Who Is The Most Famous Woman In The World?

Astro-Boy 2009/12/10 21:21:13
Is she a singer, actress, talk show host, Poltiician, Humanitarian, or something else? And why?
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  • Mindles... Dani Mo 2009/12/11 00:09:25
    He pushed NAFTA and China MFN (while campaigning he was against them)
    He was the one who started the Saddam has WMD's (then left Bush standing when we went to Iraq)

    He's the most corrupt president I can think of.
    A true hypocrite.
  • Dani Mo Mindles... 2009/12/11 00:14:25
    Dani Mo
    You have a wonderful point.
  • Mindles... Dani Mo 2009/12/11 00:20:14
    the guy he replaced (Bush Sr.) wasn't worth a crap either.
    Surprise, surprise! they run around the world together holding hands telling us where we should send the money we don't have (because of their policies)
  • Dani Mo Mindles... 2009/12/12 02:08:33
    Dani Mo
    Lol you're awesome.
  • Mindles... Dani Mo 2009/12/13 00:19:45
    It's nice to converse with you.
    Although, it seems I jabber a bit.
  • Dani Mo Mindles... 2009/12/13 04:04:38
    Dani Mo
    I like to talk myself. It's okay :D
  • Mindles... Dani Mo 2009/12/13 17:56:20
    thnaks for being patient with an old ranter
  • Dani Mo Mindles... 2009/12/13 20:06:41
    Dani Mo
    Lol it's okay. i rant quite a bit myself.
  • jenlduu Dani Mo 2009/12/11 06:49:33
    Wonderful point. He he. A opinion not based on one bit of the facts in the situation. Bare faced lies in order to get out of taking responsibility for what Bush actually did., Really a funny one though. I have seen the conservatives on SH blame everything on the Democrats and Obama even before the president was in office. The have gotten the blame game down pat but this one is a really winner. LMAO
  • Mindles... jenlduu 2009/12/11 17:14:24
    where the f*ck did you come from and what the hell do you know?
    Nice try.
    Get over your Bush syndrome.
    Bush (W) wasn't the president in in 1994.
    Did you understand that?
    Pull your head out of your ass.
    FACT...NAFTA 1994
    FACT...China MFN 1994
    FACT...Bush Jr wasn't president in 1994

    come back for more
  • jenlduu Mindles... 2009/12/11 06:46:38
    I'm actually rolling over on my butt laughing at this one. Now Clinton is the reason for Bush's stupidity. Were you actually watching all the news when it was going on or sitting around getting drunk? Bush had made up is mind to go into Iraq because he wanted to get even for Husein attempting to assassinate his father. Bush actually wanted to go into Iraq before 9/11. We had sent peace keepers into Iraq when Clinton was in office and they found no wmds then or later. Now our solders have to fight the war in Afghanistan against the people who actually are responsible for 9/11 only now thanks to Bush they have had 7 years to build up power.

    You are a bare faced liar putting Bushes actions on president Clinton. Why don't you do some actual research before making comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the facts.
  • Mindles... jenlduu 2009/12/13 00:21:29
    Like I said, pull your head out of your butt.
    Adults are having a conversation, learn to sit quietly and learn some things.
  • jenlduu Mindles... 2009/12/15 03:54:10
    Learn something from you!!!LMAO on that one. Oh and grownup he he that's even a bigger hoot.
  • Mindles... jenlduu 2009/12/15 19:30:53
    get back to class, little one
    you're late for your indoctrination.

    go on now, get!
  • jenlduu Mindles... 2009/12/11 06:37:58
    I love her, just kidding.A great role model for all women.
  • twothunders 2009/12/10 21:37:14
    Eve (everyone knows her story mostly)
    Oprah (duh, she's Oprah)
    Mother Theresa (one of the first names that popped into my head)
  • Puck ~PHAET 2009/12/10 21:35:07
    Puck ~PHAET
    I am. Because if I truly am Satan, as some folks apparently believe, then obviously, I am responsible for every awful thing that's ever happened to anyone in the history of the world. I'd say that's pretty damn famous.
  • Astro-Boy Puck ~P... 2009/12/10 21:47:13
  • Puck ~P... Astro-Boy 2009/12/10 21:53:48
    Puck ~PHAET
    ^_^ I do try.
  • Astro-Boy Puck ~P... 2009/12/10 22:03:01
  • jenlduu Puck ~P... 2009/12/11 06:51:50
    Good job I must say myself.
  • Puck ~P... jenlduu 2009/12/11 16:48:50
    Puck ~PHAET
    ^_^ Thank you.
  • jenlduu Puck ~P... 2009/12/11 06:51:21
    I like it, According to some so-called Christians Satan did it they didn't. The devil did it he he.
  • Puck ~P... jenlduu 2009/12/11 16:49:52
    Puck ~PHAET
    Yeah, always blaming someone else for their own mistakes. At least when I screw up, I can admit that I was the one at fault rather than some mysterious evil presence.
  • N.D. Nile 2009/12/10 21:33:17
    N.D. Nile
    Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah and the Queen of England. It's a four-way tie. Famous by hard work, by marriage and by birth.
  • Raindropkitten™~the author ... 2009/12/10 21:33:06
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    I think

    Cleopatra. Everyone knows who she is
  • Dani Mo Raindro... 2009/12/10 23:33:01
    Dani Mo
    Well duh! She was the only woman to be Pharaoh of Egypt. And do a kickass job at it!
  • Lady Whitewolf 2009/12/10 21:29:41
    Lady Whitewolf
    Margret Sanger..... the founder of planned parenthood! ( if I'm wrong let me know!)
  • Raindro... Lady Wh... 2009/12/10 21:33:28
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    I had no idea who she was until now
  • jenlduu Lady Wh... 2009/12/11 06:55:53
    Your are not wrong and thank you for mentioning her name. It is because of her work women can be actually people instead of baby machines. I was because of all the poverty that she saw in the slums of Chicago because women were having one child after another that they couldn't feed that she went to work trying to change women's horrible conditions.
  • C o o o k s ;) 2009/12/10 21:29:17
    C o o o k s ;)
    who is the most famous woman in the world??

    Well recently we all know who Michelle Obama is, of course the presidents wife.... famous woman world michelle obama presidents wife

    but we all knw that the multi millionare Talk Show Host Oprah!!! michelle obama presidents wife knw multi millionare talk host oprah
  • Nick Name 2009/12/10 21:23:23
    Nick Name
    Oprah. If you don't vote for her she has the know-how and power to have you whacked and make it look like an accident.

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