Why do conservatives lately seem to feel threatened by elected powerful women and minorites?

kevracer 2010/11/17 19:42:48
The RW has vilifed Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Before that they vilified Madeline Albright, Colin Powell, Geraldine Ferraro, etc. etc.

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  • Liza Jane 2010/11/17 21:15:26
    Liza Jane
    They can't help themselves.
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2010/11/17 20:29:53
    Because they are a Male, White Power supporters. They don't want women and Blacks to have ANY power over them.
  • jimih67 2010/11/17 20:22:41
    Sarah Palin, anyone? All these people you mentioned are liberals (or in Powell's case a RINO). Gender or race has nothing to do with it. Don't forget it was George W. Bush who appointed Powell and Condeleeza Rice (both a woman AND a minority). There you guys go again, inventing things to hold against conservatives that simply don't exist. Our REPUBLICAN governor-elect chose a BLACK WOMAN as his running mate, and guess what? I voted for them. Our newest State Senator is hispanic. How about the lady you people vilified as a witch? WOMAN. Oh, and again, Sarah Palin. So if you are going to throw stones, get out of the glass house.
  • kevracer jimih67 2010/11/17 20:27:18
    I love the way the Right brands GOP members they don't like as RINO

    Lemme guess- you view Sarah Palin as Ronald Reagan with breasts and heels, right?

    thanks for giving a chuckle today with your answer.

    "There you guys go again" Really?? That is only 30 years old.
  • kevracer jimih67 2010/11/17 21:47:13
  • jimih67 kevracer 2010/11/18 13:58:49
    Yeah, I suppose when you don't have a substantive response, you need to post lameass gibberish. Nice try... well, not really.
  • Melizmatic 2010/11/17 20:06:54
    Good question.
  • wombat 2010/11/17 20:06:28
    In the big picture they just try to make everything look bad w/o showing any afford to solve any of the problems rooted within the last administration. Its a primitive campaign for primitive voters.
  • Soojin 2010/11/17 19:59:42
    I don't think they particularly intend to pick on minorities. There are just more minorities in the Democratic party.
  • kevracer Soojin 2010/11/17 20:08:10
  • Soojin kevracer 2010/11/17 20:12:22
    I was thinking of that thread, too. They weren't attacking Democrat leaders, but rather making sexist generalizations about liberal women. Which is certainly not any better.

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