Who is best to use as a paid tax preparer?

Michael 2007/03/10 23:58:34
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Finding a good tax preparer has never been easy. But the growing complexity of the tax code has made it even trickier. In fact, the tax code is already “beyond the capacity of the great majority of tax experts,” as one prominent bar committee concluded!

More than 60% of all taxpayers used paid preparers last year, up from 46% in the mid-1980s. Many more are likely to need professional help next year unless Congress does something to curb the rapid growth of the alternative minimum tax, a highly complex parallel tax system that ensnared about 3.5 million people last year.

Relying on even the most experienced tax pro is no guarantee of getting a bulletproof return — or even saving money!

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  • SuperCee 2009/01/28 15:30:57
    A good software program
    My twin prepares my taxes. I am very funny when it comes to that and I don't just trust anyone to prepare my taxes. My twin has been doing mine for the past 9 years. She is the best at doing them and I always have mine done by February. Oh, I don't play when it comes to the IRS. Get it done and out the way. I have never filed late and I only ever needed an extension once to clear up student loan problems but on a whole, tax time is easy and quick for me.
  • Roy Munson 2007/07/21 14:13:15
    Certified public accountants
    Roy Munson
    Easy decision. Most tax CPAs are more competent than the very best of tax lawyers.
  • SocialCred 2007/03/22 05:34:59
    Certified public accountants
    I like the tried and true CPA...
  • Poacher 2007/03/14 03:59:27
    Certified public accountants
    After I run out of fingers and toes.
  • Pinky 2007/03/13 20:02:55
    Certified public accountants
    they help me alot
  • Fef 2007/03/13 17:05:07
    Certified public accountants
    CPAs specialize in this work. Lawyers do well with estate planning and complicated stuff, but for filing taxes use an accountant (CPA). I've heard horror stories about national chains that prepare taxes. For the most part, they probably do a decent job, but you get what you pay for. Do it right and use a pro!
  • Michael 2007/03/12 23:50:18
    Certified public accountants
    A simple math error, a claim of sustained losses, even the corporate structure of a business may mean increased scrutiny. With audits on the rise, it's more important than ever to avoid mistakes and to be prepared to back up legitimate claims.
  • Arbutus Punch 2007/03/12 22:02:49
    Certified public accountants
    Arbutus Punch
    I have a very good CPA who understands my business.
  • Danale 2007/03/11 06:23:31
    Tax-preparation companies
    We still owe money at the end of the day.

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