Why an Assassination Attempt Goes Unreported

Gina 2010/09/25 00:16:17
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On Tuesday of this week, 22 year-old Casey Brezik waited in the
computer lab of Penn Valley Community College in Kansa City where
Missouri governor, Jay Nixon, was scheduled to speak.

At some point, as various dignitaries gathered outside the lab, an
anxious Brezik, wearing black clothes and a bullet-proof vest, bolted
out of the lab, knife in hand.

Brezik approached Associate Vice Chancellor Tom Vansaghi, a youngish,
dark-haired administrator, and said, “No, you’re not the one I want.”

Brezik then ran past Vansaghi and lit on Al Dimmitt Jr., an older,
graying dean, slashing his throat before being subdued. Dimmitt required
immediate surgery and remains in stable condition.

Although Dimmitt looks vaguely like the governor, it seems more
likely that Brezik attacked the dean because he thought he had alerted
security. Regardless, his ultimate target seems to have been Nixon. When
informed while en route to the college, Nixon cancelled his plans.

The Kansas City Star gave the story prominent coverage under
the headline, “Man described as anarchist is charged in attack on Penn
Valley dean.” Brezik is described at one point as a “radical,” but
whether left or right is left uncertain. Nixon, by the way, is a fairly
conservative Democrat.

All too predictably, the Associated Press article strips all politics
out of the story, headlined, “Man charged in stabbing at Kansas City

AP reporter John Hanna surely perused Brezik’s Facebook page, which
may explain why the AP and other media have chosen to neuter the story.
Politics were at the very core of Brezik’s being.

Brezik, in fact, seems to have absorbed just about every animus in
the leftwing ether–—environmental extremism, radical islam,
anti-capitalism, anti-Zionism and Christophobia among others.

In his “About Me” box, Brezik lists as his favorite quotation one
from progressive poster boy, Che Guevara. The quote begins, “Our every
action is a battle cry against imperialism,” and gets more belligerent
from there.

On his Wall postings, Brezik (pictured at left), who appears bi-racial, rants as follows (all punctuation as posted):

“Enslaved since they brought us over on their ships. Hear me roar.”

“Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.”

“Everyone knows oil mongers are fueled by greed. FACT: If this oil were not in our oceans it would be in our air.”

“How are we the radical(s) (left) to confront the NEW RIGHT, if we avoid confrontation all together?”

The highlight of his progressive adventures appears to have been his
sortie to Toronto In June to protest the G20 Summit. An active champion
of “revolution,” Brezik got a taste of it and was highly pleased with

“Crossed the security fence,” he wrote. “Ran from the cops. Was
tackled. Spit on an officer. Was arrested, charged, and deported.

This posting netted him some favorable attention from a like-minded
female fan, “rock it. you are an inspiration to us. can’t wait to hear

In the last few weeks, like many on the left, Brezik seems to have
found religion. This had not been obvious in his earlier postings. When,
for instance, a 62-foot high statue of Jesus was destroyed by lightning
in Ohio, Berzik’s response was, “A smitten idol if Ive ever seen one.
Its nicknamed touchdown jesus for cryin out loud. Hahahahahaha.”

The religion to whose defense he rallied, of course, was Islam. In
reference to an article about Terry Jones and his proposed Koran
burning, Brezik posted on Monday, the day before his planned assault,
“This is now a Holy war. Scrpitures have been desecrated. War U cant
handle. Make a choice and quick.”

No doubt, Brezik is something of a whack job, but the various rages
that he acquired—culminating in Sudden Jihadi Syndrome–are those to
which our students are exposed on a daily basis.

Two weeks ago, comparable demons drove “environmental activist” James
Lee to storm the headquarters of the Discovery Broadcasting Channel.
His inspiration too went largely unexamined.

Had Lee or Brezik been Tea Party people we know the hell that would
have rained down on that movement, but the movement is not the breeding
ground for violence that the left wishes it to be.

For the last century or more, it is the progressive fever swamps that
have nurtured most of the world’s hate and virtually all of its
violence, including, paradoxically, radical Islam.

As Casey Berzik says with multicultural flair, “El Futuro es La REVOLUCION!”

Read More: http://gulagbound.com/5318/why-an-assassination-at...

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  • jimrthy BN-0 2010/09/25 02:27:27
    Because the left never reports on it's own radicals.
    jimrthy BN-0
    I hate to get into any stereotyping. So I don't like either of those answers.

    "Don't like" doesn't mean it isn't mostly true.

    It seems like the major parties have coagulated around a meme. Republicans want to terrify us that the Islamofascists are a worse threat than the USSR ever was. Democrats seem dead-set on completely ignoring the threat.

    I spent enough time in the military to know that we're only seeing a tiny glimpse through the curtains. My take is that, yeah, nut jobs like this probably just deserve a hangman's noose. But they really aren't worth getting worked up about. Then again, like I said...who knows? With *everything* classified these days, we could be looking at a stratospheric EMP over Denver that wipes out every electronic device in the country. Wouldn't really be that hard to do.

    *Much* easier than 9/11 was.

    Anyway, sorry for the tangent. I'm not sure where "either" side is headed. But it's confusing. I suspect that's the point.
  • Gina jimrthy... 2010/09/25 02:47:19
    I have never been in the Military, my son is in the USAF, so I imagine your right, we don't get the whole story and never will, I just don't understand how an attempt on a governor of the state of Missouri is not reported in a broader sense than just locally.
  • jimrthy... Gina 2010/09/25 04:10:17
    jimrthy BN-0
    Not that I got any sort of "whole story" while I was in. I didn't need to know. I just heard a lot more through unofficial channels than most civilians will ever pick up. Curtains hiding smokescreens hiding halls of mirrors. There is *no* way to vote intelligently, because we don't have a clue what's really going on.

    It's easy to blame the lack of reporting on the lamestream media. But I suspect that explanation's too simple. I expect anything that resembles an actual threat to just disappear without a trace.

    Especially someone who was an actual threat to an elected official. Compare this guy to that idiot "underwear bomber." Which one got closer to inflicting any actual damage, and who had closer eyes on him?

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