Who has the worst police department in the Nation?

Stephen 2011/09/19 17:55:02
Nope, thats the worst.
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Montgomery County, Maryland. Thats who.You hear about beatings and sexual scandles with police all over. Here's one about total incompitance.Doesn't sound as bad. Read on.The Montgomery County Police in Maryland, were in charge of the D.C.sniper. All the while telling the WORLD !! On national television that they were driving a "WHITE BOX TRUCK" Several dead law abiding citizens later. A law abibing citizen found the snipers in a Chevy Caprice. The STATE police arrested the men. Like that isn't bad enough. One year they tasered two african american men to death. Seperate incidents. You'd think they learned the first time. This same police dept.had to look at hiring a physciatrist. Because black officers were shooting White officers and whites, black. Saying they each thought the other was a suspect. Yeah right. The same police dept. Ran over one of its own responding to the scene of a crime and killed that officer. That same police dept .Has lost several officers in police responces and chases. Even after ALL the training they get behind the wheel. That same police dept. had 199 compared to an almost idenical county next to us Fairfax Va. Who only had 19 disabled retirements. Draining their taxpayers. This same police dept. who I sat side by side with for a year and a half, out of the blue. Decided that ,I for some unknown reason. That" I" can't park my cab with any of the competition. Ticketing me every chance they got. Passing time and time again all the other cabs. They have been harassing me and abuseing their power for over a year now and no lawyer will take the case to sue them. They fear they will never win another case in Maryland again. Their abuse of power and harassment has led to my having to declare bankruptcy next month. Unless I can find a lawyer. All this is true. I'll pass a lie detector test and I have video proof. About two hours of these officers just passing by all the other cabs. That I have received tickets for. So, anyone out there want to try and beat that?
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  • Preston Sandlin 2013/06/14 21:43:09
    Preston Sandlin
    Ilse of Palms SC. This is the most unprofessional law enforcement outfit I have ever encountered. My wife and I decided to go to Isle of Palms and Stay at Wild Dunes. We rode bicycles in from Wild Dunes into Isle of Palms. We were hot and sweaty and stopped at the BP station in the middle of town and got some Lifewater, Diet Coke, and 1 Michelob Ultra. We had no place to sit so we just sat on their side of the gas station. An Isles Palms police officer drives up and proceeds to tell me he should lock me up and take me to jail and how stupid I am (I am not kidding and I am a 44 year old business owner, married father of two) He proceeded to tell me how stupid I was 4 times threatened to lock me up twice.. He told the other Officer Johnson who then drove up to write me a "STUPID TICKET' The ticket is $1095. My wife and I weren't aware of this law or this ordinance nor were we ever anything less than respectful to the law enforcement. The two things that are so appalling are our treatment by the Isle of Palms Police and the amount of the fine. We would have gladly thrown it away and this police drama was totally unnecessary. I would not like to go back to Isle of Palms and wouldn't advise anyone else to go there if this is how they treat people contributing to their economy. I would recommend another beach with more professional police.
  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2011/09/19 17:58:48
  • Stephen Chris -... 2011/09/19 18:55:12
    cool ! I was afraid no one would believe me and think I was nuts or something. I appreciate the support bud. Thanks.
  • Chris -... Stephen 2011/09/19 19:07:55

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