Old Salt 2012/05/08 19:26:05
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No greater
fight is being undertaken right now then in the state of Pennsylvania. Could it
be that without voter fraud, the state would go to Mitt Romney? Apparently, Liberal organizations fear that
very strong possibility. For IF a state that has voted Democrat on every major
Presidential election since Ronald Reagan were to change to a RED state, obama
would be a certain and real loser in his attempts for a second term. A win of Pennsylvania would be greater than

Last year, Pennsylvania
passed NEW voter I.D. requirements that would mandate that individual voters
MUST show a qualified identification at the voter both in order to cast their vote! In that bill, the state would even pay the
cost of such I.D. should any individual not have a valid driver’s license or
some other form of qualified I.D. One woman declared she had to pay $14 to get
one and was NOT paid back by the State!
Rather than petition the state for re-imbursement, she has joined the
ACLU (Democrat Front) to declare the law is discrimination!

The Houston
Chronicle, a Liberal newspaper owned by the HEARST family, reported that Texas
would see some 350,000 less votes this year because of the New Laws Texas
passed requiring I.D. at the time of voting!
Of course, they did not state that these people were NOT able to get
such I.D. because they were non-U.S. citizens! Like everwhere else, obama has sued TEXAS to stop their law.

What say you? Who is more fearful of voter I.D.
requirements …… Democrats or Republicans?


Read More: http://www.eveningsun.com/ci_20522270/pa-voter-id-...

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  • Old Salt The Ele... 2012/05/09 16:51:52
  • The Ele... Old Salt 2012/05/10 00:27:09 (edited)
    The Electrician
    Minnesota needs to look into their voting procedures, which party was responsible ?
  • dave b The Ele... 2012/05/09 00:50:17
    dave b
    Uh.....maybe because the Dems fight against the voter ID law would be my guess.
  • marylou5 The Ele... 2012/05/09 01:09:08
    Voter goes into DC polling place - votes on Eric Holder's ...
    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has declared that there is no proof that in-person voter fraud is ... Veritas demonstrates why Holder should stop attacking voter ID laws ...
    www.marketwatch.com/.../ameri... - Cached
  • The Ele... marylou5 2012/05/09 01:41:24
    The Electrician
    Voter ID laws violate the equal voting rights laws. Holder is the AG, it's his job to uphold the Laws.
  • Old Salt The Ele... 2012/05/09 16:54:32
  • Defend ... Old Salt 2012/05/10 00:41:31
    Defend Western Civlization
  • The Ele... Old Salt 2012/05/13 02:05:34
    The Electrician
    They didn't do anything wrong. It was only after someone made the video, which didn't prove any wrong doing, that the A.G. got involved.
  • Hidden ... The Ele... 2012/05/09 01:17:48
    Hidden Noname
    If you aren't required to show an I'D, you vote in Town A, travel to a different district with a list of deceased people to the next district, vote using their name, head over to the next district... ACORN was paying people to vote, putting them on a bus and getting them to vote again... And again..
  • 4570GOVT Hidden ... 2012/05/09 01:29:40
  • SunShine 4570GOVT 2012/05/09 02:04:30
    to mr Electrician below.. of course they supplied the registrations.. how do you think they knew who to pretend to be when they went to vote???
  • 4570GOVT SunShine 2012/05/09 06:47:24
    They go through the list of " Deceased Residents " in each town th BUS goes to and use those names to vote . Pretty easy process really . These are Mapped Out on a pre-determined route . The " VOTERS " get a name from that town and vote using their name .
  • The Ele... 4570GOVT 2012/05/13 02:07:01
    The Electrician
    Why does SunShine have me blocked ?
  • 4570GOVT The Ele... 2012/05/13 02:32:25
    No idea .
  • The Ele... Hidden ... 2012/05/09 01:51:21
    The Electrician
    Did ACORN also supply the voter Registrations ? What you're just proposed is not only improbable, it's next to impossible. You can only vote in the precinct that you're registered in. So that dead person would have to be registered, right ? How would you be able to get that information ? None of this "dead person" voting has been done since the Equal Voting Rights Act of 1965. Site one legally documented incident.
  • The Ele... Hidden ... 2012/05/09 01:56:23
    The Electrician
    What about voter registrations ? What state doesn't require them ? That's the big HOLE in you stupid accusations. Write in votes have to be verified before they are considered legally counted. Are you really as DUMB as you're making yourself out to be ?
  • SunShine Hidden ... 2012/05/09 02:03:13
    ask him what the heck is equal voting rights??? lolol.. anyone who is a citizen unless they are in jail can vote.. period.. that is about as equal as it gets..
  • Old Salt Hidden ... 2012/05/09 16:55:03
  • The Ele... Hidden ... 2012/05/10 00:38:34
    The Electrician
    So what states permit people to vote without voter registration ?
  • Hidden ... The Ele... 2012/05/21 05:49:33
    Hidden Noname
    People have to register to vote, but even after they die, their names aren't taken off the register. Hat problem is made worse when states such as Vermont and New York don't require identification before they hand you a ballot.
  • The Ele... Hidden ... 2012/05/21 16:38:19 (edited)
    The Electrician
    I don't know where you're getting your information from, everyone has to sign the register in New York and anywhere else before they are given a ballot. The video you saw was for the "primaries." NO registration is needed.
  • Hidden ... The Ele... 2012/05/21 05:51:09
  • The Ele... Hidden ... 2012/05/21 16:51:16
  • Stix 2012/05/09 00:19:29
    Democrats cheat. They always have and they don't want to stop anytime soon. Democrats have been taped several times talking to groups of illegal Hispanics and have urged them to show up at the polls and vote. ID would prevent many of the illegals from voting.
  • The Ele... Stix 2012/05/09 00:25:54
    The Electrician
    Those are total BS videos. You can't vote if you're not legally registered, show documented legal proof or a link.
  • marylou5 The Ele... 2012/05/09 00:54:49 (edited)
    It has been documented...a white reporter gave the black AG's (Eric Holder) name in DC at the polls and was offered his ballot!!!!!!! No ID required!
    There are many more incidents documented during the NH primary. You either are totally obtuse, have your head in the sand...or prevaricate big time for your own evil agenda!

    Voter Fraud: Attorney General Holder Is That Egg on Your Face ...
    ... Our Attorney General Eric Holder has been on a personal crusade to prove that voter fraud is not a ... that voter fraud is not a major problem in America, and that voter ID ...
    ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-773449 - Cached
  • Hidden ... The Ele... 2012/05/09 01:20:53
    Hidden Noname
    Of course THEY aren't legally registered, but they give the names of people who WERE! My Dad went to go vote in VT and found that someone had already done it under his name.
  • Stix The Ele... 2012/05/09 17:03:38
    The video's are on youtube of townhall meetings in California where the democratic congresswoman to the crowd to show up and vote...they didn't need to be legal...it isn't BS. Democrats do it all the time.
  • Hidden ... The Ele... 2012/05/21 05:52:01
  • rknothead 2012/05/09 00:11:27
    But it's not going to stop the Obama people from getting college kids to vote absentee in the hometowns, and then vote again at college.
  • The Ele... rknothead 2012/05/09 00:43:21
    The Electrician
    North Carolina has dropped 40,000 collage kids from the voting rolls, how are they going to vote twice ? The rules are set up so that if you're registered anywhere in the U.S or it's territories, it's already listed in a national data base. Only registered voters can vote. Except for primaries, most state require that you register well in advance of voting. This is just more BS on the part of the GOP. This is a predominantly Liberal country. Republicans already know this and are making every attempt to keep the Liberal voters from the polls. They saw the "writing on the wall" in the 2008 election and realized they don't stand a chance, that's also the reason they had the SC reverse the decision on campaign contributions, which led to the Republicans regaining the House in 2010. Doesn't really take a lot of common sense to figure what's going on, but who ever credited Republicans with having any sense at all.
  • Defend ... The Ele... 2012/05/09 00:55:05
    Defend Western Civlization
    the 2010 route of liberal progressive democrats is cause of the TERRORIST obama being a failure
  • rknothead The Ele... 2012/05/09 16:47:42
    well that's not how it is in my town...IF someone contests the vote, then they might check and find it out, otherwise, I'm not so sure.
  • Old Salt The Ele... 2012/05/09 17:06:02
  • marylou5 rknothead 2012/05/09 00:57:56
    It's done all the time!!!! Why do you think Obama goes after the college babies?
    Not only are they naive and believe his lies, they are encouraged to vote twice!!!
    They are dishonest enough to think the end justifies the means!
  • SunShine rknothead 2012/05/09 02:06:15
    I don't think the college kids are going to vote for him this time around.. at least not in the same numbers...
  • Old Salt SunShine 2012/05/09 17:08:51
  • mark 1 2012/05/09 00:06:08
    mark 1
    Americans want it more!
  • Defend ... mark 1 2012/05/09 00:55:17
  • Ashley 2012/05/08 23:58:55
    The answer should be both. Americans get screwed when those not valid vote.

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