Why can't liberals just admit that they are not only racists but that they support and encourage slavery in America?

Marie/M2M2K™-#1ConservativeGuru 2010/05/21 15:57:26
The won't admit it because deception and denial guide their lives.
They won't admit it because personal responsibility does not exist in their world.
They won't admit it because then they would have to own their hypocrisy in the eyes of the world.
They won't admit it because they're politically uneducated and like it that way.
This is why I believe they won't admit it.
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America: "Land of the free and home of the brave."
As true now as when the phrase was first coined by Francis Scott Key, in our National Anthem.

United we stand; divided we fall.
Again, as true now as it was when Benjamin Franklin made the toast for the first time.

"Then join in hand, brave Americans all—By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!"

When I was growing up, my parents were not VERY politically active. Their leanings were toward the Democrat Party, but in spite of their lack of activism in politics, they raised three girls who are proud to be Americans. Living in the south, I have seen blatant racism (and I'm sure it occurs all over the country.) But it is one thing my parents would not stand for out of their girls.

We learned about personal responsibility very early in our lives because my parents believed (rightfully so) that accepting personal responsibility is not only "American," but also builds character. This was reinforced for school, and if you got in trouble at school, expect getting into worse trouble when you got home. While I differed ideologically from my parents almost all my adult life, I am thankful for the values they instilled in all three of us.

We were taught to love our country and be thankful for the blessings of liberty that have been provided by God's grace as well as those who fought for and the ones who died to ensure our freedoms. Patriotism was reinforced at school as well. We were taught that our history is what made our country so great. We learned about our country's greatness as well as her stains. But no matter the stain, we were taught to love and be proud of our country.

A requirement to graduate from high school was to pass a course that consisted of 1/3 year government, 1/3 year civics, and 1/3 year of economics. It was in this class my first TRUE love of government and civics blossomed. (As a side note, this was probably one of my favorite classes that I ever took. My teacher taught us the basics without ONCE revealing the ideology she supported. I found her on Classmates about two years ago and contacted her. She did remember me, and I found that she actually had moved and does not live far from me right now. And for the record, I still do not know which ideology she supports.)

I guess you could say I grew up in a different America from the one that children grow up in today. And while I am glad that young and old folks alike take an interest in our country, I am truly disheartened when I hear an American criticizing our nation's history, both domestic history as well as our history on an international level. But it is their right to do so under the First Amendment. What I don't think they get when they do this and call it their First Amendment Right, is that although you can say whatever you want, without reprisal from government, there are consequences for what a person says. That's human nature no matter what kind of laws protect free speech. (For example, someone's speech could cause hard feelings, personal disrespect, etc.)

I came to SodaHead a year and a half ago on the recommendation from a friend who was a member with me on another networking site. She told me this site is ideal for discussing politics unlike the one we were members of at that time. I joined about a month after the 2008 election, and I was truly shocked at so many of the discussions going on here. Right away I learned that if you oppose the policies or have any kind of criticism of the current POTUS, you were labeled a racist.

In those eighteen months, I have been called a racist repeatedly. Never mind that I would gladly support at LEAST two other politicians with black skin. (Herman Cain or Alan Keyes.) I was critical of Obama, therefore I am a racist. *eyeroll* I display a Confederate Battle Flag, therefore I am a racist and support the idea of slavery. *MAJOR EYEROLL* This type of treatment is what has led me to the eighteen months of asking what seems to be very simple questions. And I have conclusions based on the responses I've received from the particular questions I have asked pertaining to my project.

VotingThe US ConstitutionIssues
PatriotismRight-leaning opinions of ObamaHatred of Sarah Palin
Hold politicians accountableRole Of GovernmentObama: For Better Or Worse
Obama Truthful or NotGov's Hand In The Health-Care Cookie JarEconomy after 6 mos. of Obama
Forefather's approval of Reagan or ObamaRespect For ObamaHate Crime Legislation
World's View Of AmericaProud AmericansSupport The Troops
Political PensionsAmerica After ObamaRacism



Twice now, I have asked the question about whether or not there should be more requirements for obtaining voter privilege. This question came to mind because many of the posts I was reading, it appeared that some people did not seem to have any kind of BASIC knowledge in civics, government, or economics. It just seemed as though if you were critical of Obama you were labeled a racist, a hater, or there were those whose only concern was "their guy won." No substance. Just name-calling and childish gloating.

On the first poll, 63% of those polled believed there should be more requirements. On the second poll, 52% believed there should be additional requirements.

Before the 2008 election, 89% had voted in a previous General Election while 11% had not.

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The US Constitution:

When asked if the Constitution was a living breathing document, subject to change for modern times, 72% said no. Seventeen percent said yes. Four percent were undecided. And 8% decided to add their own opinion on the matter. Because the US Constitution only explicitly names three requirements to become POTUS, (a) Must be a NATURAL BORN US Citizen, (b) Must be 35 years of age or older, (c) Must live in the US for at least 14 years IN ADDITION to being a NATURAL BORN US Citizen. When asked the question if we should add an additional requirement that a POTUS must have military service, 50% voted yes. Thirty percent voted no. Thirteen percent were undecided. And 7% added their own comments.

What I find interesting was that some of those who voted that the Constitution was a living breathing document, came back to this poll and had a problem with changing the Constitution. (Wow!)

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The results of an issues poll I conducted, showed that the most important issues to the individual responding ranged from The US Constitution, freedom, our freedom documents, national security, all the way to environment.

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Most people seemed to have no problem defining patriotism. And the differences in ideology was just what one would expect.

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Right-leaning opinions of Obama:

There were at least TEN people who did not want to hear the reason why those opposed to Obama did not vote for him.

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Hatred for Sarah Palin:

Thirteen people did not like that they were questioned about their hatred for Sarah Palin. While 59% chose that they love her, most who opposed her only chose to personally attack her, the same thing they accuse those who oppose Obama. (Oh the hypocrisy)

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Holding politicians accountable:

Eighty-five percent of people polled said they hold their representative politicians accountable. Eighty-six percent believed we should implement term limits on politicians.

Forty percent felt that a politician should serve out their term before running for a different office.

Forty-six percent blame "we the people" for the sad shape our country is in right now, whereas 11% blame our government.

Eighty-two percent of those polled felt that our government was overstepping should they use devices to track a citizen's location. And the results of another poll showed that 95% believe our government would be overreaching should it ever came down to REQUIRING by law to have insurance and fining or jailing citizens or employers without insurance.

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Role of government:

The ideological differences was just what I expected when asked to define the role of our government.

Seventy-one percent of poll participants said they felt safer with the USA as being a super-power over all other countries. Eighty-nine percent said they would NEVER give up Old Glory for a NWO flag..

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Obama: For Better or Worse:

When asked what personally in an individual's life had been improved since Obama took office, as well as the question inquiring whether any thing had personally gotten worse, the responses were party-line responses. What I found interesting is that there were two people who apparently did not care for the first question. (Why is it not ok to question Obama as a politician is all that I can think to ask?)

When asked if the individual believed Obama really cared about this country, after having served 8 months in office, 70% voted no. Eighteen percent voted yes. Five percent was undecided, and 7% added their own comments.

Almost every person polled could name a scandal about the current POTUS that they felt was a danger to America.

When asked if a person was being respectful of Obama just by calling him by his last name, 12% felt it was disrespectful, even though most people have done this with every president all their lives. And some who voted this way are the same ones who have called GW Bush by just his last name. Again, OH the hypocrisy.

A HYPOTHETICAL question was also posed, asking if it was ever found that Obama was NOT a natural born US Citizen, should he step down. Many are the left appear to be in so much denial that they could not even answer that hypothetical question. And then there were some who felt as though he shouldn't. And they have the nerve to complain that GW Bush tossed the Constitution aside? These people are ready to say TO HELL with our US Constitution if "their guy" was found to not be a natural born citizen. And for the record, I have come across NO right-leaning person who would even consider tossing the Constitution aside for ANY POTUS who was found to not be a natural-born US citizen. That is in no way gloating nor is it a holier than thou comment. It is a fact.

It is the general consensus of this virtual community that almost every right-leaning person polled, felt that the left condones racism of this POTUS.

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Obama truthful or not?

Of those polled, 77% felt Obama is a liar about MANY things. Ten percent were undecided while 12% believed he had been a truthful person. (This was taken after Obama had been in office for six months.)

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Government's hands in the health-care cookie jar:

Eighty-one percent answered on a hypothetical situation poll that they did not want government telling them which doctor they would have to use, while 73% polled said that they could not understand the argument from pro-abortionists that government should not have any kind of say so about a woman's body.

Many offered suggestions on what they would like to tell Obama when it came to the health-care bill. Unfortunately the bill was decided behind closed doors, out of view of the public, and AGAINST the wishes of the majority of Americans the way the bill was written at the time.

I have to make a personal note here for the particular poll I just mentioned. The poll about passing the HC bill against the wishes of the majority of Americans (the way it was written at the time) actually was VERY revealing. This is the poll where I got the most astonishing response ever and so far nothing has topped it. Someone on that poll actually said "...most of the Americans do not know what is good for them....thank god Obama did" - This mentality is very scary considering this person actually votes.

The most telling poll of all resulted in 92% of people polled said they do NOT trust our government.

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The economy after six months of Obama:

This poll was presented after the first six months Obama had been POTUS. At that time the nation's deficit had soared four times what it was when Bush left office. When Bush left office, all the left seemed to regurgitate was that Bush spent too much money. When posed the question why his supporters could not admit they made a mistake after seeing the deficit soar to 4 times the amount under Bush who had it 8 years, three people didn't like the question, and the responses from the left were no surprise. They still could not admit their mistake and continued to bash Bush, completely shirking the realization of the blatant hypocrisy of their own words about Bush but making excuses for Obama.

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Predicting our forefather's approval of Obama's and Ronald Reagan's performance as POTUS:

A WHOPPING 89% of the people polled felt that our forefathers would not approve of the job being done by Obama. 89%!!!! While everyone claims to respect and want to uphold the Constitution written by our forefathers, here was 89% saying our forefathers would not approve, some "O supporters" even going as far as to say that it wouldn't matter what our forefathers thought even if they were alive. Oh the hypocrisy! Does it ever end?

When the community was posed the question whether or not our forefathers would have approved of Ronald Reagan, 87% said yes.

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Respect for Obama:

When asked if a person respects Obama, 56% voted NO, 25% respected him as POTUS and a person, 8% were undecided, 6% respected him as a person, but not POTUS, and 6% respected him as POTUS but not as a person.

When asked if there was anything Obama could do to earn the respect of those who do not respect him now, 68% voted yes, and most of those said it would be by stepping down. Twenty-four percent said there was nothing he could do to earn their respect. And 8% were undecided.

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Hate crime legislation:

When posed the question, whether a person thought hate crime legislation was necessary, 86% said no. And I do have a personal opinion on this one that I will share.

DECADES ago, some of the special interest civil groups were needed to combat discrimination. Now, in my opinion, MOST should be disbanded. Fifty-eight percent of those polled felt that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 's work in the civil rights movement was not done in vain. Our country has changed since the civil rights movement. Is there still discrimination? Yes. And there always will be. But the discrimination of today is barely noticeable the way it was DECADES ago. And whether people can accept it or not, minorities are not the only ones who are targeted by discrimination.

I know of NO love-crime legislation. Hate crime laws, in my opinion do nothing but cause more divide. It singles out people and treats them differently than certain other citizens. That's not equality. If a crime is committed it is a crime PERIOD.

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The world's view of America:

This poll asked which was more important - the welfare of America and her interests or what the rest of the world thinks about America. While there was a glitch on the poll with the answer choices (I only provided one or the other but several other answer choices appeared on the final poll that I did not add myself and were blank. Still, a whopping 90% believed that America's interests and welfare was more important than the rest of the world's opinion of our country.

Five percent of those polled actually felt that should Obama sign the Copenhagen Treaty would be in the best interest of our country. Even though this treaty would in effect be a blow to the sovereignty of our country, I cannot believe that anyone would support that.

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Proud Americans?

When asked if the virtual community was proud to be American,, 76% said yes, 8% said no, and 16% were undecided. This poll really surprised me.

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Support of our troops?

Ninety-one percent support our troops.. One percent did not. And 8% voted other and gave an opinion. This was another surprise for me. Even at 1%, it is unfathomable to me how someone who lives under the very blanket of freedom protected by our military to voice their opinion here, they still don't support them? There's something wrong with that kind of thinking in my opinion.

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Political Pensions

When asked if people would support cutting pensions of our elected officials and using the money to pay down some of our debt (hypothetical question) 89% voted YES.

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America after the Obama years:

When asked if those being polled if America would survive the Obama years,, 50% said yes, 14% said no, while 36% were undecided.

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Ninety-two percent of the people who answered on this poll believe that white people are not the only race guilty of racism. I have seen almost every person who has had something critical to say about Obama has been accused of racism. In spite of not saying anything remotely racial, and even letting it be known that almost all people who criticize him would vote for other people of color, and many have even voted for people of another race for president (primaries,) the only argument these people can muster is "racism."

Thirteen percent are offended by the display of the Confederate Battle Flag. Not only do they feel those who display it are guilty of treason, some say that people who display it actually condone that the use of slaves was practiced in America, some hinting that a person who displays it wishes slavery never ended.

Even after showing proof that there are even blacks who display this flag, those who claim offense ridicule the blacks who display it as well, some even saying they were paid to say it, some calling them dumb. Yet many of those people are the same ones who want to be taken seriously and do not even know the difference between the Confederate Flag and the Confederate Battle Flag.

The final poll to contribute to my project asked if people thought American citizens, the ones who work and pay taxes, as well as those who receive "chronic welfare," were slaves to our government. Eighty-five percent of those polled agreed that the government had made slaves of our citizens. Don't forget the figure above, too, that 92% of those polled do NOT trust our government.

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My conclusions are as follows:

While I do believe most citizens in their own way love this country, there are many out there voting who truly have NO CLUE how our government is supposed to work or exactly what duties they are charged to perform in this country.

It is my opinion that there most definitely should be a requirement to be able to pass a BASIC government, civics, and economics exam before given the PRIVILEGE to vote. And folks, the basics never change. You have to pass a driver's test to get your driver's license, so it only makes sense that you should know what you're doing when you go into a voting facility making decisions that affect ALL of Americans. America doesn't need these type of people voting for our leaders:

I believe that those who are making issues of racism instead of discussing an issue at hand, are the true racists. They seem to be the only ones who can only relate to something that is racial.

I further conclude that those who support and feel a need for social programs to be not only supporters of slavery, but they encourage it as well.

It is my belief that since minorities still see a need for special interest groups and special laws written just for them, that the special interest groups are not doing the job they are supposed to be doing. So why keep them and waste more tax payer money? It also tells me that they don't want to be treated equally and want to keep themselves separate and divided by demanding special laws. All they are doing is promoting DIVISION.

Considering that 92% of those polled do not even trust our government, it is completely outrageous that some people want to hand over more money and more taxes for programs that don't work. Never will there come a time when everyone is financially equal. Never will there come a time of world peace with no wars. A nice thought, but it will never happen.

Be a good citizen, for America please. If you meet someone like this, PLEASE talk them out of going to a voting facility:

And finally: As much as I detest a certain political family, THIS ONE had the right idea.

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Thanks, "B," for the inspiration on the title for my poll.

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  • Paul Revere 2010/05/21 16:46:24
    This is why I believe they won't admit it.
    Paul Revere
    The Left's ideology is based on fabrications. The rank and file Lefties are useful idiots that would be unable to fight their way out of a wet paper sack. It is the leadership of the Left that is worrisome. They are evil and vile individuals that pursue power and money while telling their constituency their causes are rooted in "equality" and "(insert favorite) -- rights". Luckily, the current Administration and legislature has shined a light on the true nature of the Left. The movement is currently experiencing the death rattles.

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