Whose Ass Should Be Kicked Over Oil Spill?

News 2010/06/08 15:00:00
It's the government's ass who should be kicked.
It's the ass of BP and other greedy oil companies who should be kicked.
I think ...
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It's a question that President Barack Obama says he can answer.

In an Interview on the "Today" show, the president says he has been talking to experts and Gulf Coast fishermen “so I know whose ass to kick.”

“I was down there a month ago before most of these talking heads were even paying attention to the Gulf,” Obama told NBC’s Matt Lauer. “I was meeting with fishermen in the rain talking about what a potential crisis this could be.”

Critics, from both sides of the aisle, have said the president was not engaging deeply enough on the spill. An explosion on the offshore oil rig Deepwater Horizon on April 20 killed 11 workers and resulted in an massive oil leak that has yet to stop. An administration official said that the leak would probably not stop until the fall.

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  • Brick fan 2010/07/06 03:37:52
    I think ...
    Brick fan
    Okay, I don't know a whole lot about it, but I think they should stop pointing fingers and fix it.
  • jellyfish 2010/06/24 21:10:46
    It's the government's ass who should be kicked.
    If you keep accepting handouts at the cost of quality control, you're to blame.
  • Live Free Or Die 2010/06/21 17:12:22
    I think ...
    Live Free Or Die
    Both BP and the government.

    They can kick eachother's butts all the way to hell now.....it ain't gonna stop the spill or clean it up.
  • Captain Foxhound BN0 2010/06/19 20:46:08
    I think ...
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    The oil company and the government.
  • jack 2010/06/17 01:31:00
    I think ...
    Its all George Bush's fault!
  • Nipntuck 2010/06/15 04:59:54
    I think ...
    I think BP should be first in line,and right down the line ending with our government, since their suppose to in charge now! I like to know what the HELL is taking our government so long to really act like their in CHARGE?????
  • Amanda †In God We Trust† 2010/06/15 00:55:51
    It's the ass of BP and other greedy oil companies who should be kicked.
    Amanda †In God We Trust†
    BP didn't take quite a few security measures, and that is irresponsible

    and now... some entertainment

  • joatis26 2010/06/14 22:01:02
    It's the ass of BP and other greedy oil companies who should be kicked.
    it's their oil!And i was at school and my science teacher told us that before the oil spill the workers told te boses to not put the oil the way they did.but the boses did not listended and if they did listen the oil spill would not have happend!
    I'm out the house
  • Nipntuck joatis26 2010/06/15 04:56:59
    It's not their oil BP is a British company that is drilling in our waters,not theirs!
  • sickone 2010/06/14 15:02:16
  • Theojt 2010/06/13 13:45:50
    I think ...
    Obama grand-standed on LSM and told the world "I own it" and "I am directing BP as to what actions to take". So now he must kick his own sorry ass.
  • safari 2010/06/13 06:34:29
    I think ...
    It is interesting that he took the reports given to him by the experts and had the department of interior change their recommendations to reflect what he wanted to do rather than what they suggested he do regarding the moratorium. Haha - CAUGHT!
  • Ken 2010/06/13 04:06:13
    It's the government's ass who should be kicked.
    Regulation sure helped, didn't it?
  • Oltom 2010/06/12 04:52:50
    It's the government's ass who should be kicked.
    How about those useless unionized ass's in the material management services!
    They were watching porn on our money,just like the poops who were responsible for Bernie Madoff getting away with fraud!
  • Fitted 2010/06/12 03:54:55
    It's the ass of BP and other greedy oil companies who should be kicked.
    And all the other people that should help but aint!
  • 5/21/2011A.D. 2010/06/11 23:33:57
    I think ...
    when all the info comes out , people will be better able to judge this for themselves, but so far i'm not to impressed by any of them.
  • ~head~first~fearless~ 2010/06/11 20:43:04
    It's the ass of BP and other greedy oil companies who should be kicked.
    Personally,. i think they should plug the hole w/BP executives that would satisfy me =)
  • Laylah 2010/06/11 11:13:02
  • Barbara Hasler 2010/06/11 08:12:26
    It's the government's ass who should be kicked.
    Barbara Hasler
    Balmy was hanging back in hopes that someone would take the blame for him. His only motive is to be pristine for his rerun for the presidentcy. His lack of experience and limiting his contacts to his goon squad czars has not gone well for him. He needs to engage capitalists and those experienced in the oil industry for assistance. Big business could save his skinny backside. Unfortunately he looks upon the corporations with scorn even though they are the job producers and revenue creators who help fund his plane rides and date nights.
  • Mark 2010/06/11 01:51:15
    It's the ass of BP and other greedy oil companies who should be kicked.
    Along with Exxon finally being forced to pay up , and Chevron & Shell that kill indigenous people in South America & Africa in order to take their land for oil removal .
  • LucyBrown 2010/06/10 16:40:03
    I think ...
    it's so stupid that our solution to everything in this country is blame, punishment, and revenge. Has it occurred to anyone that ass-kickings aren't working? We're constantly arguing over whose fault it is instead of figuring out ways to prevent disasters like this from happening in the first place.

    Hey- here's a crazy thought- what if we kicked our addiction to oil (instead of "kicking ass") and started spending our time, energy, and resources on sustainable energy? I've never heard of a solar-spill... something tells me it's a safer alternative...

    C'mon people- think! Evolve!

  • 5/21/20... LucyBrown 2010/06/11 23:36:55
    u started out o.k. , it is an accident and then u went to left field-- and a superior / high aloft us all at that
  • LucyBrown 5/21/20... 2010/06/14 16:44:00
    If we rid ourselves of our addiction to oil, we wouldn't have to worry about oil spills, would we?
  • 5/21/20... LucyBrown 2010/06/20 14:46:43
    or jobs, taxes , we will all just live on love , hold hands and sing kum ba ya
  • LucyBrown 5/21/20... 2010/06/21 15:54:33
    If we got rid of money, no we wouldn't have to worry about jobs or taxes! Love is pretty sweet and all (not a big fan of kum ba ya), but I'm worried that people in your lala land might be a bit hungry. I'd rather apply science and technology to find sustainable energy sources and create an abundance of resources. www.thevenusproject.com
  • 5/21/20... LucyBrown 2010/06/22 00:47:02
    get rid of money, the brokerage of the world that has helped to create this advanced culture u live in, and u are talkin about my lala land, better look in the mirror or hunt for some reality. no jobs yeah, no taxes yeah, we can all just lay around, just a clue , u have so many products made from oil that u cannot imagine, u are just lookin at gas, not the whole picture or the jobs and retirements that go into this business- to say nothin of our whole society even the world, and oil is natural, we don't make it.
  • LucyBrown 5/21/20... 2010/06/22 19:47:29
    Today's system is obsolete; what it has done for us in the past is now irrelevant because what it is "doing" for us today is holding us back.

    You are just making assumptions about what it is that I'm "looking at" or suggesting. If we use technology to create an abundant world we don't need jobs or taxes anymore. And yes, I know that we make lots of things out of oil today and I think it's stupid, seeing as how the amount of oil we can extract is finite and diminishing much more rapidly than it can replenish itself. Just think of all the alternatives we could come up with if we made all information open source and put it out to the world that we need to find ways to make plastic, rubber, etc. without oil (or find substitutes for those products).
  • 5/21/20... LucyBrown 2010/06/25 00:45:07
    your welcome, from America.
  • Oltom LucyBrown 2010/06/12 04:55:01
    I'll walk and eat dirt when people who are silly do!
  • PatrioticSap 2010/06/10 05:11:32
    It's the government's ass who should be kicked.
    And also Hillary's booty. If she wasn't such a trainwreck of a canidate we never would have gotten stuck with Obama. :-)
  • charles_1 2010/06/10 01:44:18
    It's the government's ass who should be kicked.
    Government inspectors are supposed to inspect the safety systems and review and approve the spill containment plans. Everything the government was supposed to do apparently failed. BP is next on the list for not doing it right the first time and paying attention to safety despite lax government inspection and review. BP has to pay to clean up this mess. But had government inspection and review been done right this may not have happened at all.
  • CHUCK - Liberal in Seattle 2010/06/10 00:11:05
    I think ...
    CHUCK - Liberal in Seattle
    Dick Cheney
  • Greatbear100~support our vets 2010/06/09 23:31:47
    I think ...
    Greatbear100~support our vets
    Obama did not get involved until members of his own party began to publically speak out about the lack of government response to the gulf situation. Anyone who was watching the news saw this. The shame in all of this is the lack of media attention in the US Geological Survey which shows there is more easily recoverable oil within the US than anywhere else in the world -- Dakota regions, mostly empty open ranges---no need for dangerous, expensive offhsore drilling or imporitng any oil from foreign nations--the cost of oil could easily reach uner one dollar if allowed to drill in these areas of the US.
  • Nipntuck Greatbe... 2010/06/15 05:06:59
    I don't see why we haven't! One problem is that instead of having an America company we sell our selves out and let other countries make money off our land! The Dakota area is great there isn't that much population !
  • jimiwhitten 2010/06/09 23:17:20
    I think ...
    I think Ted Nugent is right! We are all to blame - we want all the gas we want, to drive whatever we choose and if it gets above $3 a gallon we squeal like school-girls at a horror movie! We demand that government investigate the salaries paid to BP Execs if the price goes up - we won't tolerate it! The only way to keep prices low is to cut corners...
  • Eastexn25 jimiwhi... 2010/06/11 11:38:53
    cutting corners is inexcusable when they are making quarterly profits in the billions. It never matters what the price of oil or gas is, the oil companies are going to make their profits. I absolutely agree with Ted also and we (everyone globally) need to get away from oil as that will put a world of hurt on the Arabs who have held a stranglehold (pun intended) on us for years and who also fund all the terrorist activities going on. Until the day when we can get away from using alot of oil we should quit importing and drill our own in all the new reserves that have been found. If we do that we do not need to drill offshore.
  • Semper Fi 2010/06/09 21:34:04 (edited)
    It's the government's ass who should be kicked.
    Semper Fi
    Now look what you've done, taking cues from children!
  • ALofRI 2010/06/09 19:23:21
    I think ...
    First and foremost, the man who set up the rules at the time the drilling was started, and the man who took millions from the corp. that seems to be knee deep in the oil mess. Big Dick Cheney and Halliburton....(as well as a few others!
  • martin55 2010/06/09 18:58:46 (edited)
    I think ...
    Is it just me or does 0bama only make negative, finger-pointing comments about this oil spill? Rather than spending time pontificating on whose butt needs a swift kick, get in front of the people in person & TV, and make strong leadership statements on what HE is gonna do to gain the confidence of the American people. We don't care whose butt needs to be kicked.......PLUG THE DAMN HOLE! Your daughter will thank you!

    No more blaming. No more TV appearances to look & sound tough. Just Do It!

    Also.....when asked by Matt Lauer of the Today Show if he has spoken directly to BP CEO Tony Hayward, the president said "no" and quickly defended his decision.

    Obama explained, "My experience when you talk to a guy like a BP ceo, he's gonna say all the right things to me. I'm not interested in words. I'm interested in actions."

    That last statement from 0bama is like the pot calling the kettle, well you know.

    0bama WON'T sit down with the BP CEO, but THANK GOD 0bama is gonna sit down in person with Ahmadinejad, the prez of Iran!!!!!
  • Southern Lady Anita 2010/06/09 17:51:59
    I think ...
    Southern Lady Anita
    Obama made a fool of himself be making that statement. What I can't stand is Obama and most of his administration are acting like Chicago thugs with there actions and words. They have brought America down to a level that I never dreamed I'd live to see.
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