Who's the Real 'Looney Tune': Chris Matthews or Glenn Beck?

Politics 2011/02/04 16:00:00
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It's like Ali-Frazier up in here! If Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier were pasty, middle-aged blowhards.

Fox's Glenn Beck and MSNBC's Chris Matthews are taking turns savaging each other on their respective television programs, and don't look for either of the doughy barkers to back down any time soon.

A week ago, Beck went apoplectic on Mathews after Matthews called Tea Party fave Michele Bachmann a "balloon head" for her unique version of American history. Beck administered a scorching screed:

"You sir, are a balloon head that was taught by a balloon head and all you did because you're a balloon head was sit in your stupid balloon head Ivy League classroom and be indoctrinated by a balloon head and never ever used your balloon head to ask an intelligent question of the balloon head in the tweed jacket! You self-sanctimonious, self-important balloon head, America has had enough. Do your own homework."

This week, Matthews took issue with Beck's commentary on the turmoil in Egypt. First, he reviewed a recent Beck broadcast, in which the frantic yakker imagines a worst-case scenario: the installation of an Islamic caliphate and the spread of uprising throughout Europe.

"This is," Matthews started, "I do not use the term lightly, looney tunes."

Later, Matthews devoted his Let Me Finish closing segment to Beck, who he calls a "major exploiter of fear":

"Today’s number one exploiter of fear is Glenn Beck. Beck thinks he’s Bishop Sheen without a cape and collar. But, yes, he’s got blackboards and a kind of odd instructive manner that appeals to people who don’t have the time to dream up worse-case scenarios but are sometimes ready to give a listen to his brand of conspiracy ...

"Yesterday, when he was -- we were giving you the latest news from Cairo and the White House, Beck was preaching the coming of the caliphate - - that’s right -- the coming of the caliphate ...

"Why is Beck selling this fear? Because he doesn’t want to deal with the problem at hand. It’s too tricky for him, as it is for most of us.

"So, what are Beck and the troublemakers doing? They’re scaring people into a frenzy over the coming of a global caliphate. And to what effect? To fight for Mubarak? To place blame we don’t? To encouraged Mubarak to fight the people in the streets?

"No, I’ll bet it’s to begin a long campaign of fear, something to talk about on the radio, something to scare people with -- like Beck’s claims that Barack Obama is a secret racist and we should shoot our political rivals in the head, the forehead to be exact, he says ...

"Does anybody check this guy’s copy over there? Is FOX saying that they believe this stuff, this argument, the latest, that we should arm up personally, build our bunkers and vote against Democrats or any Republican that doesn’t side with Beck and Bachmann and the rest of this band of looney tunes?"

Read More: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2011/02...

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  • ASPEN 2011/02/04 16:14:17
    Chris Matthews
    Matthews is a joke. Why anyone would take that vile hateful lying buffoons word is reprehensible. Matthews is rude and in fact a BALLOON HEAD. Those who chose Glenn Beck as being a loon never ever watched his show. If they did they would realize what he says is backed up with facts. Wake up people and do your homework.

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  • michael pierce 2011/08/03 22:34:59
    Glenn Beck
    michael pierce
    WOW! more people chose matthews over beck?? that is scary......and after reading many of the comments i am now terrified.
  • This is W³ 2011/05/20 16:46:01
    Glenn Beck
    This is W³
    Beck has been demoted to part-time at Fox News.
  • MoonshineMotor 2011/04/16 01:48:47
    Chris Matthews
    Whoops! I meant Beck.
  • wuwu11222 2011/04/08 01:39:45
  • 9 inches 2011/04/07 19:19:41
    Chris Matthews
    9 inches
    Nancy, Harry, Al, Jesse, obamma,
  • AlCashier 2011/04/07 13:56:53
    Chris Matthews
    matthews is as un-American and anti-American as it gets.
  • AlCashier AlCashier 2011/04/07 13:58:06
    best thing to do to matthews is bury him.
  • danjac1263 AlCashier 2011/04/07 20:31:33
    Open casket i hope, i wanna make sure.
  • tutu99880 2011/04/07 03:12:08
  • Bluebird 2011/04/07 02:50:23
    Chris Matthews
    Chris is nuttier than peanut butter.
  • ElisaWildGirl 2011/04/07 02:44:27
    Chris Matthews
    Glenn Beck is awesome. He's great at embarrassing himself and the entire Tea Bagger Movement.
  • UrbanHillbilly 2011/04/01 05:32:44
    Glenn Beck
    Of course, Matthews just likes to hear the sound of his own voice.
  • Selketskiss 2011/03/24 23:29:34
    Chris Matthews
    Well my motto has always been "don't be scared be prepared" so I guess I am sorta with Glen Beck on this.
  • JingerJewels 2011/03/07 03:13:16
    Glenn Beck
    they are both wing nuts
  • HanasakeruJyuGintama 2011/03/02 01:29:18
    Glenn Beck
  • ChrisAH 2011/03/01 22:51:14
    Glenn Beck
    I stopped listening to his insane rhetoric a long time ago.
  • wombat 2011/03/01 17:01:40
    Glenn Beck
    Jared Glenn Beck cause he seem to far from reality.
  • MIKEY 2011/03/01 13:53:28
    Chris Matthews
    matthews all the way...fact
  • AL 2011/03/01 07:24:20
    Glenn Beck
    If an a----hole had lips,it would be called the Chris Mathews deformity!
  • Guru_T_... AL 2011/04/08 13:01:33
    You mean... Glen Beck has the Chris Matthews deformity?
  • AL Guru_T_... 2011/04/08 20:42:41
    No not really! I think I'll just stick with my original comment!
  • Ava Alexander 2011/03/01 04:08:43
    Chris Matthews
    Ava Alexander
    Why, Chris Matthews, of course!! Hands down a loon!!!
  • sacrificialsoap 2011/03/01 02:48:27
    Glenn Beck
    Uh. They are both stupid. But Glenn Beck is hands-down divorced from reality, and no more than a raving conspiracy theorist. A better comparison on the "left" would be Alex Jones and 9/11 or illuminati conspiracy theorists.
  • Andrew 2011/03/01 00:07:02
    Chris Matthews
    Matthews is as looney as looney gets.
  • moby 2011/02/28 22:30:44
    Chris Matthews
    My personal thought is both of these guys are nut jobs, A far left nut case and a far right kook
  • morning... moby 2011/04/04 20:11:45
    morning40oz~mad as hell
    I had to piggy-back off your comment because it is the closest to my opinion regarding both frauds, Matthews AND Beck. I don't believe either of them are left OR right, but bought and paid-for traitors spouting propaganda to the sheep who still believe that left or right still matters on Capitol Hill.
  • Tom 2011/02/28 15:38:48
    Chris Matthews
    Damn, this is the splitting of hairs. Chris Matthews is a bigger nut because he proclaims himself to be a journalist and he is anything but impartial. Beck has never claimed to be a journalist and has always said he is a commentator - a talking head.
    I personally could do without them both.
  • LesWaggoner BN 1 2011/02/28 06:39:44
    Glenn Beck
    LesWaggoner BN 1
    By a mile.
  • RockyMtGirl BN 2011/02/28 05:29:17 (edited)
    Glenn Beck
    RockyMtGirl BN
    Without question; Glenn Beck has never had a serious brain cell in his head; he's paid billions to say the most outrageous things he and Limbagh can think of! No comparison; but of course, the rightie drones will never agree; too far gone.
  • bsb 2011/02/28 04:28:29
    Glenn Beck
    Both are,butt Glenn Beck Is just a little bit more.
  • wtw 2011/02/28 03:43:38
    Chris Matthews
    Chris the wet leg non-journalist!
  • Chokmah 2011/02/28 03:30:36
    Chris Matthews
    Chris Matthews is Keith Olbermann lite.....a REAL Balloon Head if there ever was one...
  • Lennonlives 2011/02/28 01:37:23
    Glenn Beck
    Chris is a talking head but he has never shown the craziness that Glenn Beck has shown.
  • Chokmah Lennonl... 2011/03/02 03:46:30
    Oh Nooo....

  • Tina 2011/02/28 01:32:57
    Chris Matthews
    Matthews wins by a mile.
  • Vietvet 2011/02/28 01:15:42
    Chris Matthews
    I have listen to both in the past and have found that at least Beck backs what he is saying with research and fact, Mathews on the other hand has come up with some comments that he could not back up or made a comment that was from left field.
  • Teddy Vietvet 2011/03/05 20:16:20
    Beck admitted on the view he does not check facts. He just lies and you kooks believes him.
  • bob 2011/02/28 01:15:34
    Chris Matthews
    Chris Mathews is a Socialist who wrote speeches for Carter and get all tingly when he hears Barry tell his Lies. I don't think he has ever had an Original thought.
  • dmac 2011/02/28 01:14:20
    Chris Matthews
    He lost it over 2 yrs ago. He makes no sense anymore. When he cut down all the women running for office and then got the tingly up his leg it PO'd me Now he just seems to ramble and I believe he has lost touch with American History and has picked up commie ideals. IMHO
  • mae 2011/02/27 23:40:36
    Glenn Beck
    Depending upon the day of the week, barometer readings, current Lunar phase, and his medication dosage adjustments, I vote for Glenn.
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