Whose side are you on?

ABC News U.S. 2013/10/04 18:22:21
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  • Notasshallowasu 2013/10/05 21:12:03 (edited)
    Why are the other folks below so irritated that every bit of news on the entire planet isn't about what is happening (or not happening) in Washington? Are they so simple minded that they can only compute one story at a time? What sad, uneducated lives they have :( Waaaaa...get over it folks!!!!
  • JT 2013/10/04 20:03:12
    I don't support either of them!
    The abc lib/prog--0bama propaganda machine is in full swing.

    This is the news affecting the nation? Nice way to detract.......
  • Sister Jean 2013/10/04 19:45:18
    I don't support either of them!
    Sister Jean
  • FAM of the OMC 2013/10/04 18:34:58
    I don't support either of them!
    FAM of the OMC
    With ALL of the sh!t going down in our country RIGHT NOW, who in the eff gives a eff about this effing sh!t?????
  • JT FAM of ... 2013/10/04 20:01:20
    It's merely the shiny object, to detract low information voters from the failings of 0bama, and his lib/prog party.

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