Why did Black Americans split with the Republican Party?

Big brother 2010/07/27 01:50:34
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When President Johnson helped pass Civil Rights legislation in the 1960s he commented that: "Well, there goes the South." He meant, of course, that now the South would become Republican as they now saw the Democrats as the party standing up for the blacks.

Following the Civil War, the South defeated what little there was of Reconstruction when in a contested presidential election the Republicans under Hayes agreed to pull out Federal troops from the South in exchange for Hayes being president. After the troops wee gone, the whites took back any remaining outstanding power that blacks had and placed blacks in a new type of slavery: this one an economic slavery through the share-cropping system.

Southerners have traditionally dominated American politics to a greater extent than their proportional representation entitled them, because, although they were largely members of the Democratic party (because the South was poor), they could quickly shift their weight to the Republican party to pass conservative legislation or to block liberal legislation. They voted virtually as a block and this ability gave them legislative power. Southern Democrats were pretty solidly racist and voted to keep the racist system in place.

Following the Civil Rights legislation, the South temporarily lost some of its legislative power as its voters and politicians switched inexorably to the Republican party. This, of course, has made the Republican party even more conservative and racist than it had ever been following the death of Reconstruction.

The South also changed its religion. As the former Democratic South changed it allegiances in politics, so did it also start to change its allegiances in religion. In the days of the anti-slavery movement, when the Anglican ministers in the South would not support racism and pro-slavery sentiment, the South changed its religions to the more personal, evangelical religions whose ministers did support racism and slavery. An insistence on maintaining a racist structure leads also to an insistence on racists values and hence racist religions. Similarly, today's Southerners are abandoning the more staid evangelical religions for the highly personalized religions characterized by the phrase "born-again Christians." Whereas, many a Methodist or Baptist preacher would not now condone racism, the Southerners don't have to worry about this with their new preachers of born-again religion.

With the abandonment by the Southern Democrats of the Democratic party, blacks became somewhat more influential in the Democratic party, because the party was now much smaller than it had been. As a result, the Democratic party is somewhat more liberal than it used to be.

So the division between the two parties grew. The Republican party represented the wealthy industrialists and other rich persons, the South, and a good proportion of the working class and middle-class who were concerned that blacks were getting too much privilege in this country. (I watched a lot of coverage of the 2000 elections and I heard no one discuss the obvious: the entire old Confederacy went for the Republicans, plus the more rural parts of the Midwest -- with the exception of Ohio. So Bush won the election with a combination of the two R's: ruralism and racism. The networks are both too biased and/or too afraid of losing ratings by offending the South and Midwest, apparently.)

The Democratic party, although losing the South, did retain some of its traditional base, working class, some of the middle class, and the blacks. But by and large, the Democratic party was much weakened by the overall abandonment of the party by the South.

The end result was that the two parties now grew very far apart from each other ideologically speaking. The Republicans now had a very strong racist backing which made the party take very conservative stances. The Democrats had a cadre of liberals that kept its ideas in the liberal camp.

Since the two parties were so far apart from each other, many Americans, more in the ideological middle, not solidly racist, but certainly not pro-active for Civil Rights legislation, did not trust either of the parties. So the middle areas decided to practice split government. If the Democrats had the legislature, the voters would give the executive to the Republicans. If the voters gave the legislature to the Republicans, they tended to give the presidency to the Democrats. It was and not a perfect pattern, but the general trend is still true. The voters figure that it is better to have political stalemate than to have either party do something "radical," either to the political right or the left.

The new racism of the Republican party has expressed itself in some very ugly ways. Since the voters were not giving the Republicans a clear hand and they wanted to stop any more pro-Civil Rights legislation, they decided to take a strategy that would ultimately prove very destructive of the United States as a whole.

In a sense, they decided to bribe the American public. They took the stance that the government was a bad thing; that government over-taxed the public in order to waste money on destructive progressive legislation to help the blacks and other minorities. The Republicans basically said, vote for us and we will give the money to you. We will put your money back in your pocket instead of in the pockets of bad government. This way the voters would keep more money, and the Republicans would be able to stymie any further hope for a progressive government.

In a sense, the Republicans made a pact with the devil. They sold their political soul to the hatred of the government devil, in return for dominance in American politics. The Republicans demonized government and the liberals. And no one clearly denounces the Republican Party for being virtual anarchists -- always promising tax cuts and to hell with government functioning. Actually, there is a method to the madness of the Republicans. They claim that government is bad and so taxes have to be cut, then government functioning does indeed become bad in many areas because of the lack of funding, and then the Republican use the damage (that they caused) as evidence that government is no good. It because a destructive cycle with the government getting worse and the public becoming more and more cynical.

The conservative emphasis on hatred of government is very attuned with racism. Racism encourages hatred and hatred of government, especially a pro-Civil Rights government, is very compatible with racism. The forces of Republican, Southern, and born-again Christian racism and moralism reinforces each other in a blend of very nasty, vindictive rhetoric.

Southern racists have always insisted that they were more religious than any other segment of the population. And Southern religion, largely being racist, has an exaggerated sense of moralism. Vernon Johns always used to marvel that the most "religious" part of the country was also the worst violator of Civil Rights.

This attitudinal mixture of racist moralism, so typical of the South and now so typical of the Republicans, was practiced by the Republicans in spades and to excess to paralyze the presidency of the Democratic president, William Jefferson Clinton. The Republicans were able to paralyze the Democrats by their constant misuse of legislative committees and hearings. Somehow the Republicans have been able to substitute their racist moralism for any balanced sense of decency and fair play. Somehow they have decided that anyone in political life that they don't like and who has committed adultery is deserving of being replaced in political office or paralyzed in their exercise of political office.

It has been a long time since the American political culture has experienced such vindictive and hateful rhetoric. The moralists, who are supposed to be more moral than the rest of us, feel that it is justified to describe the president of the United States as a "scumbag," a "stupid, fat bastard," an "adulterer," a "rapist," etc. We became used to "hate" radio, but now with cable we have "hate" TV. Angry white men with a Republican bent now shout their anger and racist moralisms and accusations at the top of their lungs. On cable TV, almost the entire Fox News network is a very conservative, I would even say racist, network.

A great tragedy is that the liberals have not spoken up for themselves. They have not defended Democratic values and beliefs, but rather have either remained silent, or, like Senator Joseph Liebermann, have actually spoken out against President Clinton. (Liebermann wants to compete with the Republicans for moralism -- something which cannot be accomplished.)

The atmosphere these days is somewhat reminiscent of the McCarthy days. McCarthy was going around pretending he was more moral, more loyal, to the United States and that others were "beyond the pale" and had to be stopped, or at least punished. No one spoke up against McCarthyism until McCarthy went too far and took on the United States Army.

One reason for the Democrats silence and weakness against the moral terrorism of the Republicans is that the Democrats have themselves unleashed moralism by their insistence that everyone use "politically correct" speech. Liberals can go so far to the left in some areas that they come to resemble their opponents. The puritanism in the "politically correct" movement is one with the moralism of the racists. It's hard for Democrats to speak out against destructive moralists when they have been acting much the same way -- using moralism to enforce heterodoxy on their followers and others.

Another reason for Democratic weakness is the failure of the liberals to find, maintain, and use some measure of racism and hence a determination of who are the racists. Any charge of racism is easily deflected by conservative racists by them simply saying that they have black friends and have taken pro-black steps such as appointing blacks to political office. When a conservative Republican has virtually never voted for any progress Civil Rights legislation and indeed has actively worked against the passage of any progressive legislation, he ought to be called a "racist." But apparently the liberals, both black and white, are too scared to support some measure of racism so we could get a better handle on the racism of the Republican party.

At the present there is no effective Democratic spokesperson who can defend the party against the destructive moralism of the Republicans. There is no liberal who can effectively come out and expose the Republican party for its pact with the racist-moralist devil. This has left the Democrats pretty defenseless and considerably hopeless.

Americans love to go on witch hunts. The country experienced the Salem witch trials, the McCarthy era, the crazed search for child molesters in our kindergarten systems, and now the witch hunt for moral failings of politicians, and including, people who are even just considered "role models." Witch hunts are only stopped by people standing up to the fanatic hunters and telling them they have gone too far.

Frankly, the Republicans so misused their racism moralism once they got control over the legislature, that it would be better for the Democratic party to, in an era of divided government, to try to capture the legislature and let the Republicans have the presidency. Nothing much will get done, but that is normal in divided government. At least, we would not have to go through the nonsense we had to go through when Clinton was in office. There is only one president and so he is an easy target. There are too many Democratic legislators for them all to fall to charges raised against their personal morals by the moralistic Republicans.

The Republicans have certainly won this game of "moralism." Hopefully, Democrats will learn that it is impossible to out-moralize the racists. Instead, they should abandon extreme moralism as a destructive force in American life.
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  • Dave In Cali 2012/11/08 09:14:21
    Dave In Cali
    As for this year, the Republicans had a chance with Jindal and Cain... It was refreshing to see some brown faces, and it started to clear up the old racism stigma that haunts the party. Sadly, neither of those gents was ready for the big show, and Romney pulled out as the front runner.

    Romney boasts his "devout Mormon beliefs" as though they should have been helpful to his campaign, but well-read people realize that the Book of Mormon claims that all Black people are cursed by the Mark of Cain...

    I wouldn't be surprised if that didn't throw quite a few of them off.

    As for the historical Republicans, they freed the slaves, so everyone assumes Blacks would side with them. This is a reasonable deduction, until one realizes that the party line of the Old Republicans is much closer to that of the New Democrats. Simply, put, the people who are New Republicans used to be Old Democrats and did NOT want Blacks to be free...
  • misslindylicious 2012/11/08 08:16:53
    Because they want free food stamps & we won't give them ...
  • Big brother 2010/08/26 05:23:49 (edited)
    Big brother
    Ignore the bottom feeder with the eye patch. Above.
  • Dan (Politicaly Incorrect) 2010/08/24 23:49:34
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    Misled is right. Misled because of the Dems Lies.
    Not to mention how the democrat party has been through history.
    Watch this, if you have the gonads. M.L.K. was a REPUBLICAN.

  • Big bro... Dan (Po... 2010/08/25 07:40:04
    Big brother
    I know the democrats history this has to be put in the context of past too present.
    i learned about the KKK when I was 10 years old .King had the right to be a republican. Things have changed and for African Americans that ship is sinking. The republicans need a communicator some one that has the guts to shut the bigots up; that person will have the black communities respect.. I identify with democrats because even at their worst they take into consideration Humanity. I could say America endorsed slavery but that would't do her justice because she has come a long way. She is not who she was.

    I am actually a moderate dan I just like play truths advocate when people hide in cyber space.
  • Dan (Po... Big bro... 2010/08/25 11:18:04
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    The race card is dead, you should quit using it. We are all AMERICANS here.
  • Big bro... Dan (Po... 2010/08/26 05:22:25
    Big brother
    In Xanadu may be but in America it still has a few fares on it. You really need a clue it would be foolish for any of use to forget the past but we must forgive. It hurts and puts people on edge but the fact is America has a lot of work to do. Race Religion Sexuality- " the politicians play things"
    How many examples in recent history do you need to see that ugly truth is real? Some people in America really do believe that Other peoples are less than and should be subservient or they should go back to Africa...... America will never do better if these discussions are muted. You really do need to rethink you race card position. Your right; We are all Americans; That's a start.
  • Dan (Po... Big bro... 2010/08/27 12:32:31
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    The problem is AMERICAN History has been hidden. And WE have been fed lies. You want to see some real HISTORY? What would you say if I showed you proof that Black fought in the REVOLUTIONARY WAR? AFRICAN AMERICANS share the Founding of this COUNTRY with WHITES. That's right, there are also Black Founding Fathers. You can do your own research Join this group.

  • Big bro... Dan (Po... 2010/08/30 14:15:10
    Big brother
    No disrespect but you can't teach me a thing about Black people in America. No Offense but you can't. The history of this country in the context of the African American is a subject I have studied fro 30 years now.
  • Dan (Po... Big bro... 2010/08/31 03:59:30
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    Then you know about Black fighting in the Revolutionary War?
  • Big bro... Dan (Po... 2010/08/31 08:02:58
    Big brother
    Yes; of coarse Dunmore and his enlistment of slaves .
  • Dan (Po... Big bro... 2010/08/31 09:10:43
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    I don't know what your talking about. These men were free and served in the Continental Army as Free Men.

    Blacks participated fully in the War of Independence. Two Blacks, Peter Salme and Salem Poor, were commended for their bravery at Bumker Hill. On July 9th 1776, General George Washington announced there would be no further enlistment of Blacks in the army. On October 23rd, the Congress supported Washington's action. On November 7th, the deposed British governor of Virginia issued a proclamation promising freedom to any slave who signed up on the Royal side. Many took up the British offer. It had the effect, however, of strengthening the southern colonies' dedication to the revolutionary cause. On December 31st, Washington reversed his earlier decision and authorized the enlistment of Blacks. 5,000 Blacks participated in the war on the American side.
  • Dan (Po... Big bro... 2010/08/31 09:19:36
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    Colored Patriots of the American Revolution
    There are so many black patriot heroes we never heard about during the American Revolution. In our school system this subject use to be taught yet current text books never mention these men. The text book "Colored Patriots of the American Revolution written by William Nell who was the first black American to hold federal office in the federal government wrote this text book in 1855 and it is only about black patriots during the American Revolution.
    This book is now public domain and available free for you to download and read from Google books.com and I thought I'd make you all aware of it so you can download a copy and learn about these great patriots and share this history with your children and grandchildren. Don't let this history to be lost to the revisionists.

    It's listed in Google books as : The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution by William Nell.

  • pryor.o... Dan (Po... 2012/09/01 14:23:59
    I wish that were really true.
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2010/08/17 07:36:17 (edited)
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Answer is neither....Democrat party is party of the KKK. Repubs helped blacks out in the 1960's civil rights debacle. Blacks split the Repubs, mainly because of entitlement programs. Sorry its the truth just like the small MW white family farmer did.
  • KODA 2010/08/15 22:39:20
    Bias answers " None of the above"
    Only 2% of Blacks in America are 100% African.
    You need to check out the Blacks in the Tea Party Express. The Only Racist's In America are Liberal
  • debadow 2010/08/10 00:33:14
    You only give two answers to pick. The Blacks left the Republican Party because they fell for the lies of the Democrats.
  • Big bro... debadow 2010/08/11 02:35:59
    Big brother
    Oh; is that what you think. Trust me the new face of Black America is not dem or rep. 2012 is right around the corn wait for it.
  • debadow Big bro... 2010/08/11 07:10:06
    Oh I Will.
  • Gecko 2010/08/04 17:20:36
    I was a registered Republican all my life. I am not a Black American, but I am an indigenous American. But the day that Dan Quayles wife started giving speeches about non-reality based "family values" I started voting straight Democrat. My Black friends have always been Democrat. I don't know a single Black Republican and I don't think I ever will.
  • MEME Gecko 2012/06/07 19:42:29 (edited)
    You do know of Black Republicans and if you want a list go to this site http://www.nbra.info/index.cf... There are many black republicans who did not fall for the crap the democrats were dishing out, I (black republican) use to be a democrat until I started researching info/history on BOTH parties and I dont like the democrat party views, its disregard of God and His word (Bible), nor the way they treated my ancestors and not once apologized for it. I'm not racist but I'm very disappointed in blacks today, and if those who fought to help us have freedom and civil rights today could see us now they would be very disappointed also!
  • tiredkitty 2010/07/27 03:51:36
    Interesting article. Long, but a lot of good history in there.
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2010/07/27 02:18:17
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    I am a registered Republican. I almost registered as an Independent for the 2008 elections, but for Sarah Palin's being called to run as Vice President. If I leave, it will not be because of racism, it will be because of not upholding Conservative values, my values.
  • flaca BN-0 2010/07/27 01:56:03
    flaca BN-0
    I don't think it's useful to gauge what happens today by what happened years ago in history. The republican and democrat parties aren't the same now as they used to be, so the analogies don't work. It amazes me that certain criteria are always labelled left or right, when people from both parties believe in all criteria. there are rightwingers who are pro-choice and there are leftwingers who are pro-life. Generalizations are stupid if you ask me. This is one of the sillier problems America has to contend with.
    Labels, labels, labels. It's like kindergarten all over again.
  • Big bro... flaca BN-0 2010/07/27 02:30:47
    Big brother
    I think it useful as long as we don't stay in the past. I think that we are all so much alike that we look differences as a place of retreat when they should promt us to dialog and share and Bond.

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