Who Do You Think Will Win the Super Bowl?

ABC News U.S. 2013/01/30 13:08:05
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Are you having a hard time deciding which team to put your money on for the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday? Let these monkeys help you out.

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  • JROD 2013/01/30 17:28:17
    Baltimore Ravens
    Hoping the Ravens do. Ray Lewis could use one last victory. No better way to end your career than to win the Super Bowl.

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  • Will Jenkins 2014/08/08 15:33:31
  • JustMe 2013/02/06 12:30:19
    Baltimore Ravens
  • tatilee(: 2013/02/03 22:05:58
    Baltimore Ravens
    I really hope so! Not only will i scream of happiness,but i'm pretty sure Ray Lewis will explode on the field.... Not even kidding.
  • Liberty Blade 2013/02/03 21:39:11
    San Francisco 49ers
    Liberty Blade
  • applepie 2013/02/03 19:15:48
    Baltimore Ravens
  • Paulo 2013/02/03 18:02:52
    Baltimore Ravens
    No dog in the fight but sorta hoping SF goes down big for all of the anti Americans in SF.
  • NarcolepticGoat 2013/02/03 16:26:27
    Baltimore Ravens
  • Astrid Knights 2013/02/03 07:08:11
    Baltimore Ravens
    Astrid Knights
    GO RAVENS. we definitely need a party in maryland
  • Ashamed2000000 2013/02/03 07:03:05
    San Francisco 49ers
    I will win, not the 49ers or the Ravens
  • Gloria 2013/02/03 00:41:47
  • Watermusicranger 2013/02/02 21:13:23
    San Francisco 49ers
    To Win all the way.
  • DavidHouse 2013/02/02 17:35:57
    San Francisco 49ers
    I love the 49ers. I am hoping they will win!!
  • Jenny 2013/02/02 16:02:39
    Baltimore Ravens
    No idea...
  • Dave 007 2013/02/02 12:59:51
    San Francisco 49ers
    Dave 007
    If Baltimore loses, how many people will Ray Lewis kill??? I wonder what Vegas has set the over/under on that one?
  • Butch 2013/02/02 08:58:41
  • Butch Butch 2013/02/04 08:25:45
  • V Latham 2013/02/02 05:58:29
    San Francisco 49ers
    V Latham
    Voted for SF because I love that City. Didn't even know who was playing until I ready the question..... and really, who cares..
  • Static823 2013/02/02 05:32:26
    Baltimore Ravens
  • rebeccasrevenge 2013/02/02 05:21:08
    San Francisco 49ers
    All the way!!!!!
  • kyle.reed.925 2013/02/02 03:41:28
    San Francisco 49ers
    As much as I want to see Ray get a new ring, since he deserves it the niners are a superior team
  • CWOO10 - PWCM 2013/02/02 03:36:00
    San Francisco 49ers
    CWOO10 - PWCM
    Well, I certainly hope they do!
  • nicesteve 2013/02/02 03:06:22 (edited)
    Baltimore Ravens
    San Francisco hasn't been their full potential since the Joe Montana days.
    The Baltimore Ravens are both strong and determined, on the other hand.
    The Baltimore defence is like a rock.
  • ReconMa... nicesteve 2013/02/02 03:18:15
  • joe keeney 2013/02/02 02:51:44
    San Francisco 49ers
    joe keeney
  • ReconMa... joe keeney 2013/02/02 03:18:32
  • joe keeney ReconMa... 2013/02/02 15:00:44
    joe keeney
    Easy win.
  • ReconMarine~PWCM*AVA*BTTB*JLA* 2013/02/02 02:41:48
  • CAPISCE ReconMa... 2013/02/02 03:37:51
    Best ever !
    joe montana  best ever
  • ANNABETH CHASE 2013/02/02 01:51:15
    San Francisco 49ers
    Well I don't care for either, but I would like to see the 49ers win
  • mach-1 BL-106 2013/02/02 00:58:49
    Baltimore Ravens
    mach-1  BL-106
    Don't care for the 49ers
    Don't care for the ravens
    Steeler fan here.
    But if I have to pick ......the ravens.
  • Kate 2013/02/02 00:15:32
  • hannah banana 2013/02/01 21:57:46
    Baltimore Ravens
    hannah banana
    im not a nig fan of foot ball but i think they will win with out a doubt
  • Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfer... 2013/02/01 21:08:32
    San Francisco 49ers
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    Not that I will tune in, but my friends and family are cheering the 49ers and mostly everyone in San Jose is.
  • regina.tollfeldt 2013/02/01 20:23:22
    Baltimore Ravens
    Personally, I do not care who wins. I do not plan to watch. It seems as though in this
    country it's sports that is in the forefront of everything else. Goes to show
    just what type of people we have here. Guess that's why we are going downhill fast.
    Too bad that the great experiment is failing because of what is or is not important to our
  • ChristabelLartey 2013/02/01 19:23:15
    Baltimore Ravens
    Definitely, black and purple, black and purple, black and purple.
  • Astrid ... Christa... 2013/02/03 07:09:20
    Astrid Knights
    GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fidelito 2013/02/01 19:06:59 (edited)
    Baltimore Ravens
    Ravens over the 49 homos! lLol...
  • JwonGalt 2013/02/01 19:01:58
    Baltimore Ravens
    Ray lewis meme

    Though personally...I would have loved the SuperBowl to haven been with the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts
  • JwonGalt 2013/02/03 06:52:26
    they are both in the afc idiot
  • it'skrissie!d:) 2013/02/01 19:00:11
    San Francisco 49ers
    As a Steelers fan, I am going for the 49ers. I really just do not like the Ravens. At. All. In fact, I am pretty sure I hate them. So if they win, I will probably carry that grudge around for a week. So I really, really, really am hoping the 49ers will win. I like the 49ers better than the Ravens. But I bet it will be a tight game.

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