Why Do Conservatives Defend Liberal Juan Williams after NPR?

Fef 2010/10/24 01:50:45
Conservatives Believe in Free Speech
Conservatives Don't Like NPR
Juan Williams Isn't Liberal
Let's Blame George W. Bush
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Conservatives have come out in droves to defend Liberal commentator and journalist, Juan Williams after NPR fired him. NPR fired Juan Williams after he honestly explained his fear of flying with people “in Muslim garb” who are “identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims.”
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  • technotrucker 2010/10/24 02:22:29
    Conservatives Believe in Free Speech
    I will tell you why. Conservatives are tired of all the politically correct crap in this country!
    You are censored for calling a homosexual a fag, when they use the term freely. You are told that being against illegals aliens is racism, BS! You are told if you are against govt. corruption then you are a domestic terrorist, big time BS! If you are against the murder of unborn children then you are a Right Wing Nut Job, while the progressives are against the death penalty for murderers and rapists! Hyphenating your national origin with American? More BS! You are either one or the other. This country is a melding pot. That means when you become a citizen you are an American. You leave your origin out, not your pride in who you are or where you came from. But America comes first, not as an after thought!
    It is high time that all politically correct govt. censorship is tossed out the window and put God and the Constitution back in their rightful place. Don't like it, don't care.

    Seek the truth, or remain a victim.

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  • Israelite VoiceOf... 2010/10/24 16:53:37
    he wasn't fired by conservatives now was he ? i seldom agree with jaun but i respect him and his right to his point of view .
  • PHS VoiceOf... 2010/10/24 16:54:21
    [Conservatives believe only in free speech that they agree with.]

    Even though this topic proves you wrong, maybe you could enlighten us as to how you arrived at this conclusion.
  • BUCKY-- SKYNYRD 2010/10/24 14:24:47
    Conservatives Believe in Free Speech
  • RightMind 2010/10/24 14:13:13
    Conservatives Believe in Free Speech
    Its called Principle! NPR- Non-Principled Really! The NPR loving left are children, they talk "free speech" and objectivity but they havent the first clue what they are! I think Juan is the winner here by a country mile! That goofy chick who fired him over the phone looks and sounds like a basket case! He will make more money and be truly encouraged to express his own views, and God knows work around better looking women! Besides, have you ever talked politics with one of the brainless dolts who listen to that tripe? The term "drooling speed bump" fits well!

    NPR- Needs Prozac Refill.
    No Personality Required
    No Pulse Radio
    Needing Psychiatric Review
    No Prom Ruff ruff
    Never Popular Recluse
    Needy Pathetic Radio
    Nose Picking Required
    Needs Personality Refund
    No Political Reality

    Thank you thank you, I'm here all week, please tip your waiters and waitresses folks!
  • Marc 2010/10/24 14:09:15
    Conservatives Don't Like NPR
    It's one of the few trustworthy stations out there. A funny thing actually happened to me yesterday. I was waiting in a line for a car wash, and this guy ahead of me in a massive bright yellow Hummer had his window rolled down... This is the first line I heard from his blaring loud radio.
    "Well, it looks like we survived another day under Communist America, and according to polls it looks like the Muslim traitor is going to be kicked back home to Kenya!"
    Seriously, how could anyone listen to shi*t like that?
  • DanaR Marc 2010/10/24 15:18:27 (edited)
  • prettyp... Marc 2010/10/24 16:18:35
    Probably someone who sees Obama crippling the country so his Muslim pig brothers can assume control. No more Mosques. No more progressive traitors. No more political correctness. No more social justice. No more affirmative action. No more tax dollars being used to fund Islamo-progressive activist organizations, No more Obama; and, NO MORE NPR.
  • Marc prettyp... 2010/10/24 17:39:43
    No more mosques? What happend to the first amendment?
  • prettyp... Marc 2010/10/25 02:58:02 (edited)
    911 and the subsequent, willful push for the Itemization of America. If a group is not able or willing to melt into the pot and become Americans FIRST, then they ought not benefit from America's freedoms; especially, when such groups use their houses of worship as terror outposts and victory monuments.
  • Marc prettyp... 2010/10/25 05:08:06
    1. an american man who drove a car into the World trade center back in the 90's for the first time.

    2. an americam man who drove into the pentagon for the first time.

    3. an american man who first drove into the capital building in D.C.

    4. luke helder- an american pipe bomber.

    5. KKK- The most violent and notorious domestic terrorist group of the 1980s.

    6. Dwight Ware Watson- an american tobacco farmer from Whitakers, North Carolina, who brought much of Washington, DC to a standstill for two days when he drove a tractor into a pond on the National Mall and claimed to have explosives.
  • shenendoah Marc 2010/10/24 16:26:04
    Evidently you did.
  • Israelite Marc 2010/10/24 16:58:25
    bla bla bla liberals like making up un provable situations .kinda like yours and if it is true did u happen to get the radio station i d it sounds like one i would like .
  • Marc Israelite 2010/10/24 17:41:05 (edited)
    And that's why you're a conservative, my good friend.
  • Israelite Marc 2010/10/24 17:44:54
    ahhhh thank goodness , i am not one of those suffering from a mental disorder .
  • Kshark Marc 2010/10/24 17:21:23
    Obviously it is NOT trustworthy and I don't trust a station that admits it is biased towards one side of the other, while still trying to deny it.

    NPR, pretty much like all news stations or channels is a complete joke. The problem is when people solely and completely listen to that joke and take it as the gospel truth. And given your comment right now, scary enough you do believe the joke station. If you love living this way I am sure Venezuela would welcome you,
  • Vicki Marc 2010/11/06 04:25:29
    Very ignorant and hatemongered simpletons listen to this bilge. Some are very obviously so troubled that a black man is the President and is so much smarter and so much more qualified than they are. So they wallow in hate and wallow in venom against the only ones who will help this country. Stupidity is anyone thinking we would have a Democrat as president who is not qualified. Republican will and have. Democrats never will.
  • Ric O'Shea® 2010/10/24 13:52:48
  • Marc Ric O'S... 2010/10/24 17:41:30
    Nicely said :)
  • Marie 2010/10/24 13:48:47
    Conservatives Believe in Free Speech
    juan expressed his feelings. since when are feelings wrong?
  • Ric O'S... Marie 2010/10/24 13:53:55
  • DanaR Marie 2010/10/24 15:20:14
  • Kshark Marie 2010/10/24 17:22:26
    When they are not politically correct with the left.
  • Promises 2010/10/24 13:47:11
    Let's Blame George W. Bush
    NPR is a Radical Leftist Propaganda tool.... they used double standards to zero in on Williams.
  • PHS Promises 2010/10/24 16:56:47
    ...and 1.8 million dollars.
  • Mikki_14 2010/10/24 13:07:27
    Conservatives Believe in Free Speech
    I don't believe anyone has said they agree with most of his opinions but we do believe in his right to state them.
    The 4 votes for Juan Williams isn't Liberal is funny. Those people have obviously never listened to him.
  • DanaR Mikki_14 2010/10/24 15:21:29
  • chickn DanaR 2010/10/24 15:42:35
    that's the problem, because Juan goes on fox, he is not liberal enough for them!
  • DanaR chickn 2010/10/24 16:36:52
  • Blasphameer 2010/10/24 12:37:06
    Conservatives Don't Like NPR
    Why do people keep saying Free Speech? NO ONE WAS SAYING HE DIDN'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY WHAT HE DID. It's NPR's RIGHT to decide that they didn't like what he said, and thus decided he no longer represented them as an organization. It's YOUR right to believe in what Juan Williams said, and to continue watching him as a Fox News contributor.
  • NidStyles Blaspha... 2010/10/24 13:56:02
    Corporate censorship is still censorship.
  • DanaR Blaspha... 2010/10/24 15:23:57
  • prettyp... Blaspha... 2010/10/24 16:22:35
    I'm sorry but NPR gets my tax dollars because they are suppose to be non-partisan, PUBLIC broadcasting. Is this difficult for you to wrap your head around?
  • Blaspha... prettyp... 2010/10/24 19:01:30
    I agree. That's exactly why I think Juan Williams should have been fired. They can't be non-partisan when they have reporters trampsing around protests, and becoming in the same talking-head league as O'Reilly and Olbermann.
  • prettyp... Blaspha... 2010/10/25 02:59:47
    Yea, .. no. NPR should be shut down and it's CEO executed.
  • Israelite Blaspha... 2010/10/24 17:03:00
    jaun will do well AT FOX, and n p r will sink lower .this is proof the left does not like or tolerate opposing views
  • captkirk999 2010/10/24 12:29:44
    Juan Williams Isn't Liberal
    Juan is not a liberal. He is no better than ALan Keyes
  • PHS captkir... 2010/10/24 16:59:00
    Alan Keyes is not a liberal and does not profess to be one.
  • captkir... PHS 2010/10/24 17:00:04
  • Israelite captkir... 2010/10/24 17:03:48
    yea jaun is a conservative
  • PHS 2010/10/24 12:12:46
    Conservatives Believe in Free Speech
    Yes, we do believe in free speech, but in this case it really isn't about free speech since NPR didn't fire Juan because of that. They said they fired him because he violated his contract even though he had been offering his opinion on very controversial subjects at FOX for years. They fired him because he stated his opinion and his opinion was contrary to their's. Being tax supported they are not supposed to have a single opinion, but voice all opinions. That is their mission or supposed to be anyway. Unfortunately for Juan and the American people this not the case. They have become the voice of the progressive left and support the views of individual contributors such as George Soros who just gave NPR 1.8 million dollars. Coincidence? I think not.

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