Why all the hate for Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Rave this if you think that he is a True American Hero.

Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~ 2012/05/04 06:07:45
My Thoughts..
I hate him.
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Joe Arpaio toughest sherif
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  • RTHTGakaRoland 2012/05/04 07:37:41
    My Thoughts..
    Arpaio is a good American and Sheriff, and one that the people of his county elected and reelected to enforce their laws and protect them.

    That Arpaio does his duty so well that he shames other elected officials is their defect not his.

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  • 4570GOVT Ken 2012/05/22 16:18:03
    Yes He Is !
  • Cold Warrior 2012/05/05 00:21:37
    My Thoughts..
    Cold Warrior
    He should replace Janet Nepolitano as head of Homeland Security
  • diane RN Cold Wa... 2012/05/05 02:32:46
    diane RN
    Nepolitano is worthless.
  • 4570GOVT diane RN 2012/05/05 18:24:55
    BINGO !
  • joseph ... 4570GOVT 2012/05/22 06:54:39
  • 4570GOVT joseph ... 2012/05/22 08:41:07
    I'm NOT a Republican , dumbass . Distorting The Truth & PROPAGANDA are the Trade Mark of the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist... Liars like yourself ! SPIN is all you know .
  • joseph ... 4570GOVT 2012/05/22 09:27:07
  • 4570GOVT joseph ... 2012/05/22 16:15:02
    ................... you are a sad little man .
  • joseph ... diane RN 2012/05/22 06:53:34 (edited)
  • LadyBGood Cold Wa... 2012/05/05 03:24:07
    Good idea
  • Stacy F Cold Wa... 2012/05/05 06:24:46
    Stacy F
    Now THAT'S one of the best ideas I've heard in a LONG time! Well said, brother!
    I've actually met Janet Napolitano a couple of times, and each time it seemed she was more interested in what angle to pose for the camera, than she was about Border Security.
    Of course, she was still the governor then, too. Now, she's just Obama's sock-puppet!
  • joseph ... Stacy F 2012/05/22 06:55:20
  • 4570GOVT Cold Wa... 2012/05/05 18:24:37
    AMEN !
  • joseph ... Cold Wa... 2012/05/22 06:49:07
  • Cold Wa... joseph ... 2012/05/23 22:31:32
    Cold Warrior
    Sorry label slinger, 'fraid not. (and your just the little attention whore on this one, aren't ya!) Anyway name calling is a nice distraction from the real issue of our country being invaded by ILLEGAL immigrants. I believe in the sovereignty of the United States of American and the strict enforcement of our immigration LAWS.

    Maybe we should adopt mexico,s immigrations laws, extreme and brutal would be an understatement.
  • joseph ... Cold Wa... 2012/05/24 08:21:17
  • jool 2012/05/05 00:10:58
    My Thoughts..
    We should learn from him!
  • D D 2012/05/04 23:41:06
    My Thoughts..
    D D
    He is doing a good job. I wouldn't call him my hero.
  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2012/05/04 23:34:32 (edited)
    My Thoughts..
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    Like what he said about criminals.If they do not want balony twice a day & wear pink underwear & live in a tent..Do not commit a crime in my town. And does what needs to do about illegals.
  • 4570GOVT the jud... 2012/05/05 18:25:44
    BRAVO !
  • cinbadl 2012/05/04 23:20:32
  • SodaDead cinbadl 2012/05/05 00:35:00
  • cinbadl SodaDead 2012/05/05 01:58:41
  • joseph ... SodaDead 2012/05/22 09:28:20
  • holly g... cinbadl 2012/05/05 03:31:59
  • 4570GOVT cinbadl 2012/05/05 18:26:12
    Two Thumbs Up !
  • mike 2012/05/04 23:07:08
    My Thoughts..
    I would like to see Romney make him the next Homeland Security Secretary.
  • Gregaj7 2012/05/04 22:44:16
    My Thoughts..
    Joe runs "his" county in much the same manner as a dictator, but gives off the appearance of it being "Constitutional".
  • SodaDead Gregaj7 2012/05/05 00:36:21
  • Gregaj7 SodaDead 2012/05/05 05:39:05
    That's the 'appearances' thing I was talking about. Try exercising true Sovereign-Rights of Yahweh in Mariposa county and see how far you get. You know, stuff like the Right of Travel. He runs a municipal corporation, and they don't like losing revenue.
  • Dan™: R... Gregaj7 2012/05/05 14:29:57 (edited)
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    Arpaio is Sheriff of Maricopa County, not Mariposa County.
  • Space I... Dan™: R... 2012/05/05 14:51:58
    Space Invader
    he can't even argue correctly!!
  • SodaDead Dan™: R... 2012/05/05 16:11:30
  • Gregaj7 Dan™: R... 2012/05/05 16:29:21
  • kaZappoo 2012/05/04 22:27:55
    My Thoughts..
    he sees the biggest injustice perpertrated agianst this country / people & const ,,and is trying to right the wrong done ...

    and as all good law inforcement should be doing is to make the law breakers accountable for thier actions ....including any official / exeuctive .....any more they ALL BELIEVE THERE ABOVE THE LAW .....FROM THE PRESIDENT TO THE GOVERNORS ........ mayors etc.

    I commend him for his perseverance / drive ......no matter the personal cost ..as othere have tried & died for it .....
  • 4570GOVT kaZappoo 2012/05/05 18:27:49
    BRAVO !
  • Bobbi 2012/05/04 22:12:32
    My Thoughts..
    A good man... doing a great job
  • Jack Sprat 2012/05/04 21:47:41 (edited)
    My Thoughts..
    Jack Sprat
    The avant-garde loons on the left hate anyone who enforces the legal consequences for disobeying the law, undoubtedly a hang over from pre pubescent rebellion which in most cases turns into the LLL becoming a rebel without a clue, like the moron Hannity had on who was "a leader" in the Occutard movement. This stellar rocket scientist typified the really "smart" crowd when he said Anarchy was "really hard work", and cemented it in concrete terms of complete hypocrisy when he said he "had to suspend his work, because his funds were low." But when he says he wants to create a whole new political system, apparently built around him being able to "do his work" while someone else foots his bills. Of course he explained that his "movement" had to go into hibernation.

    And these are the people we are allowing to "take over" our country, by this time "shame on us".

    Sheriff Joe represents morals, ethics and strength of conviction, touting ideals that most of us may not be able to embody, but bringing us up toward actual civil society, not down toward anarchy, chaos and destruction......this is what he has to deal with every day of his life....

    az rally kill police
  • Sgt Maj... Jack Sprat 2012/05/04 23:34:39
    Sgt Major B
    I like the way you think. Truly exceptional turn of a phrase, too!
  • Jack Sprat Sgt Maj... 2012/05/04 23:52:13
    Jack Sprat
    Thank you for your kind words and for your service, a truly great nation is indebted to your service.

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