Who's Better Looking: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

Chris D 2012/09/04 18:36:50
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This is not a trick question. Put down the issues and entrenched ideologies for a minute, leave your GOP and Democratic allegiances at the door, and tell me who you think is better looking: Mitt or Barack?

Obama and Romney

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  • beavith1 FAWKES'... 2012/09/05 04:21:46 (edited)
    LOL! Kerry made a better Herman Munster...
  • Fef 2012/09/04 18:46:30 (edited)
    Mitt Romney
    EDIT: Oops.... I answered "better looking" as in winning....

    New answer: Obama looks grey and discouraged compared to just 4 years ago. The presidency does that to everyone. Romney has a slick look, but doesn't have "charisma" like Paul Ryan.

    Original answer: President Obama should have his 2008 states locked up by now. Instead, he continues to lose ground. The economy won't recover and people will pin it on Obama. The 2008 voters of "Hope and Change" feel gravely disappointed and won't show up for Obama in 2012.
  • meshell Fef 2012/09/04 23:34:28
    Todd Akin, Paul Ryan these are the ones you hope win,,, These two coming into it has ensured Obamalad will take it out again this year. If your American Women vote for these guys, then they deserve to be treated no better than how these rape supporters will treat them, as second class citizens. You go Ladies, If you support these men your supporting their beliefs, and if thats the case. You deserve no better.
  • CG meshell 2012/09/05 13:26:35
    You do realize that no one outside of Missouri ever gave Todd Akin a second thought until his stupid comment. He's not on the presidential ticket. He isn't a blip on the map. I'm an American woman who is a single mother of two, who is middle class and who is from Cuban descent and I will vote for Romney and Ryan. My daughter is also 18 now so my house gets two votes.

    Oh, and I've been sexually assaulted several times in my life. Todd Akin's comment still doesn't bother me.
  • Republi... CG 2012/09/06 18:46:40
    RepubliTurd Hater
    That's too bad that two generations of you are buying what rats romney-ryan are selling then...pity
  • LindaM CG 2012/09/06 18:52:59
    Wow, your tough..
  • meshell CG 2012/09/06 23:23:54
  • LindaM meshell 2012/09/06 18:52:05
    Romney looks slick alright. Like as in sly, slimmy used car salesman.
  • meshell LindaM 2012/09/06 23:26:09
    Mutt Romney.

    Mutt Romney
  • LindaM meshell 2012/09/06 23:37:42
    Exactly. Thank you and isn't he beautiful. Unconditional love and to be treated so poorly.
  • Always ... Fef 2012/09/05 02:16:44
    Always Right
    When America is losing, it's time to change the team, coach and players. Don't sound so disappointed, vote them out until they get the message, it's our country!
  • Republi... Always ... 2012/09/06 18:46:57
  • Jessi 2012/09/04 18:44:54
    Barack Obama
    But I did not and will not vote for him.
  • nelly Jessi 2012/09/05 15:37:08
    It still boggles me that voters in this country are so ignorant to the platforms that each candidate preach. Yet, they criticize other nations and how they do run their politics. Educate youself first before you go nosing in other people's business, then you can make the right choice that will ultimately benefit all people. That;s what Jesus would do.
  • Jessi nelly 2012/09/05 19:38:51
    You got all of it out of your system? Looks like you made an ass out of yourself. Why did you get on a soapbox just because I voted Obama was good looking but said I would not actually vote for him? Now who's nosing?

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