Who is more accurate, fox news or onion news?

RealityHasALiberalBias 2011/06/03 20:09:23
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faux news
onion news
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  • lynnie 2011/06/04 01:52:44
    onion news
    I think it is an even race for factuality between these two, and they are both pretty darn funny too. (well sometimes Faux news is not that funny)
  • al 2011/06/04 01:47:10
    onion news
    recent coverage of revival of public lapidation was friggin' hilarious! :) the round-tables are excellent as well.
  • big bobber 2011/06/03 23:34:22
    faux news
    big bobber
    the only factual network on tv by far....if not for them we would be more ignorant than obama voters..and thats pretty bad
  • Reality... big bobber 2011/06/03 23:35:25
    how are they factual?
  • big bobber Reality... 2011/06/04 20:13:52
    big bobber
    well lets see when they have an issue to discuss they bring in very liberal contributors and commentators like bob beckel alan colmes juan williams etc..do you ever see that on the msm or msnbc or cnn ..i think not..and they have facts and data behind almost everything and a lot more than you will ever see on msnbc...maybe if you would open your mind before you opened your mouth and actually listened and ressearched what they say and do you might wise up to the truth but i doubt it ..like ann coulter always says you can always tell a democrat but you cant tell him anything
  • Reality... big bobber 2011/06/04 21:09:09
    fox is right wing and cnn treats everyone the same, did you see what cnn and msnbc did to weiner?
  • I. Car Rus 2011/06/03 20:18:33
    onion news
    I. Car Rus
    Fox News is intentionally slanted to the right, its their prerogative to do so. So long as you know that, its okay to watch it. Sometimes I even agree with some of its commentators.......but, not real often.
  • Reality... I. Car Rus 2011/06/03 20:21:51
    they think they are fair and balanced
  • big bobber Reality... 2011/06/03 23:36:25
    big bobber
    and they think right do you ever see any right winger on msnbc or msm as guest commentors or contributors hell no but they are always on fox..bob beckel juan williams alan colmes etc you dont get more liberal than that .i iknow your going to say m snbc has joe scarborough he is a rhino...
  • big bobber big bobber 2011/06/07 14:23:36
    big bobber
    good job bobber i think you put them down and lets hope they cant get back up...
  • I. Car Rus Reality... 2011/06/04 01:32:45
    I. Car Rus
    methinks they proclaim it too much
  • EliteAmongOutcasts 2011/06/03 20:11:41

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