Who really knows who Ron Paul is and what he stands for??

Danaman117 2012/07/03 20:01:10
I know dam well who Ron Paul is and that he is the only true candidate for president
I am a total sheep have not researched my president or his twin sister romney, and will blindly pick one of them and help to ruin this country
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Ron Paul is blacked out by the media and I think far too many people do not know who this man is that is running for president is and what he stands for. if you know who he is explain to a few people in these comments who he is and who his "pathetic" competitors are and what they stand for. we need to work together and share information with those that are unaware of what our whole system is about. let the information commence
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  • Danaman117 2012/07/04 12:01:08
  • voice_matters 2012/07/03 20:26:51 (edited)
    I know dam well who Ron Paul is and that he is the only true candidate for pr...
    if you are looking for a candidate that ignores the constitution, wants to isolate america, and supports teh destruction of america's economy he is the only true candidate.

    the so called answers to your thread so exactly why ron paul supporters can not deal with teh facts of the isoaltionsit lib. i do want to thank you and the rest of you libs for showing exaclty why ron paul will never win a single election outside of his little district

    another fine lib that blocks those that speak the truth. all ron paul suporters can do is clal people names. they can not show a single reason to vote for the isoaltionist so they run from any discussion about the lib ron paul.

    the immature author of this thread can not deal with the fact that ron paul has never won a single primary or caucus
  • Danaman117 voice_m... 2012/07/04 12:03:58
  • margaret.morton.963 2012/07/03 20:23:02
    I know dam well who Ron Paul is and that he is the only true candidate for pr...
    I went to see this man in Ithica.. So did 4400 other people.. The atmosphere was so exciting everyone was thrilled to see Dr. Paul. My kids were in awe of him and thought it was the best thing they had ever done. How can a man that is so popular get so little attention.. Vote Ron Paul 2012
  • voice_m... margare... 2012/07/03 20:29:55
    another great ron paul lib that ignores the facts. first fact is ron paul is not that popular among voters or he would ahve won one primary or caucus. fact 2 he has received as much attention as the other candidates. he wazs invited to every single debate and that is why he lost primary after primary. he opens his mouth and only a few libs support him. i will never vote for the lib that wants to ignore the constitution or destroy's america's economy
  • Danaman117 voice_m... 2012/07/04 12:11:44
  • Danaman117 voice_m... 2012/07/04 12:13:43

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