White Supremacist and Homophobe Ron Paul QUITS. Is It About Time ?

Che Guevara - Hero 2012/05/14 21:10:38
YES, It's about time.
NO, He should stay In and LOSE
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White Supremacist and Homophobe Ron Paul QUITS. Is It About Time ?

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas said Monday he will not compete in primaries in any of the states that have not yet voted — essentially confirming Mitt Romney will win the Republican presidential nomination.

Mr. Paul said he will continue to work to win delegates in states that have already voted and where the process of delegate-selection is playing out. He said that’s a way to make his voice heard at the Republican nominating convention in Tampa, Fla., in August.

“Moving forward, however, we will no longer spend resources campaigning in primaries in states that have not yet voted,” Mr. Paulsaid. “Doing so with any hope of success would take many tens of millions of dollars we simply do not have.”

He did encourage his supporters to still turn out and vote.

His decision not to compete for new votes in other states leaves Mr. Romney as the only candidate still actively fighting for voters’ support in the 11 states still to vote. That list includes the biggest prizes on the board — Texas and California.

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  • Tully 2012/05/14 21:45:17
    NO, He should stay In and LOSE
    Still would make a better pres than Romney or Obama. The Constitution is an important thing and neither Romney or Obama respect it.

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  • Spizzzo BN-0 2012/05/27 09:42:05
    YES, It's about time.
    Spizzzo BN-0
    Lets not forget he is also a misogynist.

    He is only Libertarian when it suits him politically.
  • Tennessee3501 2012/05/26 21:10:44
    NO, He should stay In and LOSE
    Congressman Ron Paul is a great American!
  • beach bum 2012/05/20 22:31:21
    YES, It's about time.
    beach bum
  • Dave 007 2012/05/19 15:17:14
    YES, It's about time.
    Dave 007
  • C. C. Rider 2012/05/16 11:02:22
    YES, It's about time.
    C. C. Rider
    This country has spoken loud and clear, take your RACIST ass home along with your racist KID.

    Yawn Paul was a loser before he even started. I am sure the Nursing Home has his room ready.

    ron paul racist ron paul racist
  • Rogue_L... C. C. R... 2012/05/16 11:23:38 (edited)
  • C. C. R... Rogue_L... 2012/05/16 11:33:27 (edited)
    C. C. Rider
    awww Jesus, you guys still dragging his dead body to make a point? Let's get current shall we? 1877? LOL LOL

    The KKK owns the GOP now. Ron Paul is a perfect example on how racist work for the GOP. And lets not forget the Republican star David Duke.

    david duke running for president david duke running for president racist republicans barbour license plates racist barbour license plates racist
  • Rogue_L... C. C. R... 2012/05/16 11:35:57 (edited)
  • C. C. R... Rogue_L... 2012/05/16 11:54:11 (edited)
    C. C. Rider
    KKK was founded by cons. You need to do more on your homework. But even if I go by what you said, there were alot of groups founded in 1877. IF the KKK was so bad then the cons should not have become the new KKK. No one forced them, they just like what they stand for.

    as for "you guys" yes you are. You and your buddies always throw ole Bryd under the bus when it comes to the KKK. That was the PAST for him. HE did not continue with it. Infact, by the time he dies he was a big fan and close friend of one of the biggest liberals to ever be,, they call him the Liberal Lion, Ted Kennedy. Here he is at his Furneral. The ole guy had changed his life. HE no longer endorsed the KKK, that was long ago for him. He even endorsed the first Black President.

    And good morning to you too. I'm goofing on right now. Waiting for the pool guy to hurry up with the pool.

    kkk endorsed black president goofing waiting pool guy hurry pool

  • C. C. R... C. C. R... 2012/05/16 11:54:47
    C. C. Rider
    Sorry guess the spot I posted to you did not come threw.
  • Rogue_L... C. C. R... 2012/05/16 12:08:44
  • C. C. R... Rogue_L... 2012/05/16 15:56:01
    C. C. Rider
    If it weren't for Yawn Paul endorsing racist KKK ideas it could have died out but the GOP breathes life into all day long.

    tea party kkk tea party kkk
  • C. C. R... Rogue_L... 2012/05/16 11:57:09
    C. C. Rider
    I thought you would get a laugh with putting in Boss Hog, LOL Just seeing if you are paying attention.
  • Rogue_L... C. C. R... 2012/05/16 12:07:44
  • dragon88 C. C. R... 2012/05/16 13:18:30
    Thomas Jefferson also wanted to deport blacks but he didn't havethe money. Ron Paul is inspired by him big time.
  • C. C. R... dragon88 2012/05/16 16:02:08
    C. C. Rider
    Ron Paul is inspired by TODAY'S racist. CAn you hacks get out of the past. Jefferson never wanted to deport any blacks.
  • dragon88 C. C. R... 2012/05/24 04:16:07
    The blacks and the Jews are the biggest problem. Look at the genocide that the Africans are committing against whites in South Africa. Research the Zionist Jews.
  • C. C. R... dragon88 2012/05/25 18:23:13
    C. C. Rider
    You are perfect for the Ron Paul vote

    ron paul racist cartoons
  • C. C. R... dragon88 2012/05/25 18:23:49
    C. C. Rider
    Blacks and jews are the biggest problem where? Only to a racist dear.
  • dragon88 C. C. R... 2012/05/16 13:12:07 (edited)
    He's the only man that wants to save the constitution. He can't take away rights from specific people. Only the state can do that. Congress doesn't care about anybody but the rich. Presidents aren't the problem its the people that you don't see often that have a big influence on what happens in this country. He wants this country to be a first world country not a third world which is what Bush and Obama have caused.
  • C. C. R... dragon88 2012/05/16 16:03:21
    C. C. Rider
    Yawn Paul is a racist and it cost him the elections and votes.

    Obama saved this country from being a 3rd world anything. Get over it.

    obama sunglasses
  • dragon88 C. C. R... 2012/05/16 19:01:58
    He works for the bilderberg goup which is part of the New World Order. Stop believing everything the mainstream media tells you about him. They tell you lies because they think the average American can't handle the truth. You should get your news from RT.com
  • C. C. R... dragon88 2012/05/17 16:31:27
    C. C. Rider
    And Mitt works for the billionaires due to he is one. I don't need a CEO to run this country , we are not a corporation.

    I get enough news. But thanks
  • dragon88 C. C. R... 2012/05/24 04:18:32
  • big T C. C. R... 2012/05/17 16:36:03
    big T
    hell with Obama he can drop off the face of the earth. He has cornered city cancers into a corner and no matter what we do or they do massive damage is going to be done. and idiots brain dead fools like you love you comrad Barack Hitler Obama.
  • C. C. R... big T 2012/05/17 21:59:24
    C. C. Rider
    Ok DUDE, you gotta get off the crack before responding ok? I can see the major damage from here and it ain't with obama.
  • big T C. C. R... 2012/05/18 18:06:27
    big T
    It is with the resident and every off person in goverment that dsyd er need to raise taxes. That wont ix anyrthing just will make the problems worse becaus of having no money.

    A (example )
    Say teur a weeds in your front garden at home . and weeds are grwing in it well tossing money at the hoe in the yard wont make the hoe work the weeds will just keeps growing bugger abd bigger abd star chokeing out the good plants.

    It is the same kinda udea as the economy.

    another good example in ( Chess) with out the pawn's the weakest peices your in some major trouble because all you have left to lose is the big peices,

    I truely nop how to fix the countrys economy but that is because I do not have a hidden agenda like those in Washingtron DC.
  • C. C. R... big T 2012/05/21 12:37:23
  • dragon88 C. C. R... 2012/05/24 04:03:22
  • dragon88 C. C. R... 2012/05/24 04:20:49
  • dragon88 C. C. R... 2012/05/16 15:44:48
    He said that the poor could expect to get help from charity organizations and the church. He may be against gay marriage but he doesn't want the federal government to be involved in what marriage should be. That should be up to the state to decide. How is he against women? Obama and Congress don't care about white people if they did they would do something about this: http://endoftheamericandream....
  • C. C. R... dragon88 2012/05/16 16:04:22 (edited)
    C. C. Rider
    YEs, we want to depend on churches and charity organizations for our poor. GEt real. NO ONE could help the sick. Our tax dollars are well spent on helping. Make that your church dear.

    Also you know damn well if left to churches they will only help their own. The Gov't does not do that. Money well spent.
  • Rogue_L... C. C. R... 2012/05/18 11:00:27
  • C. C. R... Rogue_L... 2012/05/21 12:43:13 (edited)
    C. C. Rider
    OOOH you know I won long ago. The truth is the KKK is alive and well in the Republican party. You can stay in the past all you want. That is why they call it HISTORY dear. Here is the current ps, I know you are stong now and do not need money, BUT if anything should ever happen it will not be the local church or donations that will save your ass, it will the programs created by liberals that will save you.

    republican kkk republican kkk david duke president barbour kkk plates republican nazi
  • Rogue_L... C. C. R... 2012/05/25 18:43:23
  • C. C. R... Rogue_L... 2012/06/03 23:55:36
    C. C. Rider
    Depends on who is slinging the crap and on what. Ya wanna drag around the dead corpse of Byrd that is just out boring and really lying.

    History is they were the Dixicrats and when liberals took over the Dem party they went con. eeehh so what else do you need to learn? LOL
  • cybernestical 2012/05/16 04:35:39
    YES, It's about time.
    Yes, I guess. Who care?
  • Luxxie 2012/05/16 02:56:56
    YES, It's about time.
    Haha i still remember him from the movie "Bruno". He seems like a tight ass bigot and bigots do not make good leaders.
  • dragon88 Luxxie 2012/05/16 13:21:22
    People like the zionist Jews,former president Bush Jr, and Obama are making the U.S. a third world country. The only way to make this country number one again is if there's more white people. http://www.americanfreepress....
  • Luxxie dragon88 2012/05/16 14:12:33

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