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White House Lies About Health Care Cost Despite CBO Reports

- A Web site launched by the Obama administration to rebut "alleged" disinformation about the health care reform claims it “would not add one penny to the deficit"--despite the fact that the two reform bills that have been analyzed by the Congressional Budget Office are predicted by the CBO to increase national debt by $239 billion and $1.042 trilion... Read full article »
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  • safari jr 2009/08/11 04:07:12
    Fox ratings are going through the roof because people are listening to them? Because why? I don't watch Fox so this is a real question. I don't watch any tv news.
  • jr safari 2009/08/11 10:43:08
    I would assume people are listening to them, since their ratings are up. They appear to be the only news network not calling the town hall protestors un-american according to O'riley
  • safari jr 2009/08/15 07:28:48
    Ok well that would make a lot of sense then. Thanks for the answer.
  • Dinker safari 2009/08/11 13:18:05
    Safari, I try to listen objectively to all sources of news and formualte my own opinion. I also have seen some pretty slanted things here on SH posted as "news". You just have to consider the source and the background of the informant. I listen to the Democrats slam the Republicans and vice-versa---both sides have propaganda. I side with the conservatives over the liberals, however. I do find Fox news to be one of the most fairly reported. NBC and affiliates are definately in the Obama Cradle, as is all media and most of Hollywood.
  • safari Dinker 2009/08/15 07:28:22
    I have seen more videos in here from Fox that seemed more straight or truthful than any other stations. But I just don't watch TV so I do appreciate the response.
  • No nonsense NanC...don't BS... 2009/08/11 03:43:47
  • Bill - McGee - 2012 "I am a... 2009/08/11 03:41:09
    Bill - McGee - 2012 "I am a Terrorist "
    no addition to the deficit?

    addition deficit

    next thing these "Government Run Health Care" proponent people are going to try to tell us is that we won't incur any taxes for it either and we can opt out of it without penalty..

    oh wait, someone tried that with me earlier and i showed them they were wrong..

  • safari Bill - ... 2009/08/11 04:08:03
    Someone tried THAT ??? LOL! wow .. funny!
  • Bill - ... safari 2009/08/11 12:54:07
    Bill - McGee - 2012 "I am a Terrorist "
    scout's honor..
  • Sheila 2009/08/11 03:29:01
  • average Joe blow 2009/08/11 03:16:09
    average Joe blow

    Are we really to believe He knows anything about what He is telling us? He can lie and get away with it, so much that
    He just doesnt care how He gets this bill passed.
  • Ssgtwaldo 2009/08/11 03:16:01
    The "Great Leader" doesn't care about the CBOs report. He has "council ed" the CBO and all is well with the CBO now. Well sorta.......
  • safari 2009/08/11 02:43:56
  • Ssgtwaldo safari 2009/08/11 03:19:24
    Thats in the DNCs play book chapter two. Right after "If You Can't Startle Them With Your Brilliance Then Baffle Them With (DNC) Bullshit."
  • safari Ssgtwaldo 2009/08/11 04:09:12
    I've seen mostly Baffling more than Startling .. lol
  • Dinker safari 2009/08/11 13:19:50 (edited)
    I love this statement! It just fits that thug to a tee!
  • safari Dinker 2009/08/15 07:29:46
    me too! (Still distracted by your avatar.. lol)

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