Why are conservatives liars?

Ian Mossner 2012/06/16 17:52:45
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  • Catch224u 2012/11/27 15:46:11
    Why do liberals exploit children?
  • Simi Dave 2012/06/28 18:44:56
    Simi Dave
    Because lefties can’t handle the truth, hence they label it “lies”.
  • Bearish~PWCM~ 2012/06/19 23:01:45
    Here is a dose of Liberal honesty
  • Muriel 2012/06/16 22:37:59
    Republicans don't lie they prevaricate just like the democrats !!!!!
  • Raymond Allamby 2012/06/16 21:02:05
    Raymond Allamby
    it's in their dna. to be a conservative, you have to be a sociopath, and that's where the lies come from.
  • MorbidC... Raymond... 2012/06/23 11:59:12
    Talk about bullsh*t.
  • Raymond... MorbidC... 2012/06/23 13:06:56
    Raymond Allamby
    you better look up the definition of sociopath. i bet you find your picture there.
  • American☆Atheist 2012/06/16 19:44:56
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/06/16 18:56:16
    Conservatives anre not LIARS, but I did notice a cute little "Hitler (Obama) Youth" recruit that has my heart saddened and angered at hios mother who would have her child "goose stepping" through the snow and rain with others going off to a wat=r that is for Obammers agrandizement
  • KrSpo jackola... 2012/06/24 02:49:03
    ?? You said "Hitler (Obama) Youth" .. You know that Fascism is an ULTRA RIGHT WING political group right, very similar to the Tea Party? (the tea party doesn't wear swastika's).
  • Waldorf 2012/06/16 18:34:13
    Your question is dishonest without credible examples.
  • KrSpo Waldorf 2012/06/24 02:50:00
    WMD, Patriot Act ... Want a couple more?
  • Waldorf KrSpo 2012/06/24 11:58:14
    A bipartisan Congress saw the same evidence and bought into both.
  • KrSpo Waldorf 2012/06/25 13:40:14
    That wasn't the original question. The Republican controlled WH sold those goods that Congress bought.
  • Waldorf KrSpo 2012/06/25 13:48:10 (edited)
    It's only a lie if it is a proven conspiracy. Caveat emptor, especially if a Congress member authorizing military engagements. You need better examples to validate "the original question".

    Note that Condaleeza Rice is under consideration for Romney's VP running mate. You can't do that from prison, so it's not a fact that there was any conspiracy.
  • KrSpo Waldorf 2012/06/25 14:52:38
    Actually, it has been proven a lie. Bush knew it was a lie when he told Congress that the WMD's were there. This has been brought out in Congressional Probes more than once.
  • Waldorf KrSpo 2012/06/25 15:23:57
    "Actually", you need to back that up, because no one has been cited for lying about WMD or the Patriot Act. You simply need better examples of conservative "lying" and to explain what fostered your question.
  • DJPanicDC 2012/06/16 18:26:33
    Because it they told the truth who would follow them?
  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2012/06/16 18:01:57
  • Evil 1 2012/06/16 17:58:39
    Evil 1
    And liberals aren't? LOL

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