Who really controls the USA's Government and Political Parties?

I know the federal government of the Unites States of America was intended to be "Of the People, By the People, and For the People" but does anyone living in the USA really believe it has worked out that way? Sure, it was a great concept and has survived in some ways resembling that ideal but with politicians often getting much of their election campaign funds from representatives of entities such as huge corporations that often are neither based in the United States nor doing most of their business in the United States, and politicians competing hard to get into or stay in political positions that are known to regularly be paid for by such entities who then use their lobbyists and special interest groups to convince those same politicians to do things that they believe to be in nobody's interest but their own... who's really calling the shots?

On the 6th of June in 2008, I got an e-mail from the Democratic Party stating that if I was a federal lobbyist, or if I controlled political action committee donations, they would not be accepting my contribution. I had not offered to make one, nor was a member of any political party, nor was a lobbyist (unless you count trying to promote my own electoral reform) or in any way affiliated with any PAC, although I had done volunteer work for both the Democratic party and the Obama campaign that year, so that's probably why they sent me the e-mail.

On the 27th of June 2008, they sent me another e-mail regarding this subject. This one started out as follows: "Dear Donald, As of this month, the Democratic National Committee no longer accepts donations from Washington lobbyists or special interest PACs. We're joining the campaign of our presumptive nominee, Barack Obama, in setting a new standard for a people-powered politics. Unlike John McCain and the Republican National Committee, we will not allow Washington lobbyists or PACs to control our campaigns, manipulate our candidates, or drown out the views of the American people."

Now, I know politicians in both major parties have had to accept such funding in order to be able to keep up with each other for a very long time in the United States, and I know that the corporate influences politicians have come to accept for so long whether by choice or out of a perceived necessity, are not simply going to vanish because of a decision like this... but I was still happy to see them try. Now I'm wondering how successful the United States citizens think they have been, if at all.

I also had hoped that the Republican party would follow the lead of the Democratic party in this respect just as the Democratic party had followed the lead of Barack Obama's presidential campaign. It looks to me as though they did not, and they still control nearly half of the political positions in the United States at this time, so getting a vote on anything to pass in the United States federal government in opposition to international corporate interests and in favor of the general population is probably still almost impossible.

I'm going to make two polls to go along with this blog. You should be able to find them in my SodaHead questions list, at: http://www.sodahead.com/TechnoZeus/questions/

I hope to get a bit of feedback on this blog before posting the polls, so if you can't find them... please give me some idea in here what you think you would like to be able to vote. Here is the tentative list of possible poll "answers", which I plan to taylor for Republican and Democratic parties in the two polls, although input about other political parties would also be most welcome...

___ "The politicians keep most of the control to themselves."
___ "Ordinary United States Citizens have most of the control."
___ "Their party members have most of the control."
___ "National corporate interests have most of the control."
___ "Their National Committees control them."
___ "International entities such as corporate giants have most of the control."
___ "A mix of National and International entities have most of the control."

Once the polls are ready, I will announce it here with a comment to this blog, and possibly edit this text also to say that they are ready. Please share them with your friends in the United States and invite your friends to this blog as well. Let's try to get this all out in the open once and for all.


Update: The pair of polls to go with this blog have been created. You can find them through the following two links...
Who's really in control of the USA's Democratic Party politics? Who controls the USA's Democratic Party? Who's really in control of the USA's Republican Party politics? Who controls the USA's Republican Party?

I realise there are many ways to interpret these questions. It's the comments and discussion that I am most interested in, but the intention of the question is to get at who's really calling the shots in the United States. Not just under the current administration, but in general. If you feel that it has changed in recent years, please mention something to that effect in your comment. I realise the situation is very complex there and all answers will probably be very incomplete and very subjective... but hopefully together they can paint an overall picture of what things are really like and what goes on behind the scenes.

Again, thanks.

Donald A. Kronos, Ph.D.

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  • StarSpangledGirl- A "kookie... 2009/11/23 05:53:14
    StarSpangledGirl- A "kookie" and PROUD Ron Paul R3publican
    You gotta be freaking kidding me?????????????????

    ONLY the RNC accepts Lobby money??? HAAHAAAAHAAA

    SEIU just spent $1,000,000 on Dem candidates in the House up 4 reelection.

    SEIU just gave $162,000 to Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN) for his bid for re-election next year.

    SEIU just gave $157,000 to Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) for her re-election next year.

    SEIU just gave $142,000 to Rep. Earl Pomeroy for his re-election next year.

    SEIU just gave $144,000 to Rep. Paul Hodes (D-NH) for his re-election next year.

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  • kelly.veal3 2012/11/03 00:57:07
    So there are only 2 powers Jesus Christ who is God and Satan the prince of the Earth who is leading all peoples on the earth to hell who have not excepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. if they don`t repent and except Jesus Christ as Lord they will go with Satan to the fire and sulfur lake where the worm never dies. The battles rages on between these 2 make your decision with Jesus Christ and repent. don`t let Satan give you something you will not be able to use in the future. Those who believe in Jesus Christ will soon be gone and you will read it in the headlines of the daily news paper then Lawlessness will take over the world and, the 1 world government will rule the earth under 10 nations for 3 1/2 years, then Satan him self will come to power for 3 1/2 years.
  • jcgmich29 kelly.v... 2013/12/09 19:20:53
    You're either the most "in the know" person on earth, or you're a nut. Assuming you're the former, can you explain further? What 10 nations? When will the One World Order begin its 3 1/2 yr rule?
  • Thomas 2009/12/15 22:56:13
    its a fact the machine has broken. The sad truth is that the power of "voting" is no more than a way to maintain social control. You dont really choose the winner, you merely choose from the choices given to you. If you were offered to die from cancer or plane crash would it make you feel better about choosing your death? No. That is all system currently offers....choosing the lesser of two evils. Politicians have assumed the same roles they have throughout history, whether you are talking about the roman senate, or any other system. They assume power and use it to benefit themselves without real reguard for its citizens. They dont pay for health care...but we do. They vote themselves pay raises. The laws dont affect them. If you dont beleive any of this then answers these questions for yourselves. How many days in jail did Ted Kennedy spend after a dui accident that killed his secretary? None. What was George Bush Jr's first political job? He was the senator of Texas. He had no previous exp except running companies into the ground. The bottom line is the machine needs fixed and "we the people" need to step up and fix it at any cost or by any means. Read the Declaration of Independence. One of our most sacred poliltical documents. It states the right to certain rights INCLUDING revolution. "When your govt no longer takes care of you, take care of your govt."
  • TechnoZeus Thomas 2009/12/16 00:53:47
    Very true... but if the government can be repaired rather than replaced, it is much less costly to the people... and the solution is actually quite simple and would cost next to nothing. I'm out of there... had to leave to save my life, because I was giving the solution to too many people in too many places and ended up with those who stand to lose their power finding out about it... but if you want a peaceful revolution, give this key to as many people as you can, and ask them to do the same... http://sodahead.com/blog/15225
  • linny 2009/12/14 04:26:56
    One thing is for sure. The People do not govern this country anymore and justice is blind,
  • TechnoZeus linny 2009/12/14 04:35:02
    Yeah... it was meant to be governed by the people, so the founders built the government in such a way that it could be controlled to a large extent from outside of the political offices... but unfortunately some people have figured out how to hog that power and take it AWAY from the people. They CAN be stopped... and some of them know it... and they are not happy about the fact that I know how, but are even less happy about the fact that I was telling people about it in several of the countries that they control... because other governments in America have copied things from the USA and inherited the flaws that allow such outside control to be so rampant.
  • Beccy 2009/12/06 01:01:53
    I think both parties are funded by the same people. Please read the raise of the 4th reich.
  • TechnoZeus Beccy 2009/12/07 14:00:20
    They are funded by many of the same people. That much is rather well known. Do you know "why?"
  • Beccy TechnoZeus 2009/12/07 23:58:24
    I think there is a group of the elite that is trying to control the world. They funded the communists in Russia and the Nazi in Germany. Look to the money.
  • TechnoZeus Beccy 2009/12/08 11:14:22
    There are several such groups... some much more powerful than others. Which ones are behind what exactly, I'm not sure. Too much misinformation out there, much of which seems to be indirectly spread by such groups.
  • Beccy TechnoZeus 2009/12/08 23:27:45
    I think we are getting bits and pieces of the truth and I think they want to keep us confused. That is why you are having a hard time finding the information you need.
  • TechnoZeus Beccy 2009/12/08 23:36:05
    Well, my current problem is actually not a matter of finding the information as it is finding a way to get that information to the Refugee Review Tribunal member in a way that demonstrates that the situation really does exist and is not all in my own head. I think this blog and my recent polls should do that pretty well, but it is an awful lot to expect one person to soak up. What I really need is a few people to make official statements directly to the RRT.
  • Beccy TechnoZeus 2009/12/08 23:58:31
    Sorry can't help
  • TechnoZeus Beccy 2009/12/09 00:05:33
    No worries. Hopefuly the RRT member will read your opinion about things in here along with those of many other people and be able to see enough that way to grant me my freedom. I hadn't meant you specifically... but I do appreciate you thinking about that possibility, regardless. Thanks.
  • Beccy TechnoZeus 2009/12/09 00:50:13
  • linny TechnoZeus 2009/12/14 04:28:57
    Don't know RRT.
  • holidayzbeauty 2009/11/26 07:24:37
    sure makes one appreciate the wisdom and forsight of our founding fathers, doesnt it?
  • TechnoZeus holiday... 2009/12/07 14:02:41
    They did a good job, overall... but flaws were to be expected. That's why they designed the system to be upgradeable.
  • Marti 2009/11/26 04:13:50
    Check out augustreview.com and be sure to look at the members list. That will tell everyone exactly who is running the show and what they intend to do to this country. Hint: Tim Geitner and Diane Feinstein are on the membership list.
  • TechnoZeus Marti 2009/12/07 14:09:59
    A very real possibility... but not the only entity in on the USA government control game... and I'm not sure how much I would trust the "details" asserted. One way or another though, I do verpreciate your input. The whole situation os just so twisted and complicated. I can't come back but I'm glad I'm out of it, although I do wish the people of the United States well.

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