Why are some people so arrogant and stupid?

Xx.:AlyxAnesthicsz :.xX 2010/04/29 14:09:36
I think..
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So yesterday in my school, Chamberlain High School, yes... It'll be on Keloland News tonight.. Yesterday we had a group of students who had worn white t-shirts with "White Pride", "White Pride, Worldwide", and "White Power" to school, when the teachers had confronted them and they either had to take them off or go home. Two had taken them off, only because one of them was on probation. When asked about the reason as to why they did this was because, "Natives get to wear Native Pride." Well Native Pride, is a culture, not a color of skin. It wouldn't have been a problem if they wore, European Pride or something. They all pretend to be unaware of why it was so wrong to wear White Power. I myself am a Native American, I have never felt so... put down and low before. Oh and last night a forward went out. "All those who support White Pride, wear a plain white t-shirt tomorrow. Nothing racist on them." So there are alot of boys wearing plain white t-shirts and one boy even spray painted his white shirt half black... I just feel so degraded. I used to be proud to go to this school because I'm getting a better education then I would if I were at home on the reservation... Just comment or question...
-Alyxaundria Bella Muerte
Having a fanfuckingtastic day..
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  • pete 2010/04/29 14:25:18
    If I were you I just ignore them cause they really don't amount to anything but trash..I think they are nothing but brainless piece of scrumbag....Peace be with you.

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  • ♥☮What'sit2Yea♥♫ 2010/05/01 05:56:14
    I think..
    ♥u should try to ingorge them beacuse there probalby just people just trying to get attiontion or something. i mean i hate what this world has become so far. ♥spread love peace and happiness is all i can say♥
  • Lucy sou 2010/04/29 22:18:09
    Lucy sou
    happy friend you that.
  • ~Jeffi <3 floats~ 2010/04/29 21:04:26
  • urgayrumematesfriend 2010/04/29 20:37:31
    thats just the way some ppl are like me lol
  • Marie-Jacqueline 2010/04/29 17:48:48
    I think..
    Yes, I can understand why you are angry and feeling degraded.
    Try to understand that that is what they want you to feel.
    They want themselves to feel better and they do that making other people feel bad.
    They think they are showing pride in what they are but it is arrogance and ignorance what lies behind this.
    It is very arrogant what they are doing.
    Pride and arrogance are two completely different things.
    It makes them feel better and unfortunetly they don't see the danger that lies in what they are doing. It is racist what they are doing.
    I find it OK that teachers confronted them with their actions.
    It would also be very good if teachers could give a class for instance.
    In this class they should explaine to what such an attitude can lead to.
    Can you please explain to me what wearing native pride is?
    I'm from The Netherlands so that is not something I'm familiar with.
    (I understand the difference you want to make with Native Pride - European or something because.
    It is just cultural then.)
    Yes, it is important that you have a good education.
    It is also important that you remember who you are, your roots.
    But also be openminded.
  • pete 2010/04/29 14:25:18
    If I were you I just ignore them cause they really don't amount to anything but trash..I think they are nothing but brainless piece of scrumbag....Peace be with you.
  • Dan D 2010/04/29 14:18:11
    Dan D
    You're reacting exactly how they want you to react. Don't give them the satisfaction. Their actions have no reflection on you or your heritage at all. The best way to deal with someone trying to provoke you is to show disinterest. They're not worth your time.
  • Xx.:Aly... Dan D 2010/04/29 14:21:13
    Xx.:AlyxAnesthicsz :.xX
    I'm upset but I'm not reacting how they all wanted. They wanted us to get in their faces and last night a dew of my friends, because I live on an all Native American, Catholic bording school, but my friends wanted to wear Native Pride today. That was even dumber than anything. So I kept my mouth shut, I just don't want to deal with this but at the same time, I have to talk about it.
  • Cinna 2010/04/29 14:12:16
    I think..
    life just sucks that way

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