Who Do You Think Will Ultimately Win the 2012 Election?

Politics 2012/06/26 22:47:39
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We know you want to make your opinion count -- especially during the time of a serious election. So, every week, SodaHead will host a handful of up-to-date polls having to do with the upcoming 2012 election.

Vote on this week's election questions below and make sure to come back every Tuesday to see how everyone voted -- and to receive a new batch of questions worth pondering. It's a great time to have an opinion. So, dive right in to our 2012 Election poll.

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  • richwright STEVE 2012/07/13 22:18:32
    yet he has trouble with the flip flops.
  • TuringsChild 2012/07/06 19:49:49
    Jeb Bush.

    It's already been worked out. Wait and see.
  • richwright Turings... 2012/07/13 22:24:58
    the bushes are devious. Traces back to grandad who helped the Nazi's.
  • *K'eim*h3reg' *Peh2u *Meg' 2012/07/06 19:48:00
    *K'eim*h3reg' *Peh2u *Meg'
    The status quo no matter what.
  • Striker 2012/07/06 19:41:04
    It's an ignorant question until you KNOW who the candidates are.
    Obama has unresolved eligibility issues and may be off the ballot.
    The Repubs convention is Aug 27th, and Romney may not be the nominee.
    Finally, Gary Johnson is a force to be reckoned with.
    The RINO Party may run a poor 3rd.
  • richwright Striker 2012/07/13 22:25:38
    that would make it Hilary!
  • Striker richwright 2012/07/14 00:21:56 (edited)
    I doubt it, but can't say for sure. If she weren't so obnoxious and NWO, more possible. Some woman will probably rise to the top one of these years, tho. That's a big voting block!
  • Israel 2012/07/06 19:37:47
  • maggie-az 2012/07/06 17:16:26
    Since the "puppet' a.k.a. POTUS has already been chosen by the Puppet Masters , this question is "moot" ... better question would be, "How much longer will Americans allow themselves to be deceived , enslaved, and mocked, before enough is enough !!! I will not "vote" and give energy to feed the beast...
  • richwright maggie-az 2012/07/13 22:26:32
    it takes a long time to cure STUPID. a disease worse than cancer.
  • 912er 2012/07/06 16:53:27
    Mitt Romney
    I think Romney will win the election, but Barack will be President and remain in office after all the fraudulent votes he gets are "recounted".
  • words t... 912er 2012/07/07 21:05:49
  • Jean 912er 2012/07/09 18:49:43
  • Jean 912er 2012/07/09 18:56:17
  • Roger 2012/07/06 16:25:33
    Mitt Romney
    I am amazed people still like obama you have to be really dumb
  • words t... Roger 2012/07/07 21:08:14
  • Jean words t... 2012/07/09 18:52:38
    No he knows how to pronounious his words.
  • 912er Jean 2012/07/14 13:38:27
    can he spell? what is "pronounious"?
  • Jean Roger 2012/07/09 18:51:03
    I was tought It take one to know one!!
  • Jean Roger 2012/07/09 18:57:35
    do you know what a true fool is get a mirror
  • Roger Jean 2012/07/09 19:03:30
    Way to prove my argument that obama supporters are idiots, who can't even deliver good insults
  • richwright Roger 2012/07/13 22:29:06
    take that check to the bank and cash it!
  • richwright Roger 2012/07/13 22:27:58
    he killed bin laden and gave us Obamacare. We worship the ground he walks on.
  • Roger richwright 2012/07/14 16:40:35
    He killed osama really? Last time I checked it was bush that made him the number 1 target obama just got lucky to the fact that he slipped up. Obamacare will bankrupt the country. We should lynch him not worship him.
  • richwright Roger 2012/07/14 19:10:15
    Not at all. Bush always maintained (since he couldn't find him) that it wasn't imperative to find and kill BinLaden,
  • Roger richwright 2012/07/15 23:12:15
    Really? He was the one that set the motion foward to find a kill him. He was the one that made him our number 1 enemy. People were already searching it just took untill obama got elected to find him
  • richwright Roger 2012/07/16 02:28:10
    "I don't know where he is and just don't spend much time on him"
    Barrack Obama for a Strong America!
  • Roger richwright 2012/07/16 16:00:41
    Barrack obama for a strong america? Is that why everything sucks? Lol that speech I rember that he is a clue for you he is right osama just slipped up when obama was elected the same tools and plan were being used. The military found him the same way they were searching for him with bush he just slipped up obama did not do anything except say okay. Also I guess you are forgetting that we are going bankrupt under obama, our military is being weakend, 23million people out of work, constitution is being ignored, russia is pushing us around, stockmarket is being manipulated by the goverment sooo were is the strong america part? Mabye you should try to think instead of trying to make fun of were I live, also I was born in NYC soo you are kindve off
  • richwright Roger 2012/07/17 04:29:18
    I can see why the Yankees farmed you out to horse country. The stock market. real estate, and gas prices are recovering under O. Corporate profits are up/ everything would be better without a filibustering Pug congress. Vote the bums out.
  • Roger richwright 2012/07/19 13:27:52
    Vote the bums out? WTF THAT IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING THROW THE DUMBOCRATS OUT!!!!! We would be out of this mess if it wasn't for the goverment getting involed like regan said the goverment is the problem
  • richwright Roger 2012/07/20 03:09:45
    So you would have voted for McCain? He'd have us in syria, Iran and who knows where else? He doesn't even know how to send an email.
    Romney was against the auto bailouts. Without stimulus the UI rate would be 10 points higher. The Dumbocrats ain't so dumb, Dumbo.
  • Roger richwright 2012/07/20 05:11:51
    No it would be lower because in case you didn't know when people go out of bussnies they make another one. Less goverment regulations allow money to mover quicker and easier. Bailing out a company and taking a share in it when you are the gov is the definition of communism. Stimuulus has done nothing but make us go even deeper in debt. I notice you can't think for yourself so you buy the lies that mccain and romney are nazis and want to take over the world right? Werid how when romney and mccain are speaking the truth you call it lies but when obama speaks you jump in line and say yes mein fuher. I also love how you try to call me dumb even though everything you have said has been the normal line of bs given by you leftus freaks and none of it stands true.
  • richwright Roger 2012/07/20 14:15:54
    When one of the big 3 go out of business it could years or decades to fill the void. Not smart.
  • richwright Roger 2012/07/16 02:34:01 (edited)
    I heard Kentucky is getting TV soon.
    You're going to be in for a treat!
  • Roger richwright 2012/07/16 15:52:50
    Oh gee thankyou I can't wait to be brainwashed by the liberals that way I can be a drone just like you!
  • RED DAWN 2012/07/06 15:58:33
    Mitt Romney
    If you lost a 100 bucks on a football game would you go double or nothing on the same team in the instant replay.If you took a bet on obama the first time are you willing to go double or nothing on a replay?If you voted for obama the first you can always say you made a mistake if you vote for him again people will know your stupiity didn't come on all at once.
  • Mike 2012/07/06 15:58:08
    Barack Obama
    Only Obama qualifies!
  • STEVE Mike 2012/07/07 19:02:29
    "35 years of age and a natural born american citizen"...and he is the only one who QUALIFIES?????? http://mlkshk.com/r/GO38#oh%2...
  • Jean STEVE 2012/07/09 18:54:46
    Look You have got a lot to learn child
  • richwright Jean 2012/07/13 22:30:20
    It's not nice to be mean to a racist brainwashed puppet.

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