is good for them , but any more and it's too much. I a=won't have enough for me. Yjey are misers and fear loss.
  • rand 2011/10/06 02:49:14
    Tell us your theory.
    Show me your statistics.
  • wolf sloan 2011/10/06 02:43:21
    Tell us your theory.
    wolf sloan
  • rusty 2011/10/06 02:41:51
    Tell us your theory.
    Just the ones getting "green" Obama tax breaks like GE and Buffett.
  • Mr. Smith 2011/10/06 02:32:18
    Tell us your theory.
    Mr. Smith
    Because they partner with the government in order to drive out competition, it's called Corporatism. They've made it more and more difficult for the little guy to compete, the barrier to enter the market is much higher now, high corporate taxes, more unnecessary regulations and bureaucratic red tape. As John D. Rockefeller said, "Competition is a sin."
  • HOMBRE 2011/10/06 02:23:42
    Tell us your theory.
    Im still waiting for Obama to go after Hollyweird the new evil people not paying their fare share and they should all be happy to pay a lot more just like Wesley Snipes. Wait a minute isn't he in jail for failing to pay taxes
  • Tasine 2011/10/06 02:15:23
    Tell us your theory.
    I think they give to the democrat party in order to get favorable treatment, and they do in fact receive favorable treatment. They are in fact democrats and understand the greedy little fists held out for the bribe. Republicans are very, very different from dems in this respect. It's called integrity.
  • DOMINO Tasine 2011/10/06 02:22:00
    Exactly !!!!
  • mike2650 DOMINO 2012/08/06 05:07:16
    Utterly not exactly!!!
  • mike2650 Tasine 2012/08/06 05:06:03 (edited)
    To be accurate, substitute the word "democrat" with "republican" in your post and you'll be onto something real....
  • andrewj... mike2650 2012/12/05 19:07:30
    I think you could swap democrat and republican back and forth through any of these comments. The problem is that so much of the liberal entitlement funds disappear. Taxpayer dollars are wasted at an insane rate. Plus only 49 percent of the country even pays taxes anymore.
  • DOMINO 2011/10/06 01:18:43
    Tell us your theory.
    They have tons of Money...more than they could ever spend . Tthe Demoturds have painted themselves as the champions of the poor and downtrodden...givers of other peoples wealth . They can afford to hire an army of lawyers and accountants to PREVENT their wealth being re-distributed so there is no worry in supporting Demoturds . Celebrities USE their celebrity to get OTHERS to give to charity and like other rich people , feel some measure of guilt over their good fortune . You will notice that most of these morons now are pulling away form the Demonrats as their TRUE nature and LIES are in the fore .
  • mike2650 DOMINO 2012/08/06 04:44:44
    This is one of the stupidest, most retarded and ill-conceived 'theories' I've ever seen.
    I think the moron is in your mirror.
  • say what? 2011/10/06 01:15:58
    Tell us your theory.
    say what?
    They think the average working people are too stupid to govern themselves.
  • Tasine say what? 2012/08/06 12:28:07
    All Progressives are proponents of CONTROL OF OTHERS. They seem to have no concept of the difference between "compassion" and "control".
  • JoeM~PWCM~JLA 2011/10/06 01:04:16
    Tell us your theory.
    Easy money ... sort of like entitlement.. breeds the same.
    It may be guilt. Many of these guys never made anything, least ways nothing worth the money they make. Gates stole the reverse engineered DOS system for 57k then sold IBM on using it for the original PC. Then sold them on the idea of GUI, got them to put up the money, when it was almost workable he got them to drop the whole thing, leaving him with ownership of the vehicle that took his finances into the stratosphere.

    The point is that the guys on the list of "The Nations Wealthiest" that actually work in industry, Manufacturing, mining, oil, high tech hardware etc are all on the right side of the track. the ones that got there through theft and manipulation or Luck of the gene pool have less respect for their money and you find them on the left side of the tracks.

    As an analogy let me put it this way. If I worked 14 hours a day 6 days a week for a year and made $300,000 I would not want to share a cent of it with anyone outside my kids. If I won $300,000 in the lotto I would most likely give much of it away.
  • Tasine JoeM~PW... 2012/08/06 12:34:41
    I think you are right in your assessment to a degree. I also think it is about control. Everyone on the left is about CONTROL OF OTHERS. They have an abnormal NEED to order other people about.
  • Latti Ice Ganga Gangsta of ... 2011/10/06 00:53:38
    Tell us your theory.
    Latti Ice Ganga Gangsta of PHAET
    .....because Democrats help them screw people over.

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