Who Was America's Dumbest President?

Colbert 2011/04/15 22:25:30
George W. Bush
George H.W. Bush
Ronald Reagan
Richard Nixon
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  • Angel 2011/04/15 22:44:35
    Richard Nixon
    I answered Nixon because the real prep isn't up there, without a doubt, and hands down, obama is clearly the dumbest president to date

    It goes without saying you tax the rich to death, the poor are screwed... obama policy 101

    date tax rich death poor screwed obama policy 101 obama dumbest president ever

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  • Vieuphoria 2011/04/24 11:14:40
    George W. Bush
    All of the above. But Let's face it Bush took the prize
  • BB Vieuphoria 2011/04/26 15:55:09
    Worse than

    Obama dunce
  • Vieuphoria BB 2011/04/26 16:40:21
  • Colbert BB 2011/04/26 16:48:41
    Without a doubt.
    doubt bush dunce
  • BB Colbert 2011/04/26 16:51:42
    You do know that Bush has an ivy league education same as Obama.
  • Colbert BB 2011/04/26 16:53:44
    Sure, but I also know that if you listen to both of them speak, you can tell which one earned it and which one bought it.
  • BB Colbert 2011/04/26 17:00:20 (edited)
    Obama is a great speaker no doubt about that... But if you see him speak without his TelePrompter than you will see that the light is on but nobody's home. Also I believe that Obama got his education because of affirmative action, not his ability's.
  • Colbert BB 2011/04/26 21:07:35
    Yeah, he's a trained speaker. He's not a motivational speaker who just says what's on his mind. His job is too important to allow him to ruin our relations with another nation for something as stupid as a shoulder rub or calling a leader "PooPoo."

    His speeches are carefully scrutinized to ensure that no unnecessary information is left out or added. That is totally understandable. The difference to me, is that he is more than capable of reading a teleprompter and speaking at the same time, while our previous president could not.

  • BB Colbert 2011/04/26 21:16:33
  • Colbert BB 2011/04/26 21:18:24
    You didn't watch that video I posted yet, did you?

    Everyone has their off days, but at least his isn't because of the guy talking in his ear. That type of dependence shows contempt for the position. Who was running our nation for 8 years? Whose voice was that behind the microphone? Rove? Cheney?

    Just as Biden is most likely running our nation now, the President is showing that he's a figure head, but I still think Bush was 10 times dumber.
  • BB Colbert 2011/04/26 21:31:51

    It would seem that Obama has had more off days than on! But as the great Al gore has told us a zebra can not change his spots.
  • Colbert BB 2011/04/27 06:02:31
  • BB Colbert 2011/04/27 13:31:51
  • Colbert BB 2011/04/27 17:32:14
    George W. Bush's vacation time (grand total)

    487 days at Camp David
    490 days at Crawford Ranch
    43 days at Kennebunkport Compound

    Total: 1020 days, more than 1/3rd of his presidency. Bush set the record for most vacation time taken by president.

    Carter took 79 days in 4 years.
    Clinton took 152 days in 8 years.

    Reagan took 335 days in 8 years.
    Bush Sr. took 543 days in 4 years!

    So much for the mythological Republican hard worth ethic.

  • BB Colbert 2011/04/27 18:16:33
    Where do you get the idea that I am a republican? I just think Obama is a dumb ass.
  • Colbert BB 2011/04/27 18:51:52
    I thought you posted a video of him doing some exercise in an effort to portray that he wasn't working hard enough at his job.
  • BB Colbert 2011/04/27 19:16:18
    No. I was posting that video because you posted one of W playing golf.
  • Colbert BB 2011/04/27 19:41:43
    Which I posted because you said that Obama has spent more days off than on, which is wrong, but may be the truth for our previous president, so I would ask why a different standard?
  • BB Colbert 2011/04/27 20:24:18
    No, No, No. I was saying that because you said "everybody has there off day's" kinda like a brain fart. I meant that Obama's brain farts allot when he dose not have a TelePrompter to fallow. I was trying to say that he is not as smart as some people think he is. I am sorry for the confusion.
  • Colbert BB 2011/05/08 03:21:30
    Sure, some people think he's smarter than he is, but he is smarter than Bush.
  • BB Colbert 2011/05/08 14:52:41
    I have seen no evidence of that. So I remain skeptical.
  • Colbert BB 2011/05/08 22:33:30
    You really must have a hardon for Bush.
  • BB Colbert 2011/05/09 04:28:13 (edited)
    I did not like Bush but he IS smarter than Obama.

    Even Obama's voters are dumber than Bush.
  • Colbert BB 2011/05/09 04:32:22
    Bush supporters are dumber.
  • BB Colbert 2011/05/09 04:36:00
    I did not hear her say that she supported Bush (also she could not vote when this video was taken)
  • Colbert BB 2011/05/09 04:44:01
    She's from South Carolina. Just because she couldn't vote, doesn't mean she couldn't support Bush.
  • BB Colbert 2011/05/09 06:01:09
    Generalize much?
  • Colbert BB 2011/05/09 06:04:17
  • Colbert BB 2011/05/09 06:08:51
    Senators from South Carolina:

    Lindsey Graham (R)
    Jim DeMint (R)

    Congressmen and women? from South Carolina:
    4 of the 6 are Republicans as well.

    Governor is a Republican

    What else don't you know about South Carolina? Oh, they flew the confederate flag on their capital building until a couple years ago when they were forced to remove it.
  • Colbert BB 2011/05/08 03:20:59
    Same? I doubt that.
  • BB Colbert 2011/05/08 14:53:42
    um...What comment was that referring to?
  • Colbert BB 2011/05/08 22:34:08
    You claimed that Bush has the same education as Obama. Two people can sit in the same classroom and get different educations, if one of them is a drunk whose father pays off the school.
  • BB Colbert 2011/05/09 04:34:16
    Bush has 2 degrees a BA from Yale and an MBA from Harvard. He is also the only US president to have a masters degree. So yes I think (and Harvard and Yale agree with me) that Bush as a pretty good brain between his ears.
  • Colbert BB 2011/05/09 04:44:17
    He sure fooled us.
  • BB Colbert 2011/05/09 06:01:54
    Ya well you voted for Obama so it can't be all that hard to fool you.
  • Colbert BB 2011/05/09 06:09:11
    Harder than to fool you. Troll.
  • wombat 2011/04/21 16:31:30
    George W. Bush
    I think they just voted George W. to be the greatest moron on earth.
  • suejkw 2011/04/21 12:07:56
    George W. Bush
    I would add Obama & a few others to that.
  • xborn-to-smilex 2011/04/20 19:54:12
    Richard Nixon
    everyone says george w. bush but if you do your research and actually watch the news its nixon hands down, just say that it bush just because everyone else did
  • chief 00 2011/04/18 19:47:26
    George W. Bush
    chief 00
    Too easy a question... Next!
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