Who Said It: Bush or Obama?

Tink123 2012/03/11 03:00:07
Who Said It: Bush or Obama?

When it comes to their rhetoric on Iran,
there's less distance between the cowboy and the community organizer
than you might think.


With Super Tuesday in full
swing, the Republican presidential candidates are once again distancing
themselves from Barack Obama's approach to Iran's nuclear
program, which the U.S. president outlined
in an address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on
Sunday, March 4. Rick Santorum has
Obama of "appeasement" and turning "his back on the people of
Israel," while Mitt Romney has promised to confront the "thugs and tyrants" in
Iran with "our resolve, backed by our power and our readiness to use it." But,
as the New
York Times
noted on Tuesday, the muscular rhetoric obscures the many
similarities between the policies espoused by Obama and his Republican rivals.

Conventional wisdom holds
that Obama couldn't be more different from his predecessor when it comes to
Iran. George W. Bush
wouldn't negotiate with Iran until it suspended its uranium-enrichment process.
Obama initially
talked about
dropping the precondition, though he later compromised on the
Bush marveled
that "some seem to believe that we should negotiate with the terrorists and
radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong
all along." Obama vowed
to extend a hand "if countries like Iran are willing to unclench their fist."
Bush once observed
that after decades of sanctions against Iran, "We're out of sanctions." Obama has
his Iran strategy on his ability to build international consensus
around tougher economic sanctions to put a "world of hurt" on Iranian leaders.

Obama has played up these
differences. "When I took office, the efforts to apply pressure on Iran were in
tatters," Obama informed
AIPAC on March 4. "Iran had gone from zero centrifuges spinning to thousands,
without facing broad pushback from the world. In the region, Iran was ascendant
-- increasingly popular and extending its reach. In other words, the Iranian leadership
was united and on the move, and the international community was divided about
how to go forward."

But the chasm, in terms of
rhetoric and strategy, may not be as wide as you think. For evidence, we invite
you to play Foreign Policy's favorite
new game
-- Who said it: Bush or

1. "I have always said that all options are on table, but the first
option for the United States is to solve this problem diplomatically.
That is why we've been pursuing multilateral diplomacy."

Answer 1: George W. Bush

2. "The Iranians and the Syrians are acting irresponsibly inside Iraq.
They perceive that it is a way to leverage or impact or weaken us at a
time when they're worried about United States action in a broader

Answer 2: Barack Obama

3. "Our opposition to Iran's intolerance and Iran's repressive measures,
as well as its illicit nuclear program and its support of terror, is
well known."

Answer 3: Barack Obama

4. "We need more
sanctions. The next step is for the Europeans and the United States and Russia
and China to understand that diplomacy only works if there are consequences.…
And what the Middle East does not need is a nuclear arms race."

Answer 4: George W.

5. "[Iran's leaders are] a tough, tough crowd to negotiate with. They've
got the classic 'principal-to-non-principal' negotiating strategy
available for them."

Answer 5: George W. Bush

6. "If Iran respects its international obligations and embraces freedom
and tolerance, it will have no better friend than the United States of

Answer 6: George W. Bush

7. "Iran, Cuba, Venezuela -- these countries are tiny compared to the
Soviet Union. They don't pose a serious threat to us the way the Soviet
Union posed a threat to us."

Answer 7: Barack Obama

8. "The doctrine of prevention is to work together to prevent the Iranians
from having a nuclear weapon.… I know here in Washington prevention means
force. It doesn't mean force necessarily. In this case it means diplomacy."

Answer 8: George W. Bush

9. "Iran's nuclear program -- a threat that has the potential to bring
together the worst rhetoric about Israel's destruction with the world's
most dangerous weapons."

Answer 9: Barack Obama

10. "You, too, have a choice. The United States wants the Islamic
Republic of Iran to take its rightful place in the community of
nations. You have that right -- but it comes with real responsibilities,
and that place cannot be reached through terror or arms, but rather
through peaceful actions that demonstrate the true greatness of the
Iranian people and civilization."

Answer 10: Barack Obama

11. "This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran
is simply ridiculous. And having said that, all options are on the

Answer 11: George W. Bush

12. "We've got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy
Israel.… So I've told people that, if you're interested in avoiding World War
III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having
the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon."

Answer 12: George
W. Bush

13. "Should the Iranian regime -- do they have the sovereign right to
have civilian nuclear power?… If I were you, that's what I'd ask me. And
the answer is, yes, they do."

Answer 13: George W. Bush

14. "We stand with the girl who yearns to go to school in Afghanistan;
we support the human rights of the women marching through the streets of
Iran; and we advocate for the young man denied a job by corruption in
Guinea. For America must always stand on the side of freedom and human

Answer 14: Barack Obama

15. "Our message to the people of Iran is clear: We have no quarrel with
you, we respect your traditions and your history, and we look forward
to the day when you have your freedom.

For the last answer and your score, go here:


Your thoughts?

Read More: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2012/03/06/w...

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  • Boblawbla irish 2012/03/13 18:40:13
    Yes, so true...... but I really don't expect to read a rejoinder from him of any sort. He calls mine "revisionist history" and must have learned that term from Fox News. They use that and anti-Semitism whenever anyone tries to point out the truth. This Rodney the Menace means well with the limited knowledge one gets when they bury their heads in the sands of Bill O'Reilly and Rupert (the Zionist) Murdoch.
  • Rodney Boblawbla 2012/03/13 19:19:26
    The belief that Jews should have their own nation; Jewish nationalism. Zionism gained much support among Jews and others in the early twentieth century, and the hoped-for nation was established in the late 1940s in Palestine, as the state of Israel. Zionism is opposed by most Arabs.

    Are you anti Jew or just stupid?
  • Boblawbla Rodney 2012/03/13 20:56:44
    I love my parents, Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Striesand, Milton Berle and the Marx Brothers, so no, I am not anti-Jew. I am a Hasidic Jew myself. I detest Ben Bernanke so I guess that makes me anti-semitic in your world. It has nothing at all to do with a genetic Jewish person or his family. But you've swallowed the kool-aid of the secular Zionist propaganda and all you have to come back with is racial slurs against my people. I take grave offense at your premise that anyone within the faith of Judaism is or deserves to be hated. That in itself is racial stereotyping.

    Most people believe OJ Simpson was guilty of murder. Is that racism? Many hate Obama, including me..... are we anti-black?

    If you studied the history of Zionism you would know that definition of it is also propaganda. Zionism was part and parcel of Leon Trotsky's ideals that fomented the Bolshevik Revolution and communism/socialism. Did you also know that Israel is a socialist nation, run by secular Zionists who want the world to be socialist? What exactly do you know about world history?

  • Rodney Boblawbla 2012/03/13 21:15:16
    So you are just anti-Zionist? Sure, Zionism is more of a political position, but prayer and redemption has been failing and Israel has become a recognized state. I suggest that if you are so concerned about the Zionists of Israel, that you work to redeem them. I personally think it is good that the Jewish people have their their land back.
  • Boblawbla Rodney 2012/03/13 21:26:05
    Oh.... softening your hate-filled stand on my honesty or integrity. I too am glad there is somewhere for the Jewish people to be free of racism and hatred against them. I would love to see the Palestine/Israel thing be settled fairly. But the radical hegemonist Zionists who are once again in power in government in Israel expect to someday own all the lands they call "Greater Israel" which was given to them in Genesis. From the great river of Egypt (the Nile) to the Euphrates riven in Bablyon (Iraq) and encompasses all of Jordon and Syria. Look it all up.

    I am thankful those persecuted people of Jewish descent have a homeland in the middle east, but think they should be happy with the borders given by the UN mandate in 1948 and have a two-state solution for the Arab indigenous people and a return to Palestine for all Palestinians who were driven from the land in 48 and 67. Have you no heart?
  • Rodney Boblawbla 2012/03/13 21:32:50
    Well, the meek may inherit the earth, but it will be the warrior who saves it for them. If not for the "Zionists" the Jews would have long been killed by the Islamic radicals (Hamas, Hezbollah and the PLO).
  • irish Boblawbla 2012/03/14 11:25:27
    very true.
  • Rodney Boblawbla 2012/03/13 19:16:22
    LOL, yeah, speaking of arrogance, how's that working out for ya? Pot and Kettle
  • Boblawbla Rodney 2012/03/13 21:08:14
    Someone who has knowledge and confronts someone who speaks out their ass with little or no knowledge beyond the platitudes of Sean Hannity and Rupert Murdoch will undoubtedly seem arrogant to the ignorant one. I see you've found a very apt graphic to prove your point. Give me some of your debate points. Investigate things like the Lavon Affair, the massacre of our military personnel on the USS Liberty, the fact that of all our allies the vast preponderance of spying on us is done by the agents of Israel. You have these short soundbites and have precious little knowledge of your own. I would love to sit in a room and debate you on things like Zionism, Central Banking, the Fed and just which between us is a racist. You are the one more apt to ascribe terrible genetic faults with Jewish people, not me. I love the Jewish people as a whole and am in complete agreement that the diaspora demanded a homeland for those of Judaism and the culture, despite the fact that 90% of all immigrants to Palestine had not a drop of blood from the line of Shem, thereby not being Semitic by blood nor language nor anything but names like Goldstein, Ruby, Diamond, Rosenburg et al.

    Take a stroll through history online and learn the truth before you get yourself into a more embarrassing situation than you already have suggesting that I'm a phony because I don't spell out the entire generic name of my G_d. I do that out of reverence and you insult me that you rag on me for it.
  • Rodney Boblawbla 2012/03/13 21:19:23
    Given the number of secularists in out government who would willingly toss the Jews and Israel under the bus, most being on the left, I can understand why Israeli's would be suspect of us.
  • Boblawbla Rodney 2012/03/13 21:28:57
    I'm obviously beating my head against a very dense wall in your case. Have you any knowledge aside from mass media propaganda from which to take your stances? Have you researched any of the items I've mentioned? You speak no knowledge at all, just platitudes and rants I can find on television and the MSM..... go your way friend.
  • Rodney Boblawbla 2012/03/13 21:34:52
    Just an idea, take your arrogant, self righteousness and go on about you way. I already have an ass and don't need a second.
  • Boblawbla Rodney 2012/03/13 19:13:50
    I see you checked in and out immediately. Sorta hope this faux pas of your's goes away don't you. Don't feel too badly about it Rodney. You aren't a Jew-hater, you just hate me. I don't throw those invectives around like others who disagree with Jewish people.
  • Rodney Boblawbla 2012/03/13 19:24:09
    Your attitude and lack of understanding of your (alleged) Jewish heritage tells me who and what you are. Your profile says you are a Libertarian, I have my doubts about that. You are a died in the wool Liberal Regressive. You hate everything that made this country great and want nothing more then a true communistic America.
  • Boblawbla Rodney 2012/03/13 21:14:43
    Communism was invented by Jews like Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Theodor Herzl. Give me an example of my lack of understanding of Jewish heritage. Just one. I love my nation but I detest the corruption that runs it in the current White House and congress. I want to support our troops, not have them die in foreign nations for the sake of bankers and the military industrial complex that the patriot Dwight Eisenhower tried desperately to warn us about. As well as other true patriots like Jefferson who warned us about your precious Federal Reserve, then known as the Bank of the United States. You are playing into the hands of the communist NWO but swallow every bit of propaganda you run into. Let's have a toe-to-toe on these issues, right here in a public forum. If not, go your own uneducated way......
  • Rodney Boblawbla 2012/03/13 21:20:41
    Well, looky here, a point of agreement.
  • Boblawbla Rodney 2012/03/13 21:35:07
    We most probably have many existing commonalities and see eye to eye on many things. But you are hung up on calling me a liar and a phony Jew. Your love of the Zionists or perhaps just the nation they run, puts you more in favor the their national interests than a true patriot should be. Our troops and tax money should not be wasted on the nation of Israel unless they are right in their decisions and activities. Why is the love of our own country less important to you than that of Israel. They got themselves into this mess, just like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other countries who get aid from us. Why do our troops have to die for those nations, Israel included? Can Israel do no wrong? Is it a matter of "their country, right or wrong"?
  • Rodney Boblawbla 2012/03/13 21:39:47
    What you call Zionists and do so in a derogatory way, I call the warriors of the Jewish faith. All the Jewish folk I know are anti combative and peace loving (as the faith calls for). The Zionists of your (alleged) faith, to me would be the protectors so the rest may practice the faith as prescribed. If it weren't for the Zionist warriors, the state of Israel would have been gone in 1967.
  • Boblawbla Rodney 2012/03/13 21:42:04
    Enough, you win, I give up.... uncle.
  • Rodney Boblawbla 2012/03/13 21:55:10
    Not about winning or losing, it was about understanding. Sorry you are incapable of that. A closed mind is a terrible thing to go through life with.
  • Boblawbla Rodney 2012/03/13 22:04:43
    Dammit man, what do you have in your open mind? What do you know of history? You don't say a word to back up your drivel. Just ad hominem attacks and phrases you hear on television. Either enlighten me as to your way of thinking with some facts and not just emotional platitudes. Debunk what I've told you of Zionism and it's history. You don't refute anything I've said nor do you research those items I tried to tell you about. You're the one with the closed mind man. You will learn nothing at all because your closed mind is sealed shut. Just leave it go man, leave it go!
  • Rodney Boblawbla 2012/03/14 01:16:15
    Right and I saw so many links to back up your condescending crap. See ya', sure glad I'll never be ya'!
  • irish Boblawbla 2012/03/14 11:29:26
    oh please rob,don't let that lie go past you!LOL he has not one clue to the political nature of zionism. none,or the fact it has nothing to do with real jews.
  • Boblawbla irish 2012/03/14 15:40:16
    Thanks Miss Rish for the support but as you can see I've already spent way too many keystrokes on this guy. Ten to his one at least. I've given him ample fodder to investigate and learn the truth but all he can come up with is name-calling and parroted lines from the main stream media. And then when I use facts that are available to him he claims he is right because I have not given him links to what I say. You and I know these things because we have investigated both sides to these stories of the history of Zionism and Israel. What I've offered him that he discounts because of the excuse I haven't given him links or resources would be wasted on him anyway. He is one of those who only watch the television news that parrots what he already believes. He is hopelessly stuck in his head and would deny any proof I gave him. He believes the world if flat and would call Galileo an evil heretic if he met him in person. It's quite like being a faithful follower of the Holy Roman Catholic faith and turning away from heretics like you or me because he's sure the church is correct because G_d told him so and told him not to entertain any concepts but what it proscribed by the Vatican. There will be no enlightenment in his world. Thanks for the encouragement though Irish. I am tired.
  • irish Boblawbla 2012/03/15 00:40:35
    welcome,yeah,they have nothing but extreme laziness and lack of honesty.
    facts don't matter.
  • rocat 2012/03/11 05:20:39
    i thought...

    but everyone says...

    i read on the net...

    i'm confused...
  • Tink123 rocat 2012/03/11 16:39:46
  • rightside 2012/03/11 04:33:44
    Shows bama talking out of different mouths.
  • ConLibF... rightside 2012/03/12 21:42:52
    So you are giving bushwacker a pass?
  • rightside ConLibF... 2012/03/12 22:19:24
    Nope, but if you haven't noticed, he's not pres any more. Lets focus on the present and future. There's lots of crap the past presidents have done. Its over.
  • ConLibF... rightside 2012/03/12 22:31:04
    I am not focusing on bushwacker but he cannot get a pass. He is a criminal. Name one other president who accomplished anything that compares to 911? You have to go back to FDR and pearl harbor and Wilson in 1913. FDR and Wilson are dead ... bushwacker is alive and well and going to baseball games!!!!
  • rightside ConLibF... 2012/03/13 02:39:28
    You honestly believe Bush did 9/11?
  • ConLibF... rightside 2012/03/13 03:46:07
    Let me tell you something. I can smell a trick question a phucking mile away! He was involved!!! Word it how you phucking want to!

    Why do you get informed and stop living in denial!

  • Boblawbla rightside 2012/03/13 05:19:15
    No, hell no he didn't. He didn't have a commercial airline pilot's license or credentials. And he's only one person for three planes. And in case you didn't notice he's still alive. It was, however, on his watch. He wasn't involved because he was obviously too stupid to be allowed to know what the other hand was doing. In fact he almost blew it more than once afterward. A real brain surgeon that guy. They shouldn't have let him off his leash in public after 9/11....

  • Savior 2012/03/11 04:12:59
    Atleast Bush TALKED about diplomacy, I'm not sure if he actually tried it (Iraq war, Afghan war)
  • sglmom 2012/03/11 04:12:38
    Thanks for posting .. (This is an excellent post .. lays out quite well the comparison for anyone to view .. )
  • Tink123 sglmom 2012/03/11 16:48:34
    Thanks sglmom - glad you enjoyed it =)
  • Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    It doesn't even matter. They're both the same and Romney is Obama's clone. If not Ron Paul or someone with his Libertarian Ideal it just the SOS.
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2012/03/11 03:12:59
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    I think the one that got my attention was Obama's remark that our Iran policy was "in tatters" when he took office. Pray tell, what is it now? Well-defined? Well-organized? Popular? Even KNOWN? Yeesh.
  • HoneyBa... jubil8 ... 2012/03/11 03:20:36
    Tatters IS better'n smithereens...

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