Who is Ripping Off Whom? Wall Street or US Government?

TheR 2011/10/20 11:46:56

Private or Public Sector photo

This is a pretty simple question. Who is ripping off whom? In the USA we have the Private Sector and the Public Sector. My question is why the Private Sector places it's debts and obligations under the Public Sector Accounts? And why all the hyper negativism when the Public Sector would gladly fund it's own Social Benefits program.

The Private Sector and it's Banking Cartel have this incane ability to create debt and not place it under their responsibility but under the Public Sectors. Why is that? The Private Sector also has this incane ability to claim Big government is bad, when in fact they never claim which is Big government! Is it the Public side or the Private Side?

Clearly the Private Side which is mainly based around the GOP say they want less government, but they have the biggest when it comes to funding the Military Establishment, and Police State, which includes the many Organs and Think Tank groups connected to the NEOCONSERVATIVE Agenda. Some are The CIA, FBI, ATF, The Military Industrial Complex, Homeland Security, NATO, and a sleuth of American Think Tanks Listings: Some include Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, Carnegie Foundation. Fuck Homeland Security photo

They get a lot of their money funneled through government and they have no qualms in placing their debts onto the Public.



The President of the United States is pretty well impotent in doing much, when he is voted into office by the Public, and has no control of the doings of the Private Sector. We know it to be true when Obama really had no choice but to do what the Wall Street Bankers want.Impotent President photo

We certainly do not have the ability to vote in elections who is the head of the BIg Banks in the USA. So of course this becomes a Financial Crisis.

No one in leadership can do anything, and the Public is left to the devices of that slave system created by the Private Sector. The Private Sector also has no leadership directing it's banking practices, and they know this or they would not be lying so much as they have done, which brought down the bank establishmnet under the Bush Watch Years, we are feeling today.OWS photo

In reality we should have two currencies in the USA. One for the Private Sector and one for the Public Sector. Our accounting should be separate, and neither can place debts upon the other. Each Private and Public Agency in the United States needs to take responsibility for its own debts, earnings, and obligations.

This will stop the arguing in the USA, and stop the eternal division of the country that has gone on for years since it's foundings in 1776.

In my opinion a 2 currency system is essential. And President Bush proved it should have been, when he and Hank Paulson borrowed 700 Billion in TARP to prop up their failed banks. NEW USA currency design photo

If we have a 2 currency system, we can always help one another instead of using one currency at war with itself on a daily basis.

The party whom takes us into war and funds the Military should be based upon their legal obligations, not other Americans who were forced to accept the crony political process that throws them into debt without their knowing or signature of approval.

This is part of what Occupy Wall Street is all about.

The public who wants to finance Healthcare, Medicare, Social Security, should have their own mechanisms to fund it, without thinking it tresspasses on the Private Domain. And The Private Sector can not think it can wage Wars and Security battles at the Expense of the Public Sector, and putting it so far into debt that it is seen to be frozen or impotent to doing it's routine Business of the day in supporting their projects.

So I hope we can have more clarity in whom the Bell Tolls, it tolls for the Public and Private, so keep our accounts in logical order.Bell photo

One good idea is to have Congress and Senate and President debate which is funded by whom?

Of course if we are anti War, then we have the right to veto War expenditures from either side.
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  • Jimbo 2011/10/20 19:54:40
    You have the thief (Wall St.), their paid henchmen (congress), and the victims (the middle class).
  • TheR Jimbo 2011/10/21 08:32:23
    Today I started a New Country in the World. The Nation Jermano. Printing my own currency. Thanks for your reading and commenting here Mr. Jimbo. Jermano Photo

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