Why do conservatives fear Barack Obama?

Bip! 2009/12/24 20:32:36
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  • Fef 2009/12/24 22:15:32
    Because President Obama has lots of "big government" ideas that he promises will fundamentally transform America.

    I like the America I grew up in and the America I learned about before my birth. Why does he hate America that much that he wants to Change it so much?

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  • GOD 2009/12/25 21:51:39
    Because he has something they all fear a brain

    fear brain
  • Faith,♥... GOD 2009/12/26 03:27:10
    Faith,♥ Maranatha!
    We traded that for this!
  • David P GOD 2009/12/26 05:12:45 (edited)
    David P
    Still stuck in the past eh? if i recall bush has a masters in business although he spent money like wild, Barry whips through it quicker both are bad. You just can't admit your guy is worse than Bush. As a self employed electrician I can tell you this guy inspires no confidence. More idiocy than ever. His spending is causing all this inflation. I think barak is what a lawyer and a community organizer thats a horrible combination. No wonder he sucks. spending causing inflation barak lawyer community organizer horrible combination sucks
  • devontae jones 2009/12/25 21:23:53
    devontae jones
    Because he is a liar, corrupt, hates America and is a SH_Thead.
  • Mr. Furious 2009/12/25 21:15:01 (edited)
    Mr. Furious
    Fear him? HAAA! I think not. He would be wise to fear us patriots. fear haaa wise fear patriots
    His scorched earth campaign will be coming to a rapid halt next fall, and then us patriots will set about repairing the damage he and his communist cronies have wrought. Fear??? Who's the one trying to take away law abiding Americans' firearms in violation of the Second Amendment?
  • govout 2009/12/25 21:09:49
    Eeeewwww, Bip is out for a fight, and at Christmas time too.
  • Mark5610 2009/12/25 20:52:28
    Because he's a SOS.
  • VICTORIA Mark5610 2009/12/25 22:46:08
    He's a distress symbol in Morse code?
  • big 2009/12/25 20:25:10
    Anti Christ
  • Moderated 2009/12/25 19:47:01
    Because he's a lying sack of crap and Mao is his hero. And Mao is responsible for way more deaths than Hitler....but we never hear about that.
  • devonta... Moderated 2009/12/25 21:25:43
    devontae jones
    Did you see the Obama's had Mao ornaments on the Whitehouse Christmas Tree.

    obamas mao ornaments whitehouse christmas tree
  • Faith,♥... devonta... 2009/12/26 03:30:25
    Faith,♥ Maranatha!
  • Faith,♥... Moderated 2009/12/26 03:29:53
    Faith,♥ Maranatha!
    He has an ornament with Moa on it on his Christmas tree!
  • SonofSp... Faith,♥... 2009/12/26 04:12:16
    He has an ornament with an extinct ratite from New Zealand on it?
  • Faith,♥... SonofSp... 2009/12/26 04:13:54
    Faith,♥ Maranatha!
    What the heck is that?
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2009/12/25 19:15:25
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    I am not a conservative so cannot really speak for them. I do have many friends who are conservatives and they do not fear him at all. They do strongly disagree with the direction he is taking our country and his policies. I am a registered independent and I think he is a disaster so far -
  • Legion™ Jackie ... 2009/12/25 21:00:19
    No, they hate him and are scared senseless. See the posts above.
  • govout Legion™ 2009/12/25 21:12:31
    Fear? What exactly/specifically do you think it is they fear?
  • Legion™ govout 2009/12/25 21:26:41
    It's two categories of things, actually.

    Actual Things:

    "Change", whatever that means. Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Establishmentarians... Do you see the dots that I am joining here? "Change" does not dovetail with these believes, no matter what that change is. Leave well enough alone or go back to the old ways is the mentality.

    The idea that a black person has power and has some sort of agenda against the country - twisted revenge fantasies on behalf of people whom they cannot fathom and therefore attribute with some sort of innate hostility toward this country and the way of life here. See Glen Beck.

    Manufactured Things:

    Death Panels
    FEMA Death Camps
    Hitler, Stalin and Mao reincarnated
    Brown Shirts
    The New World Order
    George Soros
    Genocide of US Citizens under the direction of the president
    Forced labor camps
    Mandatory abortions

    ...the list of manufactured things goes on kind of endlessly, actually.

    Check Fox News for more.

  • govout Legion™ 2009/12/25 21:58:07
    The Constitution is as living document. Most living things I know evolve and change. There is proof in your post that you are merely a liberal puppet, spewing their talking points, and that you have never watched Beck.

    The race card simply proves that you are the racist.
  • Legion™ govout 2009/12/26 07:08:31
    "The Constitution is as living document. Most living things I know evolve and change."

    Talk to your friends here, your viewpoint in at odds with many of those on the right. I agree with this statement.

    "There is proof in your post that you are merely a liberal puppet, spewing their talking points, and that you have never watched Beck."

    Ignorant personal attack ignored. I've seen plenty of Beck. Try harder.

    "The race card simply proves that you are the racist."

    The phrase "the race card" is EXCLUSIVELY used by racists, thanks for letting me in on the fact that you are one. Have you been to stormfront.org to talk to the republicans there yet? You'd likely feel RIGHT at home.
  • Freespe... Legion™ 2009/12/25 23:27:55 (edited)
    "Change?" Bush ran on change so that's just crazy. It might be the type of change..like he's changing the world's strongest economy to third world status.
    And nobody ever said black people wanted to destroy America.....Just the far left which includes Obama.
  • Legion™ Freespe... 2009/12/26 07:09:10
    "And nobody ever said black people wanted to destroy America.....Just the far left which includes Obama. "

    How old are you? You're missing the point here.
  • r-w-wako Freespe... 2009/12/30 01:23:22
    legion(TM) hates me because legion(TM) is a bong water drinking minimum wage duped left wing hack.
  • GOD Legion™ 2009/12/25 21:45:21
    you are not kidding they are scared shitless of him now they know how us level headed people were scared of the Dick (Cheney) and his NAZI war loving buddies
  • Freespe... GOD 2009/12/25 23:31:07 (edited)
    NAZI? Now that sounds racist as well but is definitely hateful. Hitler was a socialist by the way not anything like Dick Cheney. Hitler had much more in common with Obama. Hitler was socialist (so is Obama), Hitler was all about increasing the size of government (Obama), Hitler believed in Nationalized Healthcare, Higher taxes. I could go on and on but none of these traits are anywhere similar to Dick Cheney unless it's just because he was white.
    Hitler was for CHANGE. Big Change.
    Hitler was for socialized healthcare
    Hitler used class warfare accusing Jews of holding all of the money. Much like how whites are called Nazis (by you and other Obama supporters) for being white and how Obama blames wealthy people for all the worlds ills. When Jews tried to congregate much like the Tea Party they were accused of conspiring against Germans...much like Obama would have you believe wanting less taxes equates to the slavery of blacks.
    Only in Obama's and Hitler's deranged minds.
  • GOD Freespe... 2009/12/26 02:25:18
    thanks for proving my point
  • Freespe... GOD 2009/12/26 02:34:35 (edited)
    If you think what I said proves anything I suggest you take a few science courses. Which point do you believe I "proved"?
  • GOD Freespe... 2009/12/26 02:37:35
    even if I took 7th grade science over again I would still be 3 times smarter than any Neo-Kook like yourself
  • Freespe... GOD 2009/12/26 03:35:01 (edited)
    Sure.....your logic is undeniable. The way you use reason to prove your points...you're absolutely brilliant. And the way you make morons like me prove your points for you is mind-boggling. Thanks for only resorting to name calling b/c you would destroy any arguments with that incredible intelligence.
    I don't fear Obama but your reasoning does scare the hell out of me. The key to being a smart @$$ is being smart in the first place..otherwise you end up just being a dumb @$$, but thanks for the laugh.
  • medwreck Freespe... 2009/12/26 05:14:25
    No bid contracts are socialism too, and Cheney's co. received them in Iraq and New Orleans. Bush/Cheney created DHS and the 200k employees working for them. Who has built govt more?
  • Legion™ Freespe... 2009/12/26 07:10:26
    Hitler hated Socialists.

    And the Neo-Nazis are republicans. Go to stormfront.org and ask them for yourself.
  • Arizona1950 2009/12/25 19:14:52 (edited)
    It has nothing to do with race but still what many of his followers would like to believe and so they don't have to wake up and see what he is really all about. I do not fear Barack Obama inasmuch I fear any liar.

    It has nothing to do with race. Now here are men who are real presidential material ..

  • san 2009/12/25 19:12:03
    Conseratives don't fear him, they just don't like him and instead of saying this they are lying amd trying to make the public scared of what he will so-called do.
  • govout san 2009/12/25 21:14:16
    see the post above on obamas lies. What specifically are "they" lying about?
  • RightMind 2009/12/25 19:05:30 (edited)

    Fear Obabbles??? Please, ask a real question! I fear the braindead cattle who voted for a joke and not a President! I fear the thousands who died years before the election who voted for "Obabbles the Clueless"! I fear the so called conservatives who have forgotten the warnings and example of a "Real President"! Boy you're a clever one huh? NOT!
  • RightMind RightMind 2009/12/25 19:11:39
    Oh and lets not forget the "Genius VP" that The Bamster, rhymes with, picked! OOOO yeah its really scary!

    Please, you are Pathetic! Why dont you "THINK", before asking such a goofy braindead question!
  • emmamess ~ In My Conscience... 2009/12/25 19:03:11
    emmamess ~ In My Conscience I Trust ~`
    I don't fear him - I fear his policies and ideologies and his ability to appeal to some people's sence of hope. Those who have very valid reasons to expect change and to have their grievences addressed by the government have put their trust in him - but he has used the hopes of American's who have had less oppurtunities than others to tread on the liberties of all rather than to find solutions that did not alienate the liberty of successful and hard working Americans.
  • rockindog 2009/12/25 18:33:38
    he' defeated them , he's the leader they feared .
  • Marlow ~ Let There Be Light 2009/12/25 18:30:27
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    Because he has the power of the presidency and it's obvious he's not up to the job. His lack of experience (two years as senator, pfft) shows. Plus the man is a socialist and he's got the power to really affect the US economy.

    obvious job experience years senator pfft socialist power affect economy

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