Why are people leaving the Christian Church ?

Che Guevara - Hero 2010/12/12 15:29:08
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The reasons people give for changing their religion – or leaving religion altogether – differ widely depending on the origin and destination of the convert. The group that has grown the most in recent years due to religious change is the unaffiliated population. Two-thirds of former Catholics who have become unaffiliated and half of former Protestants who have become unaffiliated say they left their childhood faith because they stopped believing in its teachings, and roughly four-in-ten say they became unaffiliated because they do not believe in God or the teachings of most religions. Additionally, many people who left a religion to become unaffiliated say they did so in part because they think of religious people as hypocritical or judgmental, because religious organizations focus too much on rules or because religious leaders are too focused on power and money. Far fewer say they became unaffiliated because they believe that modern science proves that religion is just superstition.

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  • Daring Blasphemer BN-0 2010/12/12 15:43:41
    Daring Blasphemer BN-0
    There are a myriad of reasons NOT to believe in mythology. The religious so easily dismiss other beliefs as silly, evil or unrealistic and then when challenged on their own faith defend such ridiculous claims as virgin births, multi-armed anthropomorphic elephants and secret golden plates. I dismiss ALL belief systems as a waste of my short time on earth.

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  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2011/01/09 13:11:50
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    Because many religious institutions are hypocrites. The End.
  • socokid 2010/12/16 15:22:26
    Rational discourse where questioning long held beliefs in mythology isn't vilified nearly as much anymore.

    The internet. A place of anonymous discussions about things not usually articulated face to face. As one interneter put it, "The internet: Where religion goes to die". Too much information here at the fingertips of questioners.

    Stances on homosexuality, marriage, teaching myths in science class, pedophilia, contradictory dogma, etc, etc, etc...

    Either the religion will progress, or it will die. So far, it seems they're OK with dying...
  • RobNeal 2010/12/15 19:30:50
    If people stay out of church because of hypocrites, they should stay out of government, places of work, grocery stores, movie theatres and everywhere else. Hypocrites are everywhere. Why judge Christ on imperfect people? Come on, get to know Him for yourself.

    To answer the question, simply it is selfishness. They desire to serve self and not God.
  • Che Gue... RobNeal 2010/12/16 12:14:35
    Che Guevara - Hero
    Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, The Earth is Flat, The Moon is made of Cheese, and Christianity. Not necessarily in that order.
  • wombat 2010/12/15 16:55:18
    Because its a fraudulent business.
  • Gir 2010/12/15 06:40:48 (edited)
    I can't speak for the majority of people who broke away from their religions, but I broke away mainly because I couldn't find any solid evidence of a God. As an Agnostic, I'm more than open to the idea of a higher power--be it all powerful or not--but until there's solid proof, I'm not about to claim it's undoubtedly true.

    Though I've seen more people break away because of the hypocritical actions of their fellow religious peers, as you suggested, and because of fundamental differences in beliefs. (For example, a gay friend of mine broke away from the Catholic religion because he could not come to grips with some of its anti-gay sentiment.)
  • Twilightsuxzass 2010/12/14 23:18:00
    Because obviously a piece of rubber, that can hold liquid, between you and your girlfriend will keep her from getting preggers?
  • ghostrider 2010/12/14 16:10:27
    I suppose because they've finally started thinking and reasoning for themselves.
  • JwonGalt 2010/12/13 23:50:18 (edited)
    Its because they have found a better way for happiness, an
  • 16 2010/12/13 23:31:48
    People want to control their own lives.
  • Disko Pickle 2010/12/13 23:13:38
    Disko Pickle
    People have decided that they'd rather lead moral lives.
  • Texican... Disko P... 2010/12/14 03:56:27
    TexicanRGV - Noblesse Oblige
    That may be true, but what's your reason?
  • Disko P... Texican... 2010/12/14 04:13:29
    Disko Pickle
    I read the Bible. That completely ruined Christianity for me.
  • Texican... Disko P... 2010/12/14 04:15:29
    TexicanRGV - Noblesse Oblige
    Well that make two of us!
  • Ruby De... Disko P... 2010/12/16 15:08:02
    Ruby Dear - The Grifter of PHAET
    If only I could rave this more
  • Disko P... Ruby De... 2010/12/16 15:08:34
    Disko Pickle
    I also accept cash donations.
  • unclepat 2010/12/13 23:13:36
    Those that are leaving may truly be the one's to be saved. After all the hypocrisy they've had to live through in the name of Christianity!
  • seathanaich 2010/12/13 22:09:32 (edited)
    Why are people leaving the Christian church?

    The answer is: because they can.

    Yes, it's really that simple. Until about 50 years ago, there was a period of time ranging from a few hundred years to over a thousand years where everyone in Australia, North America, South America, and Europe had no choice but to attend a Christian church with their family and their community.

    Today, in the world's educated and free societies, you can no longer be forced to attend a Christian church due to societal pressure from family and/or community. And, as a result, those people who don't consider Christianity true, or valuable, or even useful, are increasingly realising that they no longer need to continue their membership in a social organisation which they don't want to be part of.

    Contrast that with the "Muslim" world. There is no ability to opt of Islam, even though there must be millions of people who would like to do exactly that. Real freedom of choice, coupled with education, is death to religion and religious belief.
  • Chiron 2010/12/13 21:07:31
    Better education. People are coming to realize that the Bible is a fairytale full of falsehoods, errors, delusions, inaccuracies, and fantasies.

    People are also tired of the divisiveness and discrimination it causes and fosters, as well as the ugly zealots it breeds and empowers.

    Christianity was created to control the masses. The masses are now revolting against that mind control.

    "I will turn your face to alabaster, when you find your servant is your master..."
    -- Sting from "Wrapped Around Your Finger"
  • Emma 2010/12/13 20:13:32
    Why would someone choose to live in a state of constant fear created by Christian pastors, especially those in the fundamentalist Christian movement, who continually preach a very negative view of the world and all the things their followers should fear.

    Why would anyone wish to be a part of a religion with a strong emphasis on asceticism. The Christian value of physical, sensual and deprivation borders on Manicheanism. This is manifested in self-denial during Lent and the preaching of sexual abstinence.

    This is contrasted by the belief, found among many Jews, that the world and everything in it is basically good. G-d wants us to enjoy it. For example, in his "Book of Jewish Values: A Day-by-Day Guide to Ethical Living," Rabbi Joseph Telushkin writes, "Judaism believes that the pursuit of pleasure, if done in moderation, is good. The Talmud teaches 'In the future world, a man will have to give an accounting for every good thing his eyes saw, but of which he did not eat?

    In other words, this belief in the goodness of enjoying life gives Jews a strong sense of exurberance and joy.
  • jams 2010/12/13 15:23:54
    God should send someone new to clarify a few matters.
  • TheMadChameleon 2010/12/13 10:54:35
    I left the Catholic church because I found it over-the-top and ridiculous. I have not fully left Christianity, but I could see it happening, as I have a huge problem with the many contradictions in the Bible and whatnot. I personally believe in a deity because I have had some highly spiritual experiences, but I realize that those are not proof and my beliefs should not be forced on anyone.

    I really do think that my reasons are why a lot of people leave religion--too many stupid rules, too much hypocrisy, not enough truth. And religious extremists drive fringe believers away--who wants to be associated with nut jobs who go around telling everyone that they will suffer eternal punishment simply for being human?
  • TiY ™ 2010/12/13 08:12:48
    TiY ™
    I find that many people are getting feed up with the organization that is the church and moving towards a more deistic why of belief. They may still believe in Jesus and what not but they are taking comfort in their own version of things VS what is being preach about in the churches.
  • JO 2010/12/13 07:09:49
    Well, I'm surprised, I thought the list of Christians was greatly larger.

  • seathan... JO 2010/12/13 22:12:39
    Hi Jo. No, the percentage of people who are Christian is decreasing in all "western" nations, and has been for decades. Cheers.
  • janet 2010/12/13 05:33:44
    Because religion is not logical.
  • luvguins 2010/12/13 05:16:10
    The constant hell and damnation that most Christian churches preach, and the hypocrisy of some members.
  • Shilo 2010/12/13 04:37:12
    I don't think it's that they're leaving, I think they've just stopped pretending they were ever there.
  • socialmedic 2010/12/13 03:17:46
    My personal experience is that I was driven away from the church from an early age by the treatment I received by members of the church which was rude and condescending. Later in life I became enamored with church architecture and I thought if God was anywhere he was in the walls of the architecture, in those aspirations of man to express his higher being in that kind of beauty. I never saw any such aspiration in the pettiness of any congregation. Frankly I can't tell if they can even see the beauty in the architecture, they are to busy with their moralizing and bullying. It was never a battle for me over religion and science. Some great scientists were very religious, they felt by their investigations they got to know God and his works better. They were definitely not the brand of anti-scientific morons clamoring to tear down everything we have learned about the world by scientific efforts to date. Religious people have been, to me, the world's best argument against religion. I think one can have a God without subjecting themselves to the organized bullying. If people going around advertising their religion and try to ram it down your throat, that is a clear signal that such a person is insane.
  • nothing... socialm... 2010/12/13 06:34:23
    If god is anywhere, its in nature. But the more we study nature, the less evidence we see for God. So we are left choosing to disbelieve in a God for whom there is not evidence, and having faith in a God who set up the world to deceive us. The real question is, why is anyone staying IN the church?

    No wonder the creatards are trying so hard to redefine and explain away science.
  • Fannie 2010/12/13 02:38:55
    Child abuse and sexism, that's why.
  • The Electrician 2010/12/13 01:37:20
    The Electrician
    That's a pretty accurate description. Now I know what to call myself, "UNAFFILLIATED." That's better than "Atheist." Yeah, I really like the sound of that.
  • nothing... The Ele... 2010/12/13 06:38:14
    So does that mean you believe in God but not the church? That's what about half the founding fathers believed--deism. Thomas Pain said the only revelation is "the creation itself". Of course, he thought the existence of a creator was obvious. Today it isn't obvious at all. But if you are going to believe, believe in the creator of the universe as it is, not the petty little tyrant made up by iron age primitives.
  • COMALite J nothing... 2010/12/13 19:04:16
    COMALite J
    Do keep in mind that when Thomas Paine wrote that, no one had yet heard of the Big Bang. The Big Bang meets all of the criteria (only one criterion, really) for the Deist “God.”
  • nothing... COMALite J 2010/12/14 04:28:19
    Quite so. Deism is just God of the Gaps pushed completely out of the universe.
  • COMALite J nothing... 2010/12/14 17:46:23
    COMALite J
    Cool way to put it!
  • seathan... The Ele... 2010/12/13 22:13:53
    Hi Electrician.

    " Now I know what to call myself, "UNAFFILLIATED." That's better than "Atheist."

    Why is that "better"? Because it makes Christians less likely to berate you? Haven't you just provided a good reason to use the word "atheist"?
  • The Ele... seathan... 2010/12/14 14:20:44
    The Electrician
    Why would they have the right to "berate" me in the first place. Who amongst us has any right to pass judgement on anyone else, based on their religious affilliation ?? I don't want to be associated with anything religious, for just that reason. The God, whatever or who ever it may be is a God of Natural Laws, just basic "common sense." That's natural. Religion is simply based on Myth. You don't need to be a rocket scientist, to figure that out. I especially don't want to be told to worship someone that supposedly came back from the dead, that's beyond the realm of possibility. If you want to believe in the things that these people may have taught, that's fine, but how do you actually know what happened 2000 years ago. Show me the video or original transcripts. I'm not trying to be unkind, just reasonable.
  • seathan... The Ele... 2010/12/14 18:10:39
    "Who amongst us has any right to pass judgement on anyone else, based on their religious affilliation ??"

    All of us. Every last one of us. Because what's going on is not a criticism of you - it's a criticism of ideas. People try to pretend it's a criticism of people, in order to attempt to censor it. Criticism of ideas is a vital part of societal progress. By demanding censorship of your ideas you are creating support for the censorship of the criticism of other bad ideas - like child pornography, or Muslim terrorism, or a whole host of other things that you might want to criticise.

    Bowing to not using a simple word - atheist - to describe your lack of belief in gods is capitulation to exactly what some people want: a world where they can tell atheists that they aren't really atheists. There's a problem in that. Cheers.
  • 8mariedawn6 2010/12/13 01:24:26
    I belive that there is many reasons.Times are tuff and I am afraid allot of people blame God for what is happening in the world in there lives and all over.People have to realize that we have been warned of the bad times. I belive also with the pagans and all the other thangs coming out allot of people are getting tricked over to the other side.This is also warned of in the Bible.People are to raped up in there own thangs these days the Lord has kind of got put to the side.I am a christian and I got to say I my self have been guilty of this last one mentioned.We must be careful.Because when the Lord returns there will be allot of disapointed humans.Full of regret that will be to late for.Bless you!

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