Who would you most want to see give a commencement speech?

ABC News U.S. 2013/05/23 13:40:30
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  • A Founding Father 2013/05/23 20:45:51
    President Obama
    A Founding Father
    But, we would all be better informed of our history if we could recall Lester Maddox, Robert Byrd, Strom Thurmond, Clayton Powell, Hewey Newton, Angela Davis, and others of that era when racial bigotry of all kinds was not so well hidden as today.
  • ocean master 2013/05/23 18:11:24
    The Dalai Lama
    ocean master
    pee wee herman
  • Alacrity 2013/05/23 17:51:08 (edited)
    Bill Clinton
    I hear he does a grrr-8 job at it. commencement speech by Bill Clinton
  • zbacku Alacrity 2013/05/23 17:58:18
    LOL. He only does a good job under the pulpit.
  • Alacrity zbacku 2013/05/23 17:59:41 (edited)
    or beneath the bleachers?????????????? beneath the bleachers
  • Cameron Kirchhoff 2013/05/23 15:30:25
    Stephen Colbert
    Cameron Kirchhoff
    Who wouuld not want Colbert at their graduation? I also would not mind Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • zbacku 2013/05/23 13:46:43
    The Dalai Lama
    What a CRAP list of options. I wouldn't want any of those American ........... speak in front of my kids.
  • Alacrity zbacku 2013/05/23 17:55:12
    You would want somebody with a dilapidated old car to speak at your commencement, obviously.
  • zbacku Alacrity 2013/05/23 17:57:27
    I would love it. At least I would know he would be honest.
  • A Found... zbacku 2013/05/23 20:48:12
    A Founding Father
    Sorry, OBL is no longer available to inspire your offspring to put on a vest and blow up the schoolroom. Await another "prophet".

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