Why Did George W. Bush Snub Margaret Thatcher's Funeral?

illinoyed 2013/04/27 16:43:55
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Why didn't W. attend Thatcher's funeral?

W. was directly invited, he's in excellent health, has nothing better to do than paint 2-3 days a week, and represents the party of Reagan.

Was painting dogs more important than honoring the great British lady of American conservatism?

Why didn't W. attend Thatcher's funeral when invited?

Does anyone know?
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  • joseph digristina 2013/04/29 00:33:21
  • illinoyed joseph ... 2013/04/29 18:15:54
  • Just me ♥ 2013/04/28 13:21:50
    Comment, please . . .
    Just me ♥
    Probably due to the birth of or the impending birth of his first grandchild. NOTHING would have taken me that far away when my first grandchild was due.
  • illinoyed Just me ♥ 2013/04/28 18:24:05
    Others are saying it's because of the opening of the Bush library/museum. Given that Thatcher died BEFORE either of these events, I doubt it.
  • Just me ♥ illinoyed 2013/04/28 23:20:09
    Just me ♥
    If she died PRIOR to his grandbabie's birth, then that makes perfect sense. Like I said, PRIOR to the birth of my first grandbaby, nothing would have taken me 25 miles out of town let alone out of the country.
  • illinoyed Just me ♥ 2013/04/29 00:24:21
    The baby was born three days BEFORE the funeral. Bush could have gone.
  • Just me ♥ illinoyed 2013/04/29 23:40:23
    Just me ♥
    I wouldn't have with my brand new FIRST grandchild just born. I would have wanted to been there when the baby came home from the hospital and for the first month of it's life.
  • deidara.trueart 2013/04/28 07:15:40
  • Sal Monella ~PWCM~JL 2013/04/28 06:43:03
    Comment, please . . .
    Sal Monella ~PWCM~JL
    Why didn't Jimmy Carter or Wm Clinton attend?
  • illinoyed Sal Mon... 2013/04/28 07:00:58
    I'd say probably for the same reason W. Bush didn't, except they don't paint.

    Carter and Clinton weren't conservatives like Thatcher.
  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/28 15:41:23
  • illinoyed deidara... 2013/04/28 18:21:16 (edited)
    Bush sent Cheney to Thatcher's funeral?

    I don't think Bush has the authority to send Cheney anywhere anymore.
  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/28 18:48:01
  • illinoyed deidara... 2013/04/28 19:05:05
    Cheney attended in a personal capacity, not as an official US representative. He was personally invited, like Bush was. Apparently over 2,500 people from around the world were invited.

    If Thatcher was such a big deal to U.S. conservatives, you would think Bush would have gone also.
  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/28 19:21:08
  • illinoyed deidara... 2013/04/28 19:43:35
    Jenna gave birth 3 DAYS BEFORE THE FUNERAL. Can't use that as an excuse.

    Biden was in Washington. The White House followed protocol, apparently the VP being in attendance isn't part of it.
  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/28 20:07:51
  • illinoyed deidara... 2013/04/28 20:13:00
    I have answered that in two posts so far.

    Doing a third post won't help.
  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/28 20:22:44
  • illinoyed deidara... 2013/04/29 00:25:46
    Sure I did, but believe whatever you want. No need to stop now.
  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/28 20:11:03
  • illinoyed deidara... 2013/04/28 20:17:39 (edited)
    Schultz and Baker attended at Obama's request to represent the U.S. They headed the U.S. envoy.

    Try a source that isn't the conservative tabloid rag Daily Mail. Most right wing misinformation comes from them.
  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/28 20:26:14
  • illinoyed deidara... 2013/04/29 00:27:05
    Obama sent Schultz and Baker, they went at the request of the White House. Can't be any clearer than that.
  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/29 01:02:59
  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/28 20:20:47
  • illinoyed deidara... 2013/04/29 00:29:44
    That is an opinion by a reader by the name of Loretta Kartch in Frankfort, Ill. Not news. Follow the links.
  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/28 20:21:21
  • illinoyed deidara... 2013/04/29 00:30:18
    Bush's fault? Are you hearing voices now?
  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/28 20:13:10
  • illinoyed deidara... 2013/04/29 00:31:56
    "No serving member of the Obama administration" does not mean "no U.S. delegation or representatives were sent".

    This is clearly where you're confused.
  • illinoyed deidara... 2013/04/29 00:33:05
    Maybe three times the charm:

    President Barack Obama is sending two high-level Reagan-era officials to head the U.S. delegation at the funeral of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the White House said on Monday.

    George Schultz, a secretary of state for Republican President Ronald Reagan, and James Baker, who had a number of senior roles in both the Reagan and George H.W. Bush presidencies, will lead the U.S. delegation at the funeral in London on Wednesday, the White House said.

    There were no reported plans by any of the former U.S. presidents, or for current Vice President Joe Biden, to travel to Britain for the funeral.

    Rounding out the U.S. delegation were Barbara Stephenson, charge d'affaires to Britain and Northern Ireland, and Louis Susman, former U.S. ambassador to Britain.

  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/29 17:44:25
  • Trish 2013/04/28 00:45:42
  • Magik Trish 2013/04/28 00:51:02
    Some say his passport was cancelled .
  • illinoyed Trish 2013/04/28 06:59:38
  • Strike a Balance 2013/04/27 20:46:41
    Comment, please . . .
    Strike a Balance
    I don't think a reason has been given, but I think that you are presuming quite a lot. Unless you have access to both his date book and his medical files, I don't think that you can speak with such certainty on others -- anyone. When you do, it kind of sounds less like objectivity and more like your question is, "How can we bash Bush on this subject?" And yes, I'd have the same response if you were saying this about Obama.
  • illinoyed Strike ... 2013/04/28 07:01:34
    The right IS saying it about Obama.
  • deidara... illinoyed 2013/04/28 07:18:31
  • illinoyed deidara... 2013/04/28 18:28:43
    Of course a delegation was sent to Thatcher's funeral, there is protocol in place for these types of things that all White House administration's follow.

    The official American delegation named by the White House was led by two former secretaries of state, George P. Shultz, who was SoS under Reagan, and James A. Baker III.

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