Who is most responsible for America's downgrade to AA?

iTLii 2011/08/17 23:23:40
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  • Horace 2011/08/18 02:55:37
    Other - please post
    The American people. What people always forget is that in a democratic society the buck stops with you. People can blame congress, or the banks or big business until the cows come home but first remember that not one of these people would have the mandate to do these things unless every person who voted and every person who didn't gave them that mandate.
  • iTLii Horace 2011/08/18 03:25:20
    Well American people that are Democrats, vote Democrats into office. And they're the main spenders.
  • chgo 2011/08/18 02:32:17
    and the Tea party.

    S&P; blames Congress directly for threatenin┬şg to default on its debt and for not including tax revenue to help relieve the debt.:

    "[P]eople in the political arena were even talking about a potential default,"said Joydeep Mukherji, senior director at S&P.; "This kind of rhetoric is not common amongst AAA sovereigns."

    So, S&P; has confirmed the chorus of default doubters in the GOP, including that contard Ron Paul, was part of what spooked them into downgrading the U.S. credit rating,

    Republicans will do all they can to pretend that they never questioned the risk of missing payment obligations, or allowing borrowing´╗┐ authority to lapse.

    There's a long list of Republicans either vouchsafing default, or downplaying the consequences of passing the August 2 deadline without raising the debt limit. For example,
    Rep. Paul Ryan: "You want to make sure that the bondholder has confidence that the government's going to be able to pay them.... That's what I'm hearing from most people, which is if a bondholder misses a payment for a day or two or three or four what is more important that you're putting the government in a materially better position to be able to pay their bonds later on."
  • NPC 2011/08/17 23:27:03
    OStupid, Pelosi and Reid are ALL DEMOCRATS

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