Who Cares about the General Election Polls at this Point?

True~Male 2012/05/05 16:45:33
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We're really beginning to get tired of the media’s tendency to constantly cite polls of how people are purportedly going to vote in the presidential election this fall. This is nothing but meaningless conjecture. The truth is that very few people are focusing on the general election at this time of the year. Most people won’t even begin to make up their minds until after Labor Day.
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  • Cal 2012/05/05 20:18:33
    I don't care about the polls now .
  • Gunner 2012/05/05 17:31:34
    I don't care about the polls now .
    Who the hell is getting polled!? I'm 54 and I've yet to be polled. Besides, I don't vote on the basis of polls. Polls are entirely irrelevant.
  • Artist~PWCM~ 2012/05/05 17:30:10
    I don't care about the polls now .
    I stopped caring about polls when obama tried to claim unemployment dropped below 9% when in fact it's been in the double digits since he took office. When you have the Washington Post, ABC, PMSNBC and other liberal polls consistently report American opinions usually 10 points or more in favor of obama then you know the fix is in. I loved it when Dan Rather went to bed election night just 'knowing' that Bush was finished as NBC's polls suggested only to find out the American people had a very different idea!
  • True~Male 2012/05/05 16:52:19
    I don't care about the polls now .
    who cares the real poll is on election day --That's the one that counts .

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